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Whether you are a first time homeowner, or have had years of experience working in your yard, you know that virtually any lawn mower will cut your grass under perfect conditions. However, lawn conditions are not always ideal. Your lawn could be full of dry and brittle grass.

You could be battling to control wet and tall grass. Or you may need the best push mower you can find to maneuver over steep hills and roots. It’s these types of conditions where having access to a lawn mower like the Husqvarna 7021P can make life so much easier.

What Is A Push Mower?

A push mower is a special type of lawn mower that does not use a motor. It is moved solely by the user. Push mowers can have as little as five blades and as many as eight blades, all made from steel. Each blade spins perpendicular to the ground. When pushed, the blades begin to spin, cutting the grass in a scissor-like movement.

Most people prefer to use push lawn mowers because they are quieter and make less noise than conventional power mowers. In other words, push mowers can be used any time of the day without the worry of disturbing neighbors. For those who like to mow their lawns in the early hours of the morning or late in the evening when others may be sleeping, a push mower is a welcome alternative.

How Does A Push Mower Cut Grass?

The best push mower is ideal for cutting small lawns. The blades allow each movement to be precise, helping to seal in the grass blade and lock in much needed moisture. By cutting your lawn this way, you also help to stop lawn disease. Plus, push mowers are a key component in helping to prevent interference with the way your grass naturally grows.

Overall, power mowers are more aggressive. They can rip and tear grass and pull it up from the roots as it cuts. Another added benefit to using push mowers is that they help to cultivate the production of natural mulch which breaks down and decomposes quickly. Essential nutrients are released back into the soil which promotes the overall health of the lawn.

What Do Real People Say About Push Mowers?

Consumers have long sense realized that more horsepower may not be a strong indicator that you will get the highest quality mowing experience. In fact, a lot of manufacturers now refer to the size of a mowers engine and torque specifications instead of relying on horsepower numbers.

What’s more, the vast majority of homeowners have discovered that investing push mowers comes with many other perks as well. Since they do not have engines, worrying about whether or not your mower will start is a thing of the past. And they are so lightweight that pushing them is so much easier than traditional engine powered mowers.

“This push mower is very easy to cut grass with even if your not in the greatest shape. It does not take much effort to push this mower even when you’re not on flat ground. Love the Honda engine. Starts always on the first pull and has a nice deep tone. With a mower like this who needs a self propelled model? Nice looking too.”

– David D. (Testimony from

“I was a bit skeptical about getting a push mower as when I was a child and used my grandfather’s old push mower I still had bad memories about it. This mower is great. Very easy to push and really does a good job of cutting the grass. I also like the fact that I am getting exercise and burning calories while cutting my grass. I am saving money on gas and getting a health benefit. This mower is well made and I am very happy with this purchase.”

– Daniel H. (Testimony from

What Else Should You Know About Push Mowers?

Push mowers require no gasoline and you will never find yourself to be victim of complicated, costly engine repairs. Also, they are one of the few pieces of lawn and garden equipment that does not play a role in contributing to air or noise pollution. As you mow your lawn, you can do so in the confidence that you won’t be releasing any harmful toxins back into the environment.

Even better, they take up far less space in your garage or outdoor shed than more conventional mowers. And in addition to all that, you will get to experience the important benefit of extra physical exercise that only the best push mower can help to provide. As you move across your yard, not only creating a healthier, more beautiful lawn, but a healthier, much stronger you.

Does A Push Mower Really Work?

Using a push mower really is one of the smartest and easiest ways to get your lawn looking and feeling the way you want with very little hassle and very little out-of-pocket expense. With power similar to that of the Husqvarna 7021P walk behind mower, you will have the kind of lawn mower that will keep your yard in the best possible condition all season long. These quieter machines have a distinct way of bring any type of lawn or grass back to life.

Since you can use your mower any time of the day without causing a disturbance in your neighborhood, it will be even easier to get out there and start working to get your grass just the right length. As a matter of fact, being as lightweight as they are, it won’t take long for your yard to get up to speed with what you would like for it to be. This is one do-it-yourself solution that has been tried and found effective time and time again.

If you do plan on getting a push mower, I recommend the Fiskars 6208 17-Inch Staysharp Push Mower. In my opinion, it’s the best push mower.

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