7 Effective Boxing Speed Drills

7-Effective-Boxing-Speed-DrillsFast punches not only land first, but they hit the hardest. Boxers train to improve their punching speed and agility for that reason.

There are a variety of boxing speed drills available for boxers who are in training. Below are some of the most effective types.


Sparring is one of the great boxing speed drills that test your skills while helping you learn those weaknesses. It is a mock combat exercise that requires another trained boxer. This speed drill helps fighters enhance their skills, when under pressure.

It is important for a boxer to take part in frequent sparring exercises, as it will increase their comfort level in a ring. A comfortable fighter will quickly become a relaxed one. This will result in faster punches, as loose muscles move quicker than tense muscles.

Speed Bag

Using a speed bag is one of the more obvious boxing speed drills, but it is also one of the most effective. The speed bag is a small punching bag attached to a swiveling hinge.

The occasional miss can cause a boxer to hit their knuckles on the hinge. Avoid hitting your knuckles by punching the bag in a rhythm, similar to its swing.

An effective exercise for this tool is working the bag for approximately 1 to 3-minute intervals. This will build a fighter’s hand speed, by requiring them to punch quickly. It also improves their ability to apply speed during a fight.

Resistance Training

Resistance training increases speed for a fighter because it strengthens their muscles. Strong muscles accelerate faster than if they were weak. Using resistance training to strengthen the muscles responsible for accelerating a punch is important.

Biceps, chest, lats, and triceps contribute to increasing the speed of a punch. Use a variety of resistant training equipment to effectively strengthen these muscles.

Calisthenics, resistance bands, and weights are all fantastic examples. If resistance equipment is unavailable, just be sure to do exercises that create a form of resistance.

Combination Drills

Boxers rarely practice single punches. Training the muscles with combination punches will help cut out any unnecessary decisions while in the ring.

One-two boxing or complex ken karate techniques are two common examples of combination boxing speed drills.

This method embeds a variety of strike combinations into a fighter’s muscle memory. It also makes their follow-up punches faster. These are important skills boxers need to win in the ring.

Water Drill

Exercising in water is an effective way to increase a fighter’s speed. Find a swimming pool that is lukewarm, because cold water is not good for this exercise. Throwing punches underwater is one of the easier ways.

The tensions of the water provide resistance to the muscles, causing them to work harder. Immersing yourself into the water up to your neck and practicing martial arts exercises, is another way to increase both speed and muscles. Remember stronger muscles, are responsible for faster punches.

Floor-to-ceiling Bag

The floor-to-ceiling bag is a little larger than the speed bag, as it is approximately the size of a basketball. Bungee cords secure the bag at the floor and ceiling. Hitting the bag once causes it to swing quickly, mimicking a fast-moving target.

This drill increases the speed as it forces a fighter to punch fast enough to catch the ball. Doing so increases their ability to hit the target quickly. This is a key skill in making punches fast and effective. Do check out this punching bag workout.

Heavy Glove Punching

For this exercise, the fighter uses sixteen-ounce gloves and not the average six to ten-ounce ones. The key to this exercise is to hit the heavy bag, with a solid jab. Be sure to use proper form while taking part in this speed drill.

Throw punches as hard and fast as possible. Using three-minute rounds will simulate the endurance a boxer needs for when fighting in the ring. Complete this exercise with 3 rounds followed by one round without boxing gloves.


Boxing is as much a mental sport, while it is physical. It’s also a good way to pave your way to fitness land. Relaxation is the most important tool to increase a boxer’s speed.

unfortunately, it is a lesson that takes time to learn. Fighters turn to box speed drills to quickly increase their workout intensity, speed, and overall skills.

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