Cheap Lawn Mowers : How To Choose The Right One


Finding cheap lawn mowers is usually not as hard to come across as higher end, more expensive models. However, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that in some cases price can often be a reflection of quality.

If you are a homeowner in desperate need of a high quality, superior but inexpensive lawn mower, you may want to consider a model like the Husqvarna 7021P walk behind mower.

In short you get a brand name lawn mower at a price that you can easily afford with many of the features that are important to you.

What Are Cheap Lawn Mowers?

When it comes to lawn mowers, the term cheap is a relative term. The reason being is that any piece of equipment with moving parts will eventually require some type of maintenance. Energy or fuel is also an ongoing consideration as well. Needless to say, all cheap and inexpensive walk behind lawn mowers are not created equally. In fact, usually the lower cost models are designed with a smaller cutting width. In other words: the larger the cutting width, the more expensive the mower.

Here’s a way to think about it. If your lawn mower spends more time in the shop than it does in your yard, then it may be time for an upgrade. A few things to consider when shopping for the best mower for your lawn includes: determining how much it will cost to use the mower on a regular basis, how easy it is to use, and the size of your lawn in relation to the size of the mower’s cutting width.

What Kind Of Cheap Lawn Mowers Are There?

If you have a tiny yard, with just a small patch of grass to upkeep, then a standard push mower will likely do the job. Many retailers, both online and offline, offer a myriad of options for these kinds of lawnmowers for extremely fair and reasonable prices.

Surprisingly enough, these mowers require minimal maintenance. With ongoing care and proper storage, push mowers can have a shelf life of many years without ever calling for a replacement.

Gas powered mowers like the Husqvarna 7021P work better for small to medium sized yards. This type of model is ideal for the budget conscious homeowner who wants a great looking yard without hiring a professional landscaper to do the job.

In fact, a mower equipped with features that allow you to jump from finer mulching for your yard or discharging grass from the side to an easy bagging system can make cutting your grass enjoyable, relaxing and hassle free.

What Do Real People Say About Cheap Lawn Mowers?

There’s a good reason more people are turning to discounted or inexpensive mowers. More and more manufacturers are offering bolder and more useful features that make it easier to get more out of your yard. Satisfied buyers are quick to agree that with a little research you can save both time and energy by turning to a compact, cheaper mower to handle all of your yard work.

I like several features of this mower, like being able to bag, or mulch the grass and leafs. I’ve had it a week and used it several times. It gets into small areas and is great under trees without any trouble. It was not hard to get it ready to run the first day I got it. Just a good, quality mower for the money.

– Charles B. (Testimony from

When me and my wife got our own place we realized we needed to get some lawn tools, so researching away I went, and this was hands down the best quality mower for the price, it starts easy and runs great, I haven’t tried the mulching setting yet but I mowed an entire carpet of pine needles off the lawn into its bag and it packed them in very well, great quality and set up outta the box was easy as well, barely took 5-10 minutes, very happy with this mower!

– WiseGuy (Testimony from

What Else Should You Know About Cheap Lawn Mowers?

As you are figuring out what specific features you are looking for in cheap lawn mowers, it’s important to have absolute clarity about your lawn maintenance needs.

A lawn that is large and has many hills and bumps may demand frequent mowing, especially if you live in a community where proper yard maintenance is a requirement. Basically, the more yard you have to maintain, the more you may need a mower with a few extras.

Riding or self-propelled mowers are ideal for these types of yards while walk behind mowers are better suited to smaller yards.

Do Cheap Lawn Mowers Really Work?

Powerful features, reliability, effectiveness and brand name models are what the vast majority of homeowners are looking for in a lawn mower. Cheap lawn mowers are often priced much lower than high-end models because they are smaller and offer way fewer frills.

Furthermore: the finer the mulch and the more robust the engine, the higher the cost. There are many models out there that fit the bill and have features you may need such as rear bag attachments to catch cut grass and mulching capabilities.

So, if you are set on a particular price point, you have to decide just how much effort you want to spend on your yard. For instance, reel mowers are manually powered 100% of the time. Self-propelled mowers are typically gas powered, cut your grass much quicker, require you to store gas and provide routine maintenance.

What it really boils down to is being sure of what your needs are. Once you are clear, it will be much easier to get the right lawn mower for your yard without breaking the bank.

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