How A String Timmer Works

How A String Timmer WorksA string timmer, also known as a weed eater, is an instrument that uses a monofilament line for cutting grass and small plants.

Its use is mostly seen on a steep or an irregular terrain. It comes along with a cutting head located at the end of the shaft.

However, if you wondering how exactly does this tool work, it would be vital for you to read the following.

First and foremost, try getting familiar with the safety features of the trimmer. Get acquainted with the controls of your string trimmer to avoid future confusions and mishaps.

  • Check your lawn or garden before trimming it.
  • Ensure removing objects that might get entangled with the trimmer’s head.
  • Be rest assured of the fact that there are no people or animals in the area you are about to trim. Remove your pet if it happens to be there to avoid accidents.
  • Wear a helmet, a pair of protective goggles, closed shoes, gloves, long pants and long sleeved shirt to protect yourself from fragments and debris that the string trimmer might throw against you.
  • Before trimming your lawn ensure reading the user’s manual as that would guide you to using your trimmer in the best way.
  • Once you are done reading the manual, try locating the on and off button on your trimmer.
  • Once you switch on the trimmer, let the tip of the machine do all the cutting required.
  • Cut thick and tall grass as per the needs of your lawn or garden.
  • Be careful while cutting long grass and remember to trim the yellow portions only.
  • Look ahead while working to avoid over trimming of grass and weeds.
  • Make sure of the fact that you don’t end up trimming off small decorative plants growing on the edge of your garden fence.
  • If your trimmer works on an automated mode, ensure its protection from bumps in your lawn.
  • In case of any rising obstruction, stop in the middle, remove it, and then carry on with your trimming again.
  • Since, the life of a trimmer is short you ought to change its line in a couple of months.
  • Take care of the power cord of your trimmer while cutting the crass. The trimmer cord should be long enough to help you trim the grass appropriately. The power socket in your garden shouldn’t be far away as the larger the distance, the more will be the problem in trimming the grass.
  • Check where the debris is flying. Pebbles and stones cut by the line can fly in any direction possible. Be careful while trimming to protect the window panes of your house from cracks and damages. Make sure that there are no cars in close to your trimming zone. A close distance could lead to the debris getting stuck to the paint of your car.

Thus, now that you have been able to gain knowledge about how a string trimmer works? Use it to trim grass and plants that appear to be destruction to the beauty of your lawn or garden.

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