Useful Tips for Choosing a Good Camping Cot

Camping works are tiring if you do it all the day but this does not indicate the lacking of a good night’s sleep. A camping cot will be there to assure of a sound sleep along with additional comfort.

It will allow you to enjoy the whole trip. Your back must want a great sleep after a long day of hiking, swimming, fishing, and backpacking. A camping cot will ensure that privilege for you!

Camping was hard previously as the things were bigger and you could not take all of them to stay comfortable even when out of the home. All other camping equipment used to consume a lot of space and left a little space for the fun stuff after the packing.

But, the situation is changed now. New technologies have made it possible to manufacture many things into smaller versions and keep them into nifty all in ones. Therefore, you can easily take a camping cot with you while going on a trip.

Sleeping on a cold hard ground is very miserable indeed. It is very uncomfortable and risky to spend the night under the open sky.

Nevertheless, a camping cot has made it possible to feel like sleeping at home even when you are outside. It let you sleep comfortably and enjoy the green scenarios as well.

You have to consider a few things while buying your camping equipment. Ask yourself some questions and you can make the list of them easily. How much comfort do you expect from your bed? Are you bringing a car, RV, or truck?

Remember that all of them have a limited space. So, do not buy a very big cot because it may not be placed in the vehicle even it’s foldable. Fix your budget before buying equipment for the cot.

Advantages of Having a Good Camping Cot

There is a lot of advantage of having a cot. The best part is, it saves you from the direct contact with the cold ground and gives you more comfort. It is taught as one of the first Boy Scout lessons. There must be something that creates a wall between your back and the ground.

The main reason is not the infection from harmful insects, but the temperature. As the night falls, temperature drops and the night air is way cooler than any time of the day. So, there must be something that would protect you from this problem.

In case you need warmth, a blanket/pad will be the best thing to place between you and the ground. This is a normal physical science. Some of your body temperatures are transferred to the pad or blanket and they contain the heat to keep you warm. It works great, especially when you are camping in a freezing temperature.

Cots are the best friends during a camping. If you are young, you may sleep anywhere. But, as you will get older, the need for a comfortable place to lay on will be acuter. So, a camping cot is a must for the older ones for a sound and comfortable night’s sleep.

The recent models of camping cot are lightweight and compact yet very strong. They are not like the old model cots, which were bulky and heavy. Nowadays, the cots weigh only 8lbs and thus, you can easily carry it anywhere.

Disadvantages of Having a Bad Camping Cot

Though I have previously mentioned the lightweight and compact cots, not all of them are the same. Some of the cots are still made heavy and bulky. Now everyone knows that taking many things while going on a camp is troublesome and unnecessary.

Rather, people should take enough or less stuff to enjoy the camping in a better and effective way. The 80/20 rule is very effective while camping. The rule states that only 20% of your camping equipment will be needed in 80% of the time of your camping.

If not, then it must be an unnecessary thing. Bringing a camping cot is also a hassle because it eats up a large space of your backpack.

Tips for Choosing a Good Camping Cot

  • First, a good camping cot should be comfortable, durable, and portable. They should have the ability to be easily set up, taken down, and brought along with you. A camping cot should be strong enough to take the punishment of the elements.
  • The lightweight cots are easy to carry anywhere you go. So, buy a cot made of aluminum to have a great portability feature. Aluminum is a very light material though it is moderately rugged and durable. Other materials such as- wood, steel, or plastic can also be used.
  • A camping cot’s frame must bear the weight of its user. So, make sure the frame does not drop or fall when used because it will cause discomfort and added troubles. You have to notice if any part of the frame can break making you feel uncomfortable.
  • The raw material of a cot must be durable. It should be tough and resistant to abrasions, cuts, tears, and punctures. The small tears and punctures might not be small for long if they get stretched due to using the cot.
  • Another important thing is, the material of the cot should be resistant to water. You must not lie down on a bed that wets easily and takes a lot of time to dry. So, the material of the cot should dry fast so that you can easily clean it up.


If you are looking for a camping cot, search in any outdoor goods stores and you can buy it from an online marketplace. Do read this article to know what is the best camping cot model. Buying a cot will provide all the necessary things in a packed form and will let you enjoy a comfortable sleep at night.

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