Difference Between DSLR And Mirrorless Cameras

We are going to distinguish between both DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras. How DSLR and mirrorless cameras differ from each other and how they are similar to each other.

Which one, mirrorless or DSLR camera, you should buy and which one you should prefer during a specific situation.

What if you want to capture your never returning memories? Or, what if you want to shoot videos? Well, in both situations, you need different types of cameras.

So, are you guys ready? So, let’s dive into the sea of DSLR and MirrorLess Cameras. Let’s go…

So, what is DSLR? Well, DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) which means that there is a mirror that has to flip out of the way in order to expose the image sensor.

Now, what is a MirrorLess Camera? Well, obviously it does not have a mirror. If you have a smartphone, you already have a mirrorless camera built into that. Congrats.

So, let’s discuss which system is best for you? DSLR or MirrorLess Camera?

Well, in order to figure that out, we need to take a look at the pros and cons of both systems i.e., Mirrorless Camera and DSLR, so that you can better decide.


Difference Between MirrorLess and DSLR Camera:-

#1 Body-Size

So, let’s first take a look at both body size.

Well, DSLRs tends to be slightly larger because it has to account for mirror mechanism which is built inside. While on the other side, you don’t have that mechanism in mirrorless cameras which means it can be on the smaller side. Got it?

When the mirrorless technology first came out, the whole point of getting it was that it was much smaller than DSLR cameras. Well now, DSLRs on the consumers’ end have started to shrink in almost the same size as MirrorLess Cameras.

#2 Layout

Now with DSLR Cameras, you tend to have more buttons on the outside of the camera which makes it easier to make changes, especially with manual controls.

Now on the MirrorLess Side, generally speaking, you have fewer buttons which means more things are menu-driven, as simple as that.

Every time, you will want to make any change in its settings, you will need to enter into its menu. Well, this feature has both sides, good and bad.

#3 Lenses

When talking about the difference between mirrorless and DSLR Cameras, we like to put the best lenses in front of whatever body we’re using.

Well, On the DSLRs side, you tend to have more lenses to choose from but they also tend to slightly larger. They should be!!!

While in the mirrorless cameras, you have fewer choices of lenses to choose from. Even going as far, some of the cameras don’t even come with this choice.

But due to the smaller and lighter size, it makes much easier to take them with you anywhere without any problem.

#4 Batteries

Let’s talk about DSLRs first. As we know, DSLRs have many more features and generally are much larger than any other types of cameras, we also expect the size of their batteries to be larger than others.

It makes a favor to us, it allows us to take more shots than any other type of camera!

While on the mirrorless side, due to its smaller body, the size of the batteries is also smaller.

Moreover, the sensor of the cameras stays ON always, hence, receiving power all the time.

It makes its battery to work for a short period of time, which results in less number of shots as compared to DSLR Cameras.

So a word of advice is to take an extra battery whenever going out just in case you run out of the power!

#5 View-Finders

One of the major difference between Mirrorless Camera and DSLR are the View-Finders.

In the DSLRs, there is an optical View-Finder to take a preview to images you are about to take. This means whatever you will see, the same results you will get into your image.

But in the Mirror-Less Cameras, you don’t have an optical viewfinder. So making you unable to see the preview of the image you are about to take. The worst part of it is that some of them don’t come with view-finder at all. So what if you want to see a preview of the image you are about to capture? Look at the back of the camera!

While on the other hand, some of them come up with electronic view-finders which provides some functionalities which even a DSLR doesn’t offer. Let’s talk below.

Electronic View-Finders offer you see the preview of the images to judge whether the exposure of an image is WRONG or RIGHT or is it of?

While in DSLRs, you don’t have any idea whether the exposure of the image is RIGHT or WRONG? You just only the light is coming through means you yourself have to judge all other expects of that image.

So, View-Finders can be a major point when people ask which is better DSLR or MirrorLess Camera! Mainly DSLRs have less attention at this point than Mirrorless Cameras.

#6 Image Sensors

Now let’s look at the sensor sizes.

You would think because DSLRs are larger in size, so Image sensors of DSLRs also should be larger? But that’s not the case!

You are going to find pretty much the same size of sensors in both Mirrorless Cameras and DSLRs.

You can find Full-Frame Sensors, APS-C, Micro Four Thirds, etc.

Just remember, a larger sensor can be more expensive. But regardless of its high price range, you are going to get better qualities of images. So, please keep in mind all these points while deciding which one is right for you!

Well, people tend to talk more often about listed features when discussing the Difference Between MirrorLess and DSLR Camera. But we have listed some more features which will help you decide a better camera for you!

For a quick recap, let’s see the review video of DSLR and Mirrorless Comparison:-

#7 Auto-Focus

One of the most important features in any camera is the Auto-Focus feature. The good news is that both DSLRs and Mirror-Less Cameras have these features to the same level.

But, I would say DSLRs are better when it comes to tracking and recording moving subjects as well as shooting in low light situations.

Whereas a Mirror-Less camera is going to track subject pretty well but not as good in low light situations as compared to DSLR cameras. But it’s really hard to tell the difference between images captures by either of them.

Mirror-Less outshines DSLRs when it comes to auto-focus feature during video recording. You tend to get better focus tracking and auto-focus when it comes to the mirror-less cameras. While DSLRs are not really designed to track auto-focus when it’s shooting videos.

Difference Between Mirrorless And DSLR Camera:-

#1 Silent Shooting

One more feature where MirrorLess cameras outshine DSLRs when it comes to silent shooting mode. Because the DSLRs have mirrors, so even in silent shooting mode, it’s going to be much louder.

While on the other side, a mirrorless camera is going to be much silent. Some of the mirror-less cameras also offer silent mode altogether. So, consider these options if you need to take pictures in a quiet situation.

#2 Image Stabilization

Another great feature is Image Stabilization. This is an important feature when you are looking for professional photography, either you have to choose between DSLR or MirrorLess Camera!

In the DSLRs, you are only going to find an image stabilization option in lenses. But in some of the mirrorless cameras, so offer image stabilize sensors which means any lens you put on that camera, is going to become an image-stabilized the lens.

#3 Video

Ok! One of the most awaited parts!!!

So, which is going to be better? DSLRs or Mirror-Less Cameras?

We have to look at DSLRs and remember when you hit the live view button, the mirror flips out of the way and exposing the image sensor and thus turning it into a mirror-less camera itself!

Now, on the mirror-less side, if you are looking for better autofocus capability, you are going to get that on the mirrorless camera. Of course, there are some DSLRs that offer auto-focus, but it’s not as good as mirrorless cameras.

So, if you just looking to shoot videos, a mirrorless camera could be the best way to go. Another thing that you need to remember that mirrorless cameras only offer short lengths of time to shoot videos. Mostly have a time limit between 10 to 30 minutes only.

#4 Wi-Fi

If you are among those peoples who love to share their pictures online as soon as you take them, Wi-Fi can be your choice.

So, which one of the two discussed types can be the best choice – DSLRs or Mirror-Less Cameras?

Well, mirror-less cameras already have a Wi-Fi option built-in to share pictures instantly. While on the other hand, most of the DSLRs don’t come with the feature of Wi-Fi.

So are you still thinking about “which is better DSLR or MirrorLess Camera?” You should have come to a conclusion on which one camera to buy! Now the final point comes about, which you may be more worried about! 😀

#5 Price

Finally, we have gone through the Difference between a mirrorless camera and a DSLR. The most awaited part of the article!!! Whenever you are looking for a difference between DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras, you may think about their prices too.

The good news is that there is not so huge difference between their prices!?

Which one should be your choice so that neither you miss a single feature nor you pay much for the same product?

I know the pricing plays a determining factor in deciding on what things to go with!

At the same time, you may think that DSLRs may be much more expensive than mirrorless cameras but that’s not the case!!!

Want quality? Don’t compromise with money!!!

Cares about money? Compromise with quality!!!

At least, you have to compromise with one thing. Should you not? Tell me!!!

But I would tell you that prices are nearly the same whether it is an entry-level camera or professional camera. In other words, whether it is a mirrorless camera or DSLR camera. Which one you will choose – DSLR or Mirrorless Camera?

What is the best Mirrorless Camera – A Buying Guide

Taking photos is not always about the best performance. Photography is about a certain lifestyle and emotion. Sometimes a big lens is not enough to capture special moments. If you are interested in combining the compact body of a regular point and shoot camera with the excellent features of an entry-level DSLR we recommend getting a mirrorless camera.

This is a relatively new technology compared to the other mechanisms which have been around for a long time. Even so, manufacturers like Sony, Nikon, and Canon have invested a lot of time and resources into coming up with several alternatives for you to choose from. We’ve put together a buying guide destined to answer most of your questions and also serve as a method to narrow your search down to a few products.

Why should you get a mirrorless camera and not a DSLR?

The most important reason for which you should go to mirrorless is the size of the camera. The difference between a mirrorless camera and a DLSR is unnoticeable to the untrained eye. Even amateur photographers have a hard time telling the difference between the two.

What is even greater is that differences are almost inexistent when the device is used with great lighting conditions. You might notice a small advantage for the DSLR when it comes to indoor photography but again, noting to influence your purchase clearly.

As previously mentioned, mirrorless cameras are also about style and portability. They can easily fit in your pocket but still, deliver DSLR quality images. We recommend the Nikon 1 J3. For more information check out the reviews below.

What to expect from a mirrorless camera?

Most mirrorless camera reviews 2015 focus on the difference between the latest technology and DSLR technology. Because of the fact that mirrorless devices are relatively new, most don’t actually know what to expect from them.

You should begin by knowing that just as a DSLR, mirrorless cameras need better lenses in order to provide better results. The included lens which comes attached to the camera is similar to what you get from an entry-level DSLR with a normal lens.

Mirrorless cameras are a bit faster when it comes to mid-range focusing. Don’t expect the same results in poor light conditions though. The term faster refers to both focusing speed and shooting speed.

Mirrorless technology is also quieter than DSLRs. If you need to play paparazzi every once in a while we recommend Sony NEX-3NL/B which could easily be the best mirrorless camera 2015. For more information check out the reviews below.

What features should you pay extra attention to?

A mirrorless camera should have a large enough sensor to take detailed pictures but at the same time a small enough sensor to allow the camera to fit in your pocket.

The filming should be Full HD and the flash should be built-in. Also, look for cameras that allow you to change the lens with a manual focus lens. It will do you a lot of good as you evolve as a photographer.

How much should you pay for a mirrorless camera?

A decent mirrorless camera should set you back around$300-$400 depending on the manufacturer and the added features which come with patented technology.

Mirrorless cameras are the perfect choice for those who want a compact, fast device which can be upgraded gradually without spending a fortune on new gear. There are dozens of such gadgets on the market.

Choosing the perfect device can be difficult because of the various factors you need to consider. In order to save you time, our experts have tested and analyzed what they think are the best mirrorless cameras 2015. After intense debates, they’ve come to focus on five cameras which all offer amazing features and excellent results.

#1 Sony Alpha A5000 Interchangeable Lens Camera

This item might as well be one of the best mirrorless cameras 2015, considering the fact that it comes with a whopping 20.1MP and will make you take stunning photos. Its properties work both in the case of portrait photography and in the case of recording videos. The product comes with a powerful pop-up flash and a tiltable LCD, which helps users take shots of themselves while they’re on vacation, without needing to ask for strangers’ help.

The camera connects to wi-fi networks and allows users to share photos with acquaintances. It’s a lightweight camera that features an anti-blur mode and all the characteristics of a professional photo device.

#2 Nikon 1 J4 Digital Camera

This Nikon model comes with an 18.4 sensor and a full HD movie recording feature, making it a noteworthy competitor for the title of best mirrorless camera 2015. What else does it come with?

It connects to nearby wi-fi networks, therefore, assisting users in sharing photos with family and friends. It also comes with a series of touchscreen controls that make it possible for customers to never miss an important shot.

Moreover, it features a number of editing tools such as Cross Process, Creative Palette, and even Easy Panorama, which make every picture as perfect as possible. It’s a small, light and quick camera.

#3 Nikon 1 J3 Digital Camera

This is one of the best cameras Nikon currently has on the market. It looks amazing, it has a great price tag and it provides some incredible features for such a compact gadget. It uses a 14.2MP sensor which can function at 15 fps. The autofocus feature is better than most of its competitors and the Full HD 1080p filming is stunning.

This is a very precise device which incorporates all the things you need as an amateur photographer. It even has Wi-Fi compatibility so you can quickly share your pictures or transfer them directly to paper through a wireless printer.

Interested in some customer testimonials? Click here!

#4 Sony NEX-3NL/B Compact Digital Camera Kit

The EX-3NL is according to most mirrorless camera reviews of 2015, one of the best most affordable gadgets you will find. It comes with a 16.1 MP sensor which is quick enough to capture fast-moving objects. This device comes with a new type of lens which combined with the motor zoom lever provides complete control over your pictures.

You even get a 180-degree tilting LCD which will come in handy for self-portraits. This small camera is capable of Full HD recording which can be used with the built-in flash. You will also get better results because of the auto object framing feature which will trim the picture for a more personalized result.

#5 Samsung NX1100 Smart Digital Camera

The NX1100 is one of the most advanced mirrorless cameras on the market. Despite its low price tag, it comes with features worthy of DSLRs that are three times more expensive. This gadget uses a 20.3 MP CMOS sensor and is capable of JPEG continuous shooting and an 8 FPS rate.

Filming is also pretty impressive with this device. Even though quite compact, it is still able to record Full HD 1080p videos. It has a built-in flash and a 3-inch display which is as clear as any smartphone display on the market because it uses the same technology as Samsung’s S class models.

#6 Canon EOS M compact Systems Camera

The EOS has always been a name associated with some of Canon’s most popular cameras. The EOS compact system is no different as it is being considered the best mirrorless camera 2015. It comes with a powerful and most importantly, quick-reacting 18.

MP sensor, Multi-Shot Noise reduction technology, and Hybrid CMOS AF. This camera is capable of filming in Full HD with the added bonus it will constantly use focus tracking to keep you connected to your target. It is compact, durable and easily upgradable. It comes with a 3-inch display and tactile controls which will make picture taking a lot smoother.

#7 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3KK Compact System Camera

This 12 MP mirrorless camera is one of the most compact and efficient gadgets on the market. It comes with a generous 3-inch display that is touch-enabled. It has a built-in flash which only pops out when you need lighting adjustments.

This Lumix combined with a 3D lens provides the most incredible visual experiences. It is also faster and more accurate than many of its competitors.

It is capable of 1080p Full HD recordings and has a sensor output of 30 fps. As many Panasonic cameras, this one is also fitted with Intelligent Auto technology for better results.

Best DSLR Camera For Beginners

As a beginner, either to photography as a whole or just to digital SLR cameras, the choice is bewildering. All the shiny bits, the bells, the whistles, the beeps, and flashing lights can be very tempting. But how do you get a great deal without losing your shirt?

The key is to know what the best DSLR camera for beginners is. So how will they benefit you and are they good value for money? To make this choice of the best DSLR camera for beginners we have to look at 3 of the most valuable features, besides price. The best DSLR camera basics if you like. Look At Some Of The Best DSLR Camera Deals

Tough and Robust

I know I am not the most graceful of people and have been known to drop a few cameras and binoculars in my time. Most beginners are prone to a bit of blundering when they start out. It stems from nervousness and lack of confidence in handling the camera and its functions. So it is likely that it and its screen and function buttons will get a bit of a pounding as well.

It has to be a sturdy camera that stands up to this. The best DSLR camera for beginners should be waterproof, dustproof and a great reputation for build quality. Back this up with a great warranty and you will have a winner any day of the week.

Simple To Use

Note that beginners are a bit slow, but I know what it felt like going through the manual on my first DSLR camera. Page after page of techie stuff and tiny diagrams with smaller writing make for hard going. Any decent manufacturer will address this.

What is needed is a clear and concise user manual, which is easy to use and understand. On top of that, the best DSLR camera for the money should have a ‘quick start mode’ as it were. The first thing you want to do when you get your new camera is to have a play and take a few shots. If there is an easy way to fire it up and start clicking away with standard settings, it is going to be a hit. Look for this sort of plug and play effect when looking at reviews for the best DSLR camera for beginners

Look At the Package

What do we mean by that? When considering the best DSLR camera for beginners you generally don’t really know what sort of shots you want to take and if it will turn into anything more serious usually. So you are going to want the most comprehensive and best value camera package. Something that will be great for general use, but with a few bell and whistles on top.

The package that offers a lens included with the body and great additional features like cleaning kit, case, effective burst shot capability, a good-sized clear screen, and long battery life is always going to top the best DSLR camera for beginners chart.

So don’t rush into your buy too quickly. Take a step back and consider these 3 pointers for yourself. Buying the best DSLR camera for beginners is not rocket science. Try looking at the well-known brands, Nikon, Canon or even Panasonic to start off with.

DSLR Camera Features

The age of the point and shoot digital camera has had a good run. But with the new breed of DSLR cameras, this advanced digital snapper is no longer out of reach. The DSLR camera features many advancements and enhancements that make it a superior product over its lesser cousin. So if you are looking for something a bit more serious and want to find out what the best DSLR camera for beginners is well, let’s have a look at the relevant DSLR camera info together.

Camera Shutter Speeds

We all know the pain of missing that great action shot or snapping a moment of childhood magic. Well, a DSLR camera features a much more comprehensive range of speeds to deal with these situations quickly. The range will go beyond anything on a standard point and shoot model.

Burst Mode

A burst shot is when you press the shutter release button and the camera will take a whole series or burst of shots one after the other in quick succession. The number and speed with which different models can do this are very impressive.

A decent DSLR camera features this mode as standard. Used for sports or action scenarios it produces amazing pictures from the very heart of the action. But you are not limited to sports. A burst shot is invaluable when photographing animals. You rarely get a second chance to capture the moment. The same can be said about the spontaneity of children. This burst shot is a great thing to have in DSLR camera specs.

Anti Shake Stabilization

Anti-shake is not a new technology as it has been built into camera lenses for some time. But a good DSLR camera features this technology now in its actual body, which is completely new.

For me this is very attractive, having shaky hands at the best of times. But now you can take excellent portrait shots without the telltale blur. Its other major application is shooting from a moving vehicle, whether that is a car, train or carnival ride.


The great advantage of the old film SLR cameras was the fact that when you look through the viewfinder, you see exactly what would be in the picture, right down to the last rock. Your pocket or compact camera never had that, even the digital ones. The number of photos that ended up with a partial thumb over the corner was amazing.

The modern DSLR camera features the same WYSIWYG view. You can judge the picture properly and frame your subjects creatively knowing that is what the picture will be like. This applies to the LCD screen as well.

The LCD Screen Size

You could be led to believe the old myth that size doesn’t matter. But with an LCD screen that isn’t true at all. Most small compact digital cameras have a very small screen. It is often difficult to judge the photo properly as everything is crammed in. But the DSLR camera features a much larger screen with a larger body. That half an inch could make all the difference between an average and killer shot to die for.

It is clear that DSLR cameras have really developed over the years and this is reflected in the main DSLR camera features you can get, even on entry-level models. So check out some of the DSLR camera reviews and start shopping.

In Conclusion To DSLR and MirrorLess Camera

Now, I have given you a basic idea about the difference between mirrorless and DSLR Cameras. Now you can decide on your own about what camera to choose and what not based on your choice. Choose the product that fits you best!!!

Is it a mirrorless system, or is it a DSLR system?

One thing I want to remind you is that technology is ever-changing. With the passage of time, we will see the features migrating to each other with improvements but at some point, they are going to meet in the middle.

So, you have to check the boxes that apply to you most, is it mirrorless or is it DSLRs?

Do you want something small, light-weight and easy to carry around?

Or, do you want something which gives you more great features including more lenses and long battery life?

You can figure it out based on the study on the difference between Mirrorless and DSLR cameras. But I like to say final words that pick a system and stick with the system. So that you can build onto it into the future.

I hope you liked this detailed article between DSLR Mirrorless Comparison. I hope you really got something which will help you in getting some clear view of cameras and will help you out in choosing the best camera of your choice!

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