Tools To Fix Your Weed Eater On Your Own

Tools-To-Fix-Your-Weed-Eater-On-Your-OwnWeed eaters are very useful and convenient tool that makes maintaining backyard and due to which getting rid of weeds have become easier like it was never before.

It is a tool that makes your backyard free from all unwanted grass and weeds which make your backyard untidy.

For every issue, it is not necessary for you to take it for servicing or clean up. There are things that you can fix n your own. It is very easy as well as it saves your time also when you know what needs to be fixed and how it should be fixed.


Must Have Tools

There are different tools available which can be useful to help you fix some minor operating issues in your weed eater. Each part of weed eater is adjusted with different tools.

You just need to understand which tool will fix which part. Having this information will make your work even easier and will allow you to save your time and money that you earlier used to spend on getting you weed eater fixed.

Spark Plug Wrench

If you are facing problem in operating your weed eater then your spark plug can be a damaged. You must check the spark plug to know whether it is the problems that is restricting your weed eater from working properly or not.

To check, you need to remove spark plug wire. Use spark plug wrench to take the spark plug out of the engine and examine it. If you find carbon build-up on the spark plug then it can be removed easily with the brush but if the spark plug is damaged or burned then it needs to be replaced.

Spark Plug Gap Gauge

In case where you need to replace the spark plug, you must use spark plug gap gauge to make sure that there is proper gap in the lower end of the plug. Not only this, spark plug gap gauge is also important tool to use to adjust the gap of ground electrode and the centre diode.

Maintaining and adjusting the gap is important because improper gap will not fix the problem. Therefore if the spark plug is burned or damages and requires replacement, use spark plug gauge to fix t completely.

Screw Driver

What allows weed eater to give its best performance is the carburettor. When you work, the vibration caused in the weed eater can loosen the screws fixed on the carburettor. Use screwdriver to tighten them according to your use.

Make the adjustment of the screws according to your desired speed. Weed eaters speed is maintained by adjusting its screws with the screwdriver. Know more about carburettor and its screws on the weed eater manual in detail.

Adjustable Wrench

For solving variety of issues of weed eater, adjustable wrench is the tool that you need to own. It can be used to loosen the nuts which hold the main parts of the weed eater, i.e. cutting blade and trimming head. It can also be used to tighten the nuts of the shaft of the trimmer to give the proper and strong grip while working on weed eater. Adjustable wrench is very useful and can adjust to different sizes for different uses.


Nothing can work continuously with problem. At some point of time every machine gets some operating issues. It is possible to face some issues with the machines that we own and so is with weed eaters. Above mentioned are some must have tools which you must own if you have weed eater. Fix these minor problems on your own and keep your weed eater maintained always.

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