Electric Lawnmowers And Maintenance Tips

Electric mowers are more energy efficient than petrol mowers; that do not emit exhaust gasses; often they are lighter and more portable and create less noise. Technology is evolving electric mower but is no match for the power, reach and capacity bagging mowers gas.

Lawnmowers last cutting vary, power amplifiers, weight, and features. For the same purpose, there are also self-propelled lawn mowers.

Pros and cons of electric mowers

Electric mowers are more environmentally friendly than gas-powered mowers, but gas mowers can cover more area, faster, and usually with better cutting results. Electrics are easier to store because, unlike gas mowers, can be stored safely inside.

And with no fuss electrical fuel or oil. But gasoline mowers have the advantage when it comes to dealing with large meadows and tall grass.

A disadvantage of electric lawn mowers is the limitation posed by electrical wires and batteries. A cable can only stretch up to 100 feet, and can become entangled with trees and plantations, or be cut by the mower blade.

Battery powered electrical lawnmowers cut by only 45 to 60 minutes before requiring a recharge.

Cost concerns

While you can find some gasoline mowers low cost for about $ 100, electric mowers start at about $200. Because power is almost a niche product, it may be harder to find parts and service for them.

Waste Lines

Electric mowers are better at cutting modes discharge side, and I bagged chopped. Some models bag attachments are prone to an imbalance due to the cutting of lightweight design.

Against all odds

Electric mowers usually cut a thin strip of grass mower gasoline does. This adds to the time of his task of mowing. A brand, Earthwise, has a cutter with a 20-inch piece, almost as wide as gas mowers typical. But most electrical have smaller cutting pieces.

At the height

Unlike many gas mowers, cutting height adjustments electricity one wheel at a time, a definite annoyance is performed. And if the grass gets high, do not try to cut it with power – they lack the ability to cut tall grass.

Safety first

Follow the same safety precautions with any mower engine: Make sure children and pets are away from the lawn when mowing. Do not mow when the grass is wet. Keep hands and feet away from the deck when the blade is in motion.

Unlike gas mowers, however, you may not need to wear ear protection while using an electric. They are significantly quieter than gas mowers.

How to maintain an electric lawn mower

Electric mowers have long been considered as poor substitutes for their brothers with a gas engine – but thanks to recent innovations – electric mower today offer more power, durability, and performance that can rival mower gas much more expensive.

Also, the use of electric mowers can help reduce their carbon footprint as gasoline mowers are one of the biggest contributors of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Here are some simple tips for maintaining an electric lawn mower – mower follow and provide reliable service and excellent results year after year.

Instructions to maintain an electric lawn mower

  1. Electric lawn mowers come in two variants: wired and wireless. Before attempting any maintenance on one or the other, you must first either unplug the power cord from the mower or remove the safety key (on a wireless model).
  2. Cleaning under the mower is one of the most important things you can do to keep the cutting blades efficiently, and the mower is working properly. Use a spatula to scrape any accumulated grass and debris.
  3. While you are under the mower, take a few minutes to review the blades. Make sure the leaves are still tight and sharpen them if needed.
  4. Turn the mower on the right side up. Take a damp cloth and wipe the whole body of the mower. Do not use a damp cloth too; Wash it all down and tap out before use.
  5. If you have a cordless electric lawn mower, then it is essential that you take good care of the battery.
  6. If the battery is completely drained during use, you can run the risk of damaging the battery. Charge the battery before I die. A replacement battery for an electric mower is not cheap, so pay attention to your battery life!
  7. When it comes time to store your electric lawn mower, do it in a place that is completely protected from the elements. Never leave the machine in the rain or snow.
  8. Remove the battery from the electric mower when storage at the end of the season. To keep the battery drain slowly during the winter, which ultimately can damage it, maintain the battery connected to a charger, so you always have a positive charge.
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