Tips You Need Know For Intensive Battery Care

You must first boot the donor car and leave it a couple of minutes before starting the vehicle exhausted. Once the downloaded motor vehicle is running, remove the clamps disconnecting the negative pole of the battery charged and then the discharged first.

Then positive in the same way. Finally, the car circulates at least one hour to allow time for the alternator to recharge the best car battery.

Winter is the hardest time for the batteries. If the thermometers drop below zero degrees, it loses much of its performance. If water is containing freezes to minus 20, for example, energy efficiency is reduced by half.

So, ideally park in a garage, but as this is not always possible, you must identify the elements that electricity consumed to minimize their use, in particular with the new engine running: the heated rear window, heated seats, radio

But if you will not take the car for some time, one of the tips that we can offer to take care of your car battery is only disconnected. So you do not find the downloaded when you get to use your vehicle.

Nor would most try to keep the terminals clean, no rust, for what you should coat them with petroleum jelly or spray them with a special spray for this task somewhat more expensive, but more decent and equal to or more efficient.

Modern batteries usually have no maintenance, but if those ancient, fill it with distilled water to the proper level. This will also prevent it before you download it.

Tips for battery care: If it died, what now?

All your attempts to keep the battery life have failed. How do you detect? If you do not have an ammeter that measures the available cargo, you have done all the above loading process and the next day becomes empty, it is time to change the car battery. Go to a specialty store where you advise on the best in value and help you choose one that meets the specifications you need your car. And now how to change the battery in your vehicle?

Once purchased the new battery, you will need a wrench (usually) to remove the old one. Remove the negative terminal first. Never the other way around, as if electrolyte vapor and jump a spark can cause an explosion.

After removing the cable from the other terminal, loosen the screw holding the battery to the car body and typically is attached to a plate which acts as a stop. Finally, remove the old battery and take it to a recycling center or collection point (beware better acid because it is very abrasive).

Tips for battery care: how to detect if it is dead

Low battery

  • The diagnosis I: If this warning light goes off, the alternator is fine, and the problem probably is in the battery. At least, the solution is cheaper.
  • Diagnosis II: Measure the battery voltage with a voltmeter. At rest, it must be at 12.5 volts; if below, you need recharging
  • First aid: Place cables car battery (positive to positive, negative to negative) without the donor vehicle touch yours.

Roadside assistance

Alternative: Ask for help to push on the flat and straight (never in costs). In second and the clutch depressed, to pick up speed, release the pedal abruptly. So whenever your car manual if automatic forget it. Also, you should know that many manufacturers advise against starting the engine in this way.

Battery Maintenance

Caution: If the battery leaks fluid, a charger (from 30 euros) will help you regain strength. If this is not loaded, you have to change it.

Tips for battery care if my car has Start-Stop, what I have to do?


The car battery is the primary cause of most failures, or rather of the problems facing today’s automobiles. Well, it can not be said that the battery is the culprit. What happens is that there are new demands for electricity, such as is the case with the Start-Stop system.

In many cases, even the so-called first batteries -AGM (Absorbed Glas Mat) and EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) – usually reach their limit, and that they are prepared to support overstrain subject to which new technologies.

When the battery of a car does not get enough energy, this power supplier is increasingly losing the load, until it is finally empty and unrecoverable. To not reach this point, manufacturers have devised a system of energy management in cars with Star-Stop.

A device monitors the state of charge, the power supply regulates and adapts it according to the corresponding parameters. Thus, the car knows at all times the battery status and manages the voltage and load.

For this reason, more and more manufacturers require synchronization between the battery and the management unit when replacing it. In a workshop, thanks to a diagnostic device, it can make the system detects a new battery and forget the previously recorded data.

While, thanks to new technologies, it is also possible to complete this process of substitution from home with applications like Carly, which allow you to synchronize the control unit with battery, and also you can also report real-time issues such as the status of or the same amount of energy you are getting at all times.

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