Yoga Is not Just For Women

Yoga-Is-Not-Just-For-WomenIf you are thinking that Yoga is only for women then you are wrong. It’s for all age groups. Anyone can perform Yoga to enjoy the benefits which it offers. A large proportion of men I speak to about Yoga have a misconception the practice is not made for them.

Eventually, I think they are not aware of the positive effect of Yoga. It teaches you the real meaning of life. It helps you to find peace and contentment in the most uncomfortable situations of life.

So for all men out there, let’s be clear- yoga does not make you feminine. It will make you more strong and durable. It will provide you with a constant challenge to become a better form of yourself.

The men who are found of great physique and can try anything to get that look should read this article. It will clearly brief you about the outcome which you can get by doing Yoga.

The physical workout done in Yoga is different from a gym workout. Yoga will not only benefit your body but will also help you to gain ultimate peace. Unlike a gym, it focuses more on mental strength. Anyone can get a perfect body by doing a workout in a gym, but only in a few cases, results remain forever. Yoga will provide you great flexibility, endurance, strength and much more for a lifetime.


Yoga Makes A Connection Between Body And Mind

It is mostly a known fact and even taught in the practice of yoga that it’s not only the mind that can influence the body, but the body can also well influence the mind. The postures and movements which are taught in yoga practices can help to shape the mind and its mental processes in learning.

Since the body and mind are inseparably interconnected, every time when we think we set off a cascade of cellular reactions in our nervous system that influence all the cells in our body. Our cells are constantly being changed by our thoughts.

In our normal life, we can easily see that there are plenty of common associations that connect mind states of emotions to our bodily movement postures. While being happy, one may find himself at the top of the world and can begin to dance.

And being anxious may lead a person to tap his foot or bite his nails. Thus by becoming more aware of the body and mind in practice can help one become more aware of the body and mind in everyday life, which in turn influences one’s perceptions, experience, and overall cognition. Yoga practices help to achieve this ultimate goal.

My Personal Experience of Yoga

I would like to share my personal experience with you. When I begin to practice yoga, I noticed a sense of my bodily awareness. In particular, I realized that my emotions and states of mind are also correlated with my bodily postures.

For example, when I felt down by stress from work or my chronic back pain and any other reason, I noticed that my shoulders and neck would become very stiff and tight. When I was sad, I would assume a position of folded arms and downcast face.

Day by day I noticed that it’s not only the mind that influences our body, but our body can also direct our mind. Our thoughts, choices, and experiences influence our tendency to be healthy or become ill.

So I started filling my mind with a positive thought that I can get rid of my chronic problem. Thus on the basis of my personal experience, I can say that Yoga proved that it is effective in establishing communication between the mind and the body.

All of us have an inherent amazing potential to heal and transform ourselves through the help of mere our thoughts, perceptions, and choices; Yoga can facilitate this process.

Yoga Provides Relieve From Depression

Every person feels a certain level of stress in his or her life. Those who cannot cope with it start living in depression. In the case of men, they generally find it more difficult to talk and share their problems compared to women.

They hardly ever share their thoughts which are the main source of their stress. Many men try to relieve their stress by going to a gym and punching a punching bag, for example. Though this may help them for a short span, it ultimately makes them more aggressive and restless as the main root cause of depression is not addressed and still lies inside them.

If you opt to take part in Yoga then you will find an internal source of energy within you, which will help you be able to fight depression. With the aid of a number of relaxation techniques, you will make yourself overall calmer.

Yoga will also train your mind side by side when you are training your body. You will observe a change in your mindset; you will start looking at the bigger side of a picture, rather than pity side, glass half full and all that.

So take time for yourself. If you will spare 50 to 60 minutes for yourself in the day by cutting from all social media, text, calls, emails then this important work will not suffer. Yoga will ultimately help to relieve you from any kind of emotional trauma, it will re-energize you so that when you return to work you will ultimately work better than before.

Yoga A Great Soother

One more great aspect of Yoga is its soothing effect. The breathing exercise called Pranayama, which has been developed over thousands of years, helps you to calm and tame the endless stream of thoughts that occupies your mind unnecessarily. The breathing focuses an inner awareness which will help you in all aspects of life.

You may find that you become less reactive to stressful situations. Your irrational behavior will reduce and this will lead to a greater concentration on your work and, a calmness that lasts for the rest of the day.

Yoga Helps To Get Rid Of Pain

As I am sure you have experienced, that by sitting behind your desk and by traveling in a car all day make your back and shoulders feel stiff and painful. Due to this, you become easily tired and this will restrict your performance at work or during other aspects of your life, such as being a good Dad, a better boyfriend or husband. Yoga is known to be hugely beneficial in getting rid of this stiffness. By stretching your muscles, you can easily release tension.

Yoga Says Good-Bye To Stress

When a person is under stress they feel detached from all activities of life, even the most minor of things can get them irritated. They start ignoring friends and family by removing themselves from social situations.

So, imagine how great it would be if you could experience less stress in traffic, at the office, and at home. Stress up to a certain level can increase your performance (in sport this is known as the inverted U theory), however, in the long run, it will ruin you.

As we live in a very demanding world, in order to meet those demands or what people would infer as being ‘fit’ we need to maintain a balance between our health and our level of performance. Yoga will provide you an ability to make a balance in both your body and mind. The peace gained from yoga can help you to process those negative emotions.

In fact, as per research, many men find that they are better able to communicate in both their personal and professional relationships. So if you do invest time in yoga, you will gain focus, alertness, energy and foremost maintain good health.

Yoga Helps You Become a Perfect Version Of Yourself

If you are too busy in your life and don’t have much time to look after yourself, especially if you also don’t have the time to go a gym to get a perfect body shape. Even by doing Yoga for 30 minutes can get you the desired result. You will get stronger and more flexible. Yoga can be a powerful physical practice that makes your muscles strong in your body.

Yoga poses will challenge both your body and mind and every pose will give you a new experience and new insights. By spending nothing, you can start doing Yoga at home by watching a Yoga tutorial video so what are you waiting for?

Yoga Can Get Rid Of Toxins

Yoga exercises will also help you to remove toxins from your body. It provides a better option than going to the gym where you do heavy workouts to secrete more sweat. Some exercises are done at a gym to make your body more rigid.

But, simple exhaling and sweating techniques of Yoga helps you to get rid of toxins during the class, and afterward, your sweat from the gained inner energy will continue to purify the body for the rest of the day. Yoga can help with digestion as well. You will, therefore, feel more clean and confident than when you began.

As I have mentioned today in this post Yoga is not just for women, men can reap the benefits of this ancient art as well. Don’t forget that for thousands of years, yoga was practiced solely by men. Doing yoga after getting up from your bed in the morning, will increase your energy levels.

You will feel less anxious, more focused and more alert throughout the day. So go ahead, what you are waiting for. Your body is waiting to this experience this natural inner energy, in an increasingly demanding world, you owe it to yourself and your body.

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