Guide To Use Electric Weed Eaters

Guide To Use Electric Weed EatersWeed eater are perfect machine that you must own if you have backyard. Electric weed eaters are the designed to make the lawn maintenance easier.

Apart from grass trimmers, electric weed eater is ideal for small lawn that is useful to remove weeds from every corner of you backyard.

Electric weed eater does not require a lot of man power, you just need to switch it on and start working by moving it in directions parallel to the ground. Weed eaters are very light in weight and are to carry also.


First Step- Safety First

You need to keep in mind about certain things that you should not do when using electric weed eater. The first thing that you must consider is safety. Follow safety guidelines to avoid any injury.

The person using electric weed eater should be covered from head to toe. The trimming power of electric weed eater is so high that the machine throws debris around the trimming area.

It can even reach your years and hand which can cause rashes. To avoid these wear full sleeved clothes and long pants with gloves, goggles and shoes.

Second Step- Clean The Area

It is important to keep the area where you want to use your electric weed eater free. Remove all the small stones and pebbles from the area. If the small stones and pebbles come in contact with electric weed eater, it will immediately shoot the stone with the full force.

This can be dangerous as it can break things and can even cause injury to people around the backyard. Apart from this, make sure that there is nobody near the backyard specially children and aged people.

Third Step- Check Your Electric Weed Eater

There are three types of weed eaters. You can choose any one from them according to your requirement. All three offers different features but delivers the same satisfaction to its users.

The electric weed eater functions when it is provided with electricity supply. The battery weed eater or cordless weed eater requires needs full charge before using.

Whereas gas powered electric weed eater requires gas to function. Check whether the needs of your weed eater are fulfilled before starting to use it.

Fourth Step- Learn To Use

The user must know how to use an electric weed eater correctly. The electric weed eater should be held with both the hands. Make proper grip on the machine with one hand and use other hand to control the trigger and the speed of the machine.

Your hands should be comfortably and firmly gripped on the electric weed eater. Place your thumb on the on and off switch to have full control over the machine.

After doing all this, start the electric weed eater and move the machine forward and backward parallel to the place where you want to remove weed.

What You Should Never Do

Many people put force on electric weed eater while working which brings it in the contact of the ground. When electric weed eater comes in contact with sand it pulls out the soil and makes your backyard look untidy.

Not only this much, doing this also damages the nylon cord fixed in the electric weed eater. Never touch the ground when the electric weed eater is switched on.

Always maintain a certain distance between the ground and electric weed eater. Remember, electric weed eater is for removing weeds from backyard and not soil from the ground.


Maintaining your electric weed eater regularly will not only keep your backyard beautiful but will also save your time and energy. Trim the weeds before they grow big.

To check whether there are weeds in your backyard, always keep the grass of your backyard trimmed so that the weeds get visible easily.

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