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Advantages of paint sprayer

These tools provide a fabulous help for painting jobs. It changes the appearance of a piece of furniture in a few minutes, and finished professional quality, it is a simple task that is mastered to perfection in a few sessions.

The expert says paint sprayer is very practical for DIY jobs. They operate with a hot air turbine that makes very little paint mist.

Therefore, the enamel is printed in thin layers and no dripping, no ‘off-hook’ as professionals say Less product covers the surface well.

So we have several very significant advantages: time, quality and savings.

The paint spraying guns The ideal tool for painting large surfaces

This is a tool that can quickly paint a large area. Function as sprays, it ejects paint to the surface very quickly.

What are they for

It is one of the ideal tools for painting large surfaces. Although it may be somewhat difficult for initial use, it is a fact that every artist wants to try.


  • The pressure, as it can cause the gun control is lost. gun
  • Always wear a mask and goggles. You avoid many problems.

Did you know

  • Not all paints are suitable for spray painting. In many cases, it is necessary to dilute with solvent before applying them.
  • Outside is advisable to use the gun when not windy.
  • To paint inside is important to properly ventilate the room.


The most commonly used compression pistol and air pistol: compression gun

Pistol compression.

It is the easiest to handle. It consists of a compressor, a reservoir for the paint and the gun itself, where you pass through the spray paint. The compressor function is to absorb air, compress it and make it through to the gun. There are some models in which the compressed air passes to an intermediate reservoir between the compressor and the gun.


It is best suited for very large surfaces. It consists of an electric pump, a reservoir for paint and spray gun. The electric pump is connected with a tube in the paint reservoir. Once activated the tube collects paint goes a hose, with high pressure, to a filter. There passes a pressure regulator that is controlling the spray pattern.

Paint with gun

Paint spray gun is a regular coat of paint on surfaces or objects with complex or irregular shapes (radiators, blinds, fences, garden furniture, trolleys, etc.). This spraying is carried out either by a high-pressure pump suction or by projection by means of compressed air: the higher the pressure will be higher the number of drops that make up the cloud of paint; well, the end result will be better.

It is an autonomous, portable and lightweight unit. The pressure varies depending on the power of the appliance:

  • Power: 40 or 120 watts.
  • Pressure: 100 or 180.
  • Flow: 270 or 350 grams / min.
  • Use: facades, walls, garage floors, ceilings, etc.

The more sophisticated guns are supplied with different spray nozzles are used depending on the density of the paint, and are equipped with an electronic regulation system stream.

They are different accessories may be adapted, for example, a flexible extension floor or ceiling, a density meter, viscometer immersion, etc.

The airgun

It’s a paint gun that adapts to an air compressor. The compressed air reaches the compressor to the gun through a hose. This system does not require strong pressure (0 to 10 bar.).

Use: superstores and jobs that require a high-quality finish, for example, car bodies


  • Stun gun or air pistol with compressor
  • Spray nozzles, depending on the type of paint (indicated by the manufacturer)
  • Viscometer or precision hydrometer
  • Painting

Look for the airless paint sprayer reviews on the internet.

Tips for spray painting


Surely, almost all of you have ever painted. However, it has probably been the traditional way, with the help of the typical brush or roller. Luckily, DIY ideas advance by leaps and bounds and long we can avoid the arduous task of helping us paint a paint gun, also we will save some time.

I spray painting is easy? How should we do? First, we must know that there are two types of paint guns: electrical and compressed air. Regardless of that we choose, we must read the instructions before handling the gun so we know what type of paint we use, the quantity and density.

Once we have all the data, we can start painting. The first is to protect the furniture, in the same way, we would if painting with a brush. To use the gun, we must situate about 25 centimeters from the wall. To apply the paint must do it vertically and then horizontally. If we want a perfect finish it is to own several layers.

Paint through the gun is the easiest way to paint walls and complex surfaces with many curves. Before painting, we must protect with gloves and goggles as the pressure can reach us easily. Undoubtedly, it is a very simple way of painting in less time.

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