How To Maintain A Weed Eater


Marinating a weed eater is not as difficult as it sounds to be. Compared to electric weed eaters, gas weed eaters require different attention. However, since, maintain both types of tools is necessary, the instruction given below will help you do the things right way.


Inspecting Your Trimmer

Ensure expecting your grass trimmer every time before you use it. Look out for loose screws and parts and tighten them to elongate the lifespan of your tool Check whether deflector is fine and replace it in case if it appears to be broken. As for a gas-powered weed eater, check for holes and cracks that could lead to an undesirable amount of leaking gas. However, remember to perform this step only when the gas tank has been emptied off its gas.

Replacing Parts In Your Trimmer

Start the machine to allow the engine fitted in it to warm up. After releasing the accelerator trigger, check for the line to be performing as usual. For a gas-powered trimmer, make it a point to clean the carburetor on a regular basis. Replace it’s filters if the carburetor has been used for months together without maintenance of any sort.

Unusual Defaults

While checking your trimmer, both electric and gas-powered, look for signs related to a usual behavior in the machine. In case of an unusual vibration, inspect the control for loose parts and broken springs. Replace these parts if they appear to be a hindrance in the workability of your garden tool.

Cleaning Your Trimmer

Once the engine of your trimmer is cool, go ahead to check the spark arrestor of the screen. If dust and dirt happen to be clogged in, clean it with the help of a cloth delicately. Once you are done, try running the trimmer at a normal operating speed. If it works without producing an unpleasant sound, you can think of its health to be one that is perfect.

Replacing Spark Plugs

A gas-powered trimmer cannot be used for more than a 100 hours. If you happen to use your trimmer on a weekly basis, keep in mind that the life of your trimmer is important to you. Its spark plugs should be replaced after every hundred hours of the service it process. For further guidance, you can go ahead and check your manual to help you use a feeler gauge to adjust the gap setting of the plug correctly.

Further Checks For Maintenance

Make an attempt to unscrew the cap of the gear box to check for the presence of grease or lubricant in it. In case of an absence of the lubricant required, add a small amount of grease in the space or port provided for it. Avoid filling the gearbox up to its brim to avoid future mishaps in your machine.

Checking The Cords

As far as electric trimmers are concerned, as the owner of the tool it would be necessary for you to check the strength of the cord. In case of an open damage ensure replacing the same immediately.

Make use of the tips given above to provide a healthy and long-lasting life to your weed eater from today.

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