What do I Need to Get Started in Yoga?

What-do-I-Need-to-Get-Started-in-YogaAs promised at the end of my previous post, which you can see here, if you are serious about taking up yoga and you have read a little bit about the various types and benefits of the practice, it is time to get started (please note that I have briefly spoken about things to consider before starting yoga so I won’t bore you with those again).

I wouldn’t recommend going out and buying the latest celebrity yoga DVD, (although useful in some circumstances) if you are brand new to the practice, the chances are that you will try and copy what you see, think you have nailed it without knowing that what you have actually done is wrong and potentially harmful to your body.

So it is probably best checking out what classes are available in your local area, you could do this through an online search, ask at your local gym or speak to friends who may have tried it before. Having then chosen which type of yoga you fancy giving a go and knowing when and where a class is on it’s time to get going!

The Right Kind of Yoga Clothing is Essential

One of the fundamental concepts of yoga is relaxation, so in choosing the perfect yoga clothes, you should always wear something that you feel comfortable in. The ideal scenario is to choose clothes that will allow you to move freely and not be distracted or disturbed by them during your class.

If you wear loose-fitting gear this could cause an abstraction, therefore, shifting your attention away from the task in hand. They also need to feel good on your skin so as to not irritate you and again alter your concentration. Yoga clothes are such a vital accessory, which are often overlooked by some people, as they will set your mood in tune with all the benefits you will gain from taking part.

At this point, it is also worth noting that certain types of yoga, such as power yoga or Bikram yoga, you will sweat so clothes that are absorbent will be crucial to give you a dry feeling, again which could be a distraction.

Whilst you do not need to go out and spend a fortune, it is important that you wear something attractive, as this will make you feel good about yourself. Feeling confidence is a pivotal one for success in yoga so choose clothes that match your personality.

Unlike some activities, there are no restrictions on what you wear during yoga practice. If you want to show off some skin, then that’s is ok, likewise, if you want to wear tight-fitting clothing again it is entirely up to you. Most women wear sports bras, which will securely hold everything in place, which is important during some movements and stretches.

Yoga is usually performed barefoot, but some people prefer wearing comfy cotton socks and also shoes that are softly made. So to summarise:

A Quick Summary of Yoga Clothing

  • Wear something you feel comfortable in
  • Choose clothes that will allow free movement and not cause distraction
  • Avoid loose-fitting clothing as this will disturb your focus
  • Pick clothes that look attractive and feel good next to your skin
  • In power yoga, for example, choose clothes to absorb or ‘wick’ away sweat whilst keeping you dry
  • Long or short pants are fine so long as they feel comfortable
  • Yoga shorts may be preferable during Bikram yoga as this will let go of the heat better
  • Clothing doesn’t have to be expensive, you just need to feel comfortable wearing them

The final accessory you will need (although sometimes these will be provided) is a yoga mat. This is essential if you are in a class so you will feel comfortable and be able to stay in one place during the practice. A mat will also allow you to stay clean as there will be some exercises that will require you to lie on the floor, mats will help to prevent slips and slides during a session as well.

There are other accessories that are useful for yoga such as yoga bags and the props used during Iyengar yoga, however, these are not essential. I will cover this separately in a future post, so look out for that and also I will review some of the best yoga clothing on the market today for both men and women.

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