4 Tips For Finding The Best Power Rack

Tips-for-Finding-the-Best-Power-RackIf you ever come across a list of best power racks or a list of top power racks, don’t read it. Why? Because there is nothing like the best power rack that is best for everyone under all conditions.

A power cage that’s best for me (under certain conditions that are specific to me) might not be best for you, in fact, it can the worst rack for you.

The selection of a power rack should be done on the basis of your personal requirements and needs. A rack that fulfills your needs is best for you and one that fulfills my needs is best for me.

Makes sense?

Here are some tips for finding the best power rack.

Your Experience Counts

If you are experienced and have spent a good time in your local gym and now you need a power rack for your home, you will probably don’t need a basic one that’s too simplistic rather you’d prefer a strong, durable and versatile rack.

On the other hand, someone who is new to this thing and has never used a power rack in the past will be more interested in a simple, easy-to-use and basic rack.

Based on your level of experience, you should choose an appropriate power cage.


Those having limited space in their home or backyard might prefer a small-sized rack while those who do not have any space issues can go for those mighty ones.

Keep in mind, as you reduce the size of the rack, it gets hard for tall guys to use it. So make sure that you choose a power cage that will fit nicely into your place and meantime, you can use it comfortably.


This happens to be one of the most crucial factors. Power racks aren’t cheap therefore, a lot of people just cannot afford them and switch to alternates such as creating their own rack at home.

The best power rack for you is the one that is within your price range. If it is too expensive, it is no good for you and if it is too cheap, you will still turn away from it as it will seem as if it is low quality.


Power racks come with a lot of accessories and add-ons. With every new accessory, the price goes up so decide carefully as to how many accessories you need and how many of these you can afford. The best power cage for you is the one that has the right number of accessories and features.

A power cage with too much or too low to offer won’t please you much.

Are You Misusing Your Power Rack?

A lot of guys have no idea about the real strength of a power rack, unfortunately. I personally know a lot of people who are using power racks, expensive ones, but they are not making the right use of them.

So where do they go wrong?

There are two main reasons for using a power rack. If you are not using your rack for one of these reasons, there seems to be a problem.

You Don’t Have a Spotter

If you do exercise at home and you are the only one in the home, you definitely need to use a power rack because you don’t have a spotter. A spotter is really an important part of your game. He helps you in putting extra effort and pushing it to the end. Without a spotter, you will not push hard and it is not a good sign.

Those who don’t have a spotter, they can seek help from a power cage as it has safety bars that hold the barbell if it is dropped. So you can push as hard as you can without any fear of hurting yourself. The safety bars will stop the barbell from falling on you.

It doesn’t matter whether you are using a power cage at home or in the gym, you don’t need a spotter.

Now imagine, you have a permanent spotter in your home and you have purchased a power rack. Though it will help you why spend extra money on a rack when you actually don’t need one in the first place?

This is how a lot of people misuse it. They have a spotter and still, they get onto the rack. Even in gyms, there are people who exercise at racks with their spotters while those without spotters keep waiting for their turn.

Pushing Hard For Stronger Muscles

Power racks come with safety bars that protect the trainer. The safety bar will hold the barbell if it is dropped or you cannot make it to the top.

This means a power cage lets you push hard, really hard so that you can make your muscles strong. If you do not try to add a new rep every day and you do not push hard when you are almost done, you are not using the power rack to its fullest.

A lot of people are afraid of giving a try to the last rep when they are on the power rack assuming that it is not safe and they might hurt themselves. This is wrong. You are completely safe when you are on the power rack and you have adjusted the safety bar.

There is no need to worry about anything.

If you don’t try for the last rep, it won’t make much of a difference because the final rep is the hardest and is the most crucial. If you miss it, you miss it all.

So, next time, when you are using a power rack, whether in your home or in the gym, make sure that you are not misusing it. Make the right and the best use of your equipment.


You see, it depends on you and your needs as to how good or bad a power rack will do. The best power rack is easy to find as long as you know your requirements. If you don’t have any clue as to what you need, you will keep struggling so better sit down and decide before you go out on a power rack hunt.

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