How To Maintain The Electric Weed Eaters

How-To-Maintain-The-Electric-Weed-EatersWeed eaters are not of only one type. A weed eater is efficient only when it is well maintained. If ignored, it will stop functioning and you may need to buy a new one to get rid of the weeds growing in your backyard.

The weed eaters are of various types and so are the ways to maintain them. Although they are not completely different but there are certain points that vary when considering about the maintenance depending upon the types of your weed eater.

Maintaining Your Weed Eater

Cordless or corded weed eater, both should be well maintained in order to get your work done efficiently each time. Unlike corded and cordless weed eaters, gas weed eaters should be maintained much more than electric weed eater because of its functioning parts are different and heavy as compared to electric weed eaters.

Regardless of these differences, we bring all in one guide which will help you to maintain your electric weed eater and gas weed eater as well. Although all the points are for both the types of weed eaters but some points focuses only on gas weed eater.

Know How To Maintain The Electric Weed Eaters

Guide To Maintain Your Weed Eater

  • The user must do a proper inspection before using it every time. There are possibilities of having screws loosen or other parts to get damaged. If you have a gas weed eater then check if there is any gas leakage or the gas tank is full or not.
  • Every time before you start using your weed eater, either electric or gas, make sure that the head of the trimmer does not have any debris or other particles left tangled in the shaft. Therefore you must clean the head of the trimmer after every use so that the weed eater is ready to use for the next time.
  • When starting up the weed eater, allow the engine of the weed eater to warn up to normal temperature required for operating the weed eater. In gas weed eater, before adjusting the settings of carburettor always clean the air filter of the carburettor or the arrestor screens of muffler spark. You can replace them if required.
  • If you find that the weed eater is vibrating in an unusual manner, then you must inspect the machine and look for the loose parts. There can also be possibilities of having a part broken or missing of a metal spring. If the vibration is ignored then it can damage the weed eater and you may soon need to replace it.
  • After the use, allow the weed eater to cool down and then inspect the trimmer and remove any debris or such particles should be removed before packing and keeping the weed eater back in the shelf.
  • The spark plug in gas weed eater should be replaced after using it for 100 hours. Check the gearbox before every use and put small amount of lubricant into the port for smooth functioning.
  • If you have a corded machine, always check the extension cord before every use to make sure that there is no breakage or damage to it.


Every weed eater comes with the manual which clearly mentions the steps that you need to follow to use it and also the ways to maintain your weed eater.

Here also we have provided you with the proper maintenance steps and guidance. The above mentioned maintenance steps are for electric corded weed eater, cordless weed eater and gas weed eater.

A regular check and cleaning of weed eater after every use will help your weed eater last long.

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