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It is really frustrating to find any best vertical climber machine online from a huge range of products competing to pretend as best. But, you don’t need to worry at all. We are here to give an unbiased review of best climbing machine and that is MAXI CLIMBER. So, let’s get started:-

Are you tired of doing the same kind of exercises repacked in different ways? Yeah, it’s true to say that most of workout machines allow same kind of exercises done by different ways. But there was no machine which can teach us how to perform climbing exercise.

MAXI CLIMBER is the answer to your climbing exercise desire. MAXI CLIMBER mimics the movement of rock climbing. Unlike other workout machines like exercise bikes or treadmills, it does take up very less space. Moreover, you can enjoy muscle toning workout too.

Features Of This Vertical Climber

Maxi Climber Reviews - Features

  • Maxi Climber has been designed for all body types.
  • This Vertical Climber Machine has got adjustable height hence making it fit for everyone.
  • Isometric non-stick grips.
  • Personal workout times is the main feature of Maxi Climber which you can start and complete the workout goal you set.
  • Adjustable design for easy and less storage.


So why should I get a Maxi Climber?

As MAXICLIMBER uses your body weight only, so it doesn’t put an extra weight on the lower joints of your body while working out. It also gives you a more a efficient cardio workout than treadmill or exercise bike.

Calorie Burning Measurement:- Riding an exercise bike for a given amount of time, with an average speed of 10.5 MPH burns a total of 330 calories. While walking or running on a treadmill with a speed of 3 MPH burns a total of 250 calories. But on the other hand, a hour workout on MAXI CLIMBER burns a total of 500 calories. That’s the double calorie burn power than Treadmill or Exercise Bikes.


While some users have claimed that the machine has been designed of cheap material, but one should not except much in reasonable price. The main things one should look in reasonable price is its durability and functionality. We found that the machine can hold upto 300 pound person so well while the suggested weight for the machine is 250 pounds only. So, the machine is designed for heavy users too. You don’t need to worry about the materials used to make it.

Moreover, Maxi Climber Machine is made up of cold-rolled steel which makes it more strong and durable in comparison to other similar products made up of plastic. The thing which should be taken into consideration is that the material should be of heavy nature so that it can hold the heavy user on it. Otherwise, there are chances that the machine will fall by the wayside along with user if the light in weight.


Maxi Climber Machine Reviews - Vertical Climber

Small size: If you living in a luxury mansion or small apartment, maxi climber doesn’t require more space. It’s 22 inches wide, 36 inches deep, and 79 inches high. So, the machine needs a little free space to workout and perform climbing exercise smoothly.

Ergonomic Design: Maxi Climber is designed on the idea of rock climbing and hence mimics the idea of it. Just the way you would do rock climb, you would perform Maxi Climber exercise. That’s all.

The maxi climber does helps strengthening all areas of the body focusing more on arms and legs. The height of foot pedals can be adjusted according to the need to match vertical climber machine‘s height.

Isometric Non-slip Hand Grips: As you can see the machine features two sets of handles, one static and one moveable. The grips has a plastic rubber material covered on them to provide you a solid grip even when hands are sweaty.

Types of Handles

Movable Handles:- The movable handles does provide you full body exercise strengthening your arms, shoulders, back and core in addition to your leg muscles.

Static Handles:- These handles are static in nature and doesn’t move with your position. The static handles come into play if you want to rest your upper body and only want to work on legs. Handles give a feel of riding an exercise bike.

Benefits of a Vertical Climber

Maxi Climber Vertical Climber Machine

Maxi Climber Vertical Climber does provides several other benefits along with an increase in caloric burn. Exercise on vertical climber say, Maxi Climber doesn’t put a lot of pressure and effect on the joints of your body. Just like an elliptical machine, foot pedals stay with your feet as you climb. As you start doing exercise on vertical climber, it starts enhancing all parts of your body.

One important to consider while working out on vertical climber machine is that you need to start slow. Climbing can become exhausting quick so it’s very important to rest frequently. However there is very little impact on joints, but they can suffer a lot. With the time, you will get stronger and used to, then you can increase your time and do it frequently.

One of the best thing about Vertical Climbers is that they use your own body weight to let you perform certain exercise which is best and doesn’t put an extra weight on your body. Hence, it works best. If you can’t lift your body weight, you don’t need it, loose it.


Let’s compare maxi climber to other equally popular vertical climbers, say Merax Vertical Climber and Conquer Machine.

Merax Vertical Climber is the most affordable vertical climber if you are on a low budget. Merax Climber is specially designed for heavy users, so if are light weight or heavy, doesn’t matter. The only thing which distracts is that being in the industry for least time of all three, their customer support is little weak. If you get any problem with your machine, contacting will be little difficult.

While on the other hand, the Conquer Machine is the most popular and is little more expensive than Merax Climber. But on the other hand, their customer support does work so if you are on a little more budget, Conquer is the choice for you. On the other hand, Maxi Climber is little pricier of all three, but being little expensive, it does provide you more features than any other Climber here and that’s the reason why you may have heard of this. It is the best option so far in the market to go for.


Vertical Climber Machine - Workout

Maxi Vertical Climber features movable and static handles to work on body parts according to your needs. It also features ergonomic hand grips of plastic rubber material making you able to hold them even with sweaty hands. MaxiClimber provides good amount of resistance. While the manufacturers have claimed that it is built for 150 pound users, when we tested, a 200 pound person was good to go for it. So, if you are thinking to spend some bucks and want the ultimate solution to your climbing problem, Maxi Climber should be the best choice for you.


Final Words On Maxi Vertical Climber Machine

If you thinking to loose some weight to look sexy, or you are thinking to go for climbing competition next month, you should be very kind while make any decision. We are not talking about any particular climber here, but we are talking about to make a perfect choice for yourself. Few bucks doesn’t matter at all, if you go for a cheap climber made up of cheap material, your all money may go in vain. You will pay double amount now as a total now if you go for new one.

While on the other hand, making a wise decision and going for more budget machine can give you ultimate experience. The money doesn’t matter but what matters is the comfort, the level of exercise, how does it last long and all. So, make a wise decision and go far with it. Best Of Luck for your decision.

Maxi Climber Reviews | Best Buyer’s Guide
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