How to Prevent Your Weed Eater from Damaging

How-to-Prevent-Your-Weed-Eater-from-DamagingWeed eaters are an integral part of gardening and form a very effective tool for trimming grasses.

Usually, the best way to trim the grass in your garden is with a lawn mower. But sometimes, there are those stubborn parts of the garden that don’t work well with a lawn mower and hence you need to resort to the weed eaters.

However, there are situations when the weed eater might not give you the best results and cause your garden or lawn a lot of damage. Weed eaters have the tendency to affect young trees and kill them.

This is one of the most alarming issues in a garden. It is always advised to clip the base of the grass near and around the young trees then let the weed eaters risk them.

Here are some tricks to keep the weed eaters from damaging your garden:

  • Spark plugs: The spark plugs are more important for your weed eater than you would imagine. If you do not have a good spark plug, your tool might refuse to start. So, as a user, you have to keep it clean in order for the tool to work well. You can do so when the engine of the weed eater is kept off. Also, you need to be careful and check if the spark plug has really gone wrong. If it has, then it is time for you to change it. However, none of this should be done without a user manual.
  • Filters: There are two kinds of filters the weed eater works with: the air filter and the fuel filter. These are essential to keep all sorts of dirt, dust and grime away from the machine. But, sometimes, it becomes imperative to take these parts out and clean them by washing. This ensures that the dirt is kept away from the filters which can now function properly. Since debris and dirt can lead to the malfunctioning of the device, make sure it is kept clean.
  • Driveshaft: Another aspect of the weed eater that requires maintenance is the driveshaft. This component allows external attachments to be used with the string trimmer for best results. Now, this needs to be checked and maintained carefully so that it works well. Greasing it occasionally is a good way to achieve that. The complete instructions are usually given in the manual for your convenience.
  • Engine: Probably the most important aspect of the weed eater brands is the engine. This part has different needs and specifications pertaining to oil and fuel. The manual will give you the right oil to gasoline ratio requirement. Ensure that you maintain this so that there is no imbalance and the machine fails to work. On a four cycle engine, you would be required to change the oil on a regular basis.

Whatever you do with the weed eater, make sure you always read the manual before it. Maintenance is key to the proper functioning. Following these few steps will prevent your weed eater from damaging.

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