Greenworks 25302 20-Inch 40V Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower Review


Have you walked out to your lawn one sunny day, with intentions to give it a nice makeover only to find yourself accidentally mowing the electric cord? Hey, happens to the best of us. But Greenworks has come up with a solution to that problem.

The Greenworks 25302 model is a battery powered electric lawn mower that promises to deliver the goods. No more having to juggle cords in one hand and the mower in another! If we were meant to be jugglers, we would’ve joined the circus!

Greenworks 25302 Features:

This new model comes equipped with goodies that could make a lawn mower enthusiast’s head spin. What is great and unique about the Greenworks 25302 is its Twin Blades. The twin force ensures that mowing your lawn is as efficient and time saving as you can make it, running simultaneously for best results.

You’ll probably be thinking, how efficient can this product be? Running on battery? It won’t last long. Don’t be too quick to dismiss it. The Greenworks 25302 runs for 70 minutes on a single charge, and it’s pretty smart. 2 lithium-ion batteries are included in the package and this is more than enough to tackle your weeds. The batteries take a couple of hours to charge, and then they’re ready to roll!

What is also great about the Greenworks 25302, is that you don’t have to worry about changing batteries once the first one dies. There is an automatic battery switchover which starts drawing power from the second battery once the first one is depleted.

A huge time saver. It’s the attention to detail that makes the 25302 such a good product. The Innovative Smart Cut technology adjusts itself for power or runtime after sensing the thickness of the grass.

Having a 20” cutting deck is also an advantage. You wouldn’t want to mow your lawn for longer than needed. This cuts down on the time you work, so you have more time to enjoy the benefits of your freshly mowed lawn.

It is quite light as compared to gas powered mowers, and definitely easier to manoeuvre around your lawn. As with Greenworks products, the 25302 is without saying, an Eco-friendly product. The advantage of having an electric mower is that it is way quieter than its gas powered cousins, and you don’t have to deal with gas emissions.

Another big draw to the Greenworks 25302 is the one handle to adjust height settings. The product having 6 different height adjustments setting may make your lawn mowing a lot easier.

You would have to observe that although there is no light indicator on the 25302 showing whether the bag is full, the flap will not move. This will indicate that there is no space for the air to move, and the bag will need to be emptied out.

Why You Should Buy Greenworks 25302:


  • Light weight and more manoeuvrability.
  • Twin 10” blades offer better cut quality.
  • Large rear wheels for easy handling and movement.
  • Cordless for hassle free movement.
  • Quieter than a gas powered mower, and Eco-Friendly.
  • Different height adjustments for various grass lengths.
  • Simple start process
  • Has a 4 year warranty which is double of most industry’s standards.
  • 20 inches of cutting deck.
  • Easy to fold for occupying minimal storage space


  • Lasts for 70 minutes. Large yards would need a break of 2 hours while batteries charge.
  • Slight Gap between twin blades causes the 25302 to pass over a small patch of grass which would require a second pass.

FAQs about the Greenworks 25302:

  • Is there an indicator on the unit indicating which battery is running & which is depleted?

Yes, there is a red Indicator on the battery showing that it’s in use.

  • How long is the warranty on the mower? The batteries?

4 year repair warranty on the unit, 2 year warranty on the batteries.

  • Does lawnmower come fully assembled?

All you have to do is assemble the handles and charge the batteries, everything else is done

Is the GreenWorks 25302 a better option than a gas powered model?

The GreenWorks 25302 is the cordless lawn mower that is dominating the market today. Earlier, we only had options of gas powered lawn mowers which were heavier, noisier and consumed fuel which is a precious resource.

In order to combat the above mentioned issues, GreenWorks released its model the GreenWorks 25302. If you’re looking for a lawn mower that does the work but also has smart sensors that can detect taller grass, well, the GreenWorks 25302 could be the lawn mower for you.

In many ways it is a better option as compared to a gas powered model. It is a lot quieter, as the only sound that is normally compared to while in function is a fan. So no more loud whirring to keep your neighbors up during siesta time.

It is smaller and more lightweight, so you can maneuver your lawn mower into tight spots that you couldn’t manage with ease before. It has a wide range of height adjustments if you feel that only a trim is required. You can adjust the height to combat taller weeds when you have left your garden to grow for a while, or if it is being used only for that weekly trim on your day off.

Gas powered lawn mowers require more maintenance and frequent cleaning or changes of the spark plug and the air filter and changing the engine oil. With the GreenWorks 25302, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of any of those maintenance cares.

It is simply a use it and go. Being battery operated, you don’t even have the headache of balancing mowing your lawn and taking care that the cord doesn’t get mowed over. This is a concern and a problem that many lawn mowers face.

True, you may not have the staying power as compared to a gas powered model, but in today’s world where space is a premium, most houses have a medium sized lawn. The GreenWorks 25302 model is best suited for lawns of this size or smaller.

The two batteries hold a good charge and you can easily mow your lawn without recharging. This is of course; if you don’t unnecessarily leave your lawn mower idling while you are preoccupied with something else.

The GreenWorks 25302 has come well equipped to deal with different varieties of grass and the twin blades are geared up to make short work of tall grass. Most other lawn mowers, especially gas powered models have a single blade that cuts the grass in one swipe. The GreenWorks 25302 is known for its dual blade system, where twin blades work simultaneously to cut the grass in a uniform clean manner.

With a gas powered model, you tend to just use the power to charge through all grass varieties and lengths. With the GreenWorks 25302, it senses when there is tall grass ahead and accordingly adjusts its power.

This means less effort for you in pushing the lawn mower to get a better job done. This is where smart play comes into action instead of the conventional gas powered models of earlier days. In terms of assembly, it is a lot easier – simply because you do not have to deal with handling the filters, or pouring the engine oil which could turn out to be a messy affair, marring the first experience of mowing.

The GreenWorks comes equipped with two lithium ion batteries, charge them and you’re ready to rock and roll. You don’t even have to put in the effort of changing batteries once the power dies on the first one.

The smart cut technology automatically switches over to the second battery to continue rolling for seamless mowing.

Of course, one of the biggest draws to the GreenWorks 25302 is that is the eco-friendly option in a world which has become more conscious about saving the environment. A gas powered lawn mower will spume out fumes, and leave odors behind.

With the amount of fuel that is being burned by gas powered models, you are sure to be contributing to the eco-friendly causes by purchasing the GreenWorks 25302 model. With such features highlighting the GreenWorks 25302, it is no wonder that so many people are now switching over to using the GreenWorks 25302 instead of opting for the earlier gas powered models.


The Greenworks 25302 model definitely proves to be hassle free as compared to other models due to the cordless feature. The idea of using a battery powered lawn mower has mixed feeling though.

I’m rather the type of person that requires a ready-to-use product if I’m in the mood to mow my lawn. If you’ve forgotten to charge your batteries however, you’re in for a bit of delay.

The Twin blades of the 25302 have mixed reviews – as they don’t seem to be living up to the reputation its earlier counterparts had for efficient cutting.

I feel this is the right direction towards easier, cleaner, hassle free mowing, but a few improvements could be done on the Greenworks 25302.

Greenworks 25302 20-Inch 40V Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower Review
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