Heavy Bag : Get to Know the Proper Use of this Awesome Bag

Get-to-Know-the-Proper-Use-of-Heavy-BagHeavy boxing bags are liked a lot by boxing aficionados. The novice boxers are so excited that they eagerly wait to jump on the heavy bad on the very first day of training, with their brand new boxing gloves.

Some of the schools are allowing this but it is mostly done for the amusement. Actually, effective using a boxing bag requires a lot of experience and it should not be allowed for novices.

If a boxer has still not mastered the technique of punching a heavy bag, he may cause pain or permanent damage to himself! So, get proper training before getting started with the heavy bag.

How to use a heavy bag properly?

Boxing bags are kept in the training area of some schools for their students. Some of those bags are used for circuit training, which aims to develop a boxer’s strength, speed, and coordination.

Manufacturers produce different types of boxing bags depending on the boxer’s weight and height.

The weight of a boxing bag depends on the person using it. For example, sixty-five pounds of heavy boxing bags are mostly used by average males. Most of the schools keep forty-pound bags as well as one hundred and even more than that! The weight does not only depend on the height or weight of the boxer, but also on their skill.

As experience increase, the weight of a boxing bag also increases. Highly experienced average-sized male boxers use a bag close to their own weight, unlike a novice.

Nobody can get experience without working hard. Boxers spend a lot of time on training to increase their strength gradually, stamina and some techniques needed for heavier bags.

Generally, a boxing bag is suspended from a fixed holder vertically and boxers need to move it with a punch. His fist should be strong enough to move the bag and in this way, they develop their coordination to hit it more easily. Light bags are inappropriate in this case because they move a lot even with a little effortless punch.

After getting proper training, the trainer allows his trainee to use a bag of suitable size and weight. As he gradually becomes stronger, he prepares himself for a heavier bag.

So, the trainer then moves him to another bag. Remember, bags that sway around a lot is not goofed for the training purpose because it can be dangerous for novices. Many of them have broken noses from the rapidly swaying boxing bags.

Finding out the most suitable weight for the boxing bag is very tough. Recommendations are not flawless all the time. In this case, the recommended weight for your heavy bag might be too light for you after a few months of practice.

That is why boxers prefer gym from boxing at home. A gym is equipped with different size boxing bags with a wide weight range. So, you can easily pick one that is perfect for you.

There is a remedy to this problem. Choosing a bag that is a bit heavier for you will be a wise decision. As mentioned earlier, the weight of the boxing bag increases in proportion to the boxer’s experience.

The excess weight will be perfect for you within the first few months after starting the training. However, before buying it as a training tool for home, consult with your trainer. You can also start with a lightweight boxing bag to avoid any kind of injury.

How to deal with a broken heavy bag chain?

If you are facing a problem with a broken heavy bag chain, you have to follow some ideas to fix it. Here I have discussed some of the useful tips, which will be helpful for you:

The easiest way to deal with a broken punching bag stand or chain is to replace it with a new chain that is stronger than the previous one. The weight of a chain must be greater than the boxing bag’s weight.

Because it not only supports the bag but also holds all the forces generated from repetitive hitting of the bag. So, if your bag’s weight is 60-80lbs, the chain should be at least 1,000 pounds to withstand all the forces.

Generally, the chain is placed on a hook. Therefore, the hook must be strong and durable. If a hook cannot bear any significant amount of pressure and breaks into half, it will be of no use.

So, be careful while buying the materials for your boxing training. Buy things that are stronger than the weight itself and then it will be a reliable one.

Heavy boxing bags are not made for playing. So, you must use it carefully without mistreating your punching bag. Do not mess around that bag or try to hang on it or climb it. Using hands is better in case you do not have a long and thin kickboxing bag. Use your gear carefully and you can get the best output from it avoiding unwanted fixing costs.

You must have heard about the freestanding heavy bags. In case you do not know, a bag contains sand or water at the base to keep it in a fixed position. It is better than the previously mentioned ones.

As these bags do not need any chain or stand, there will be no broken chain or stand. You can also move it from one place to another freely!

Bottom Line

There are different models of boxing bags and some of them are adjustable depending on your fitness and skill. The Century Bob bags come in a shape and proportion of a person, which provides a useful and unique target.

Another advantage of freestanding boxing bags is that they do not make disturbing sound and vibration, unlike hanging or punching bag, stands.

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