7 Quick Tips to Know About Before Starting a Yoga Class

7-Quick-Tips-to-Know-About-Before-Starting-a-Yoga-ClassIt has been proven that yoga relieves stress and unifies the mind, body, and spirit by using appropriate exercises. Before I go on to discuss some more useful accessories that will help you get started in yoga, as promised at the end of my previous post, I just wanted to give a few extra tips.

I was thinking only just the other day that I wish someone had shared things like this with me when I first began taking part in yoga as they would have made my life a little easier! So here we go, just a shortlist (in no particular order) as my next post will be longer;

7 Tips to Consider Before Starting Yoga

  1. As with a lot of things that you are starting new, it’s very important to take one step at a time. Maybe try out a few beginner classes with a friend for support (not vital) before you attempt more vigorous types of poses. You can then find a yoga class that best fits your abilities. It is sometimes also a good idea to speak with prospective instructors and decide for yourself and with their guidance whether or not you can handle the program before you sign up. Always take things slowly, allowing your body time to adjust don’t move ahead too quickly.
  2. There are many books (see below for an example), programs, and DVD’s available to help you get started if you can’t find a class that meets your needs. You can always practice yoga at home although I would recommend, if possible, that you attend a class with a qualified instructor. I will be doing a lot of reviews in the very near future to advise you of the best products on the internet at this time.
  3. Make sure you talk to your doctor, explain what type of yoga poses you intend to practice and maybe even show them some pictures of the poses for illustration and then follow his or her’s recommendations. Some specific positions may pose a risk, especially if you suffer from; hypertension ( high blood pressure), glaucoma, a history of retinal detachment, or heart disease.
  4. Be aware of your physical abilities and always listen to your body. The bio-feedback mechanisms (which I’ll cover in a later post) that exist within the body’s nervous system should never be ignored. Before a class begins, make sure you have made the instructor aware of your level of experience and any limitations (things like back pain) you may have. Remember yoga is supposed to fun and relaxing (in fact vital to its success) so don’t allow anyone to push you ahead too quickly.
  5. If finances permit or your time constraints are tight, you could always try private yoga lessons. There will be many local instructors offering one-to-one sessions in your area. This has the advantage of the teacher being able to design a program tailored to your specific needs and goals. You will then know if you do want to practice at home, that you are carrying out the poses correctly within your capabilities.
  6. It is sometimes a good idea to start yoga with a friend for both support, encouragement and enthusiasm. You could also then practice together at your leisure, advising and helping each other along the way. It’s almost like ‘spotting’ each other, in which people who lift weights frequently often do.
  7. Those of you who exercise regularly will know this one already, however, because some people may not think of yoga as an exercise they may ignore this, always eat lightly before practice. You should try and eat at least two hours before a class, an empty stomach is best but not always possible. However in saying that do not let yourself get too hungry as you will not be able to focus during practice or enjoy the meditation or relaxation exercises. Always make sure you are hydrated, before and after class, this is crucial.

Right, it’s time to grab your mat and a towel and get moving! Please remember if you would like to follow me, use the subscription and I would hear from you in my comments section. I am on all the common social media sites, with icons to share my content, which I would be most grateful for. Thanks for reading.

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