Useful Tips For Pressure Washer Repair

Cleaning is now made easier and more efficient with the use of a pressure washer. Before, you had to do it manually. It was simply difficult especially when your elbow grease alone was not enough to completely remove stubborn dirt and if the surface is difficult to clean.

But now with the use of a pressure washer, you do not have to worry about your cleaning tasks.

Yet, what happens when you need some cleaning and your pressure washer does not start or not working?

There are also cases when you pull the trigger and there is no water coming out. When you experience any of these problems, do not worry since there are ways for you to troubleshoot your unit.

Engine Won’t Start

If your pressure washer has a gas-powered engine and it does not start, there are actually ways to fix the problem. The very first thing that you should do is to check the switch. Make sure that the switch is actually “on”.

But before you touch, make sure that the engine is off. Turn the switch off even if the unit is not running.

Once you are finally sure that the engine is off, here are the ways for you to check as to whether the unit is working or running well:

Run the water in the pressure washer until such a time that there is no air coming from the hose.

Check the air filter of the unit. One of the reasons why your pressure washer is not running properly is that its air filter might be dirty. If it is damaged, you should replace it right away.

Look at the spark plug, make sure it is connected correctly.

Apart from the air filter, look at the oil level. Make sure that it has been topped up. You also have to change it regularly just like a car.

Then, check the fuel in your tank. If it is 30 days old or more, change it. To avoid experiencing problems, it is strongly recommended that you have fresh gas.

If you notice that the engine is smoking, turn it off if the unit is turned on. Check the airflow and make sure the air filter is clean.

Troubleshooting the Nozzle and spray-gun

To have enough pressure that you can use for your pressure washer, it is important that the nozzle and spray gun of the device are both working properly. If they are malfunctioning, chances are you cannot efficiently use your pressure washer. Here are the ways in troubleshooting the nozzle and spray-gun.

Look and examine the spray gun and the nozzle. Check the connections and the O-rings as well. Tighten all of these pieces.

Another reason why these components are not working can be attributed when the nozzle and the spray gun are clogged. If they are clogged, wash these parts.

Check the O-rings. If they are damaged, replace them with new ones.

Examine the hose and check for any bends, cuts, or twists.

If the parts are damaged, find new replacements.

The leak in Your Pressure Washer

One of the most common problems that people encounter is that their pressure washer leaks. But there are ways for you to prevent this from happening. Here are the things that you have to watch out for is you find a leak.

First, look at the hose. Check if there are cuts, twists or dents. If there are damages, get a new replacement for these parts. Another thing that can result in leakage would be clogged or damaged O-rings. Clean the O-rings if you notice that is where the leak is coming from. If they are damaged, you can easily replace them with new O-rings. Inspect the filter screens. It is important to have clean filter screens.

Pressure Washer Not Providing Enough Pressure

There are cases wherein your pressure washer would not yield enough pressure that you can use for your cleaning tasks. To fix the problem, here are a few things that you can do.

Check if the size of the nozzle is just the right fit and it is installed the right way.

The nozzle should not be in the low PSI range.

Look at the nozzle, hose and spray gun if there are leaks.

Make sure that you do not have problems with water supply. Check for bends or damages to the garden hose.

If the nozzle, spray gun or hose are clogged, clean them. If there is a need for replacement, you can easily purchase the parts.

Hire Professional Pressure Washer Repair Services

Depending on the problem, you can actually fix a lot of things on your own.

Following the steps mentioned above, you do not have to spend a lot just to be able to get your pressure washer to its usual shape and to use it to the maximum and optimal performance.

Then again, there are cases where the problem is too hard to handle. Instead of buying a new one which can be really expensive, you can actually seek professional help. There are reliable pressure washer repair services. At least, you are guaranteed that only experts can fix the problem and you do not have to stress yourself out.

Where to Buy Accessories

The problems that usually occur like malfunctioning, leakages, etc., are attributed to damaged parts. If this is the case, you should just replace the damaged parts. There are now readily available in various online selling sites.

You just have to check the specifications and make sure that the parts fit well. Using the pressure washer’s manual as your guide, you can easily replace the damaged parts with the new ones.

Pressure washers are really useful cleaning tools. If they are working properly, you wouldn’t have any problem. But if you start to experience that it is not working in its maximum performance, this article gives you a simple and quick to follow guide that you can use to help you troubleshoot your pressure washer. In that way, you can clean with ease.

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