Things to Avoid While Longboarding

Things-to-Avoid-While-LongboardingWe all know that longboarding is adventurous and exciting. People love it instinctively and they revered the game without any qualms. With that in mind, this game brings a certain level of risk to the people associated with it.

This is why you should consider a handful of issues to avoid any kind of adversity during skating. If someone avoids these risky issues, he or she will enjoy the game like no one else.

So, let us have a quick look at what you should consider while longboarding.


Things to avoid while longboarding

Always remain safe

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional long-boarder, you always need to be on your toes to remain safe. In order to be safe, you have to wear safety gear before stepping on a longboard.

Ideally, a rider should wear pads, gloves, helmet along with other types of safety gears. These gears will keep the rider safe from any hazardous events.

In fact, they will save the rider from being injured badly. Besides, the safety gear will bring a positive level of confidence to the riders as well.

Don’t Think About Riding Backward

The rule of thumb for longboarding is not to ride backwards. In truth, riding backward is not safe and it can cause serious accidents. Most of the riders enjoy riding backward as it is always fun and entertaining.

But, they should not do it because when you will catch speed, it will be difficult to control the board, especially during downhill longboarding. As a result, you can face terrible mishaps.

So, the best advice here would be to avoid riding backward.

Avoid using phone while riding

There are some riders who use a phone during a longboard ride. Well! It is extremely dangerous to use a phone when you are longboarding.

The reason is if the rider will lose sight and focus because of using a phone. Therefore, if you have to make an emergency call, just step out of the board and make your call.

Don’t longboard on a rainy day

In rainy conditions, the longboarding tracks become wet. This wet track makes longboarding a tougher call to attend because you will have difficulty to control the board.

So, when there is rain or if the track is wet due to some reasons, don’t listen to your lust. Always avoid riding on wet tracks, as it will keep you safe from accidents.

Buy appropriate shoes

Before going to a longboard ride, wearing proper shoes would do wonders. It means you not just wearing the shiny and well-designed ones. It indicates that you must wear shoes that will help you to have a tight grip on the board.

Besides, It will allow you to control the board effectively. So, do not wear slippers or any kind of formal shoes. These types of shoes will make your life difficult while longboarding.

So, avoid funky shoes and wear proper shoes for better control and grip.

Control your temptation

Usually, the riders show off their skills by jumping up and down on the board. But, it can be dangerous for them as well. With that said, this jumping up and down might break the board into two pieces.

As a result, you can face the worst possible accidents in your life. So, to remain safe, you should avoid showing off.

Useful Tips for Longboarding

  • Before you start longboarding seriously, it will be good if you buy a board for practice. The thing is it might feel awkward to you once you step foot on the board for the first time. This is why you can borrow a friend’s board. Then practice with it to remove the awkwardness and get to know what it feels to use a longboard.
  • You will find that many people are making the same mistake by buying the cheap longboarding gears. This is in truth, a bad practice because good equipment always charges a higher price (though, we are not suggesting you to buy the expensive items). So, make some research and read the reviews carefully. It will help you find the appropriate longboard gears such as decks, bushings, bearings, wheels, etc.
  • Aside from the above things, you should buy safety equipment properly. It is very important for beginners because longboarding includes mastering the fast speeds in a concrete way. This is why you should check before buy. With that said, mastering the fast speed factor is another point that you must acknowledge. You can use some tactics (such as carving, jumping off, rolling off the road, etc.) to learn about it. Finally, you should know the basics of longboard mechanics. It will allow you to face mechanical problems (such as problems with wheels, bearings, etc.) easily. You can learn about it from YouTube videos.


You should keep in mind that longboarding is more than a game. You can’t just learn about it overnight and become a pro! You must have patience and calmness towards this game.

Besides, you have to practice it repeatedly to be successful! So, do not take any shortcut or you will fail miserably.

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