Easy Easter Craft – Easter Bunny Suckers


My friend made these last year for Easter and I thought they were the cutest. My four year old and I made some to hand out to friends this year, and they have been a hit. We made some girl and boy ones, and she has had a ton of fun marrying them all off :).


It takes a little time, and it mostly requires an adult, but really, so much fun for the kids all around. Let’s get started!

Dum Dum suckers



  • Dum Dum suckers
  • wood beads for the head (just smaller than the size of the sucker)
  • white pipe cleaners for ears
  • tiny googly eyes
  • wooden hearts for feet
  • thin ribbon for the bows
  • pom poms in three sizes: the tail being the largest, hands just smaller and the smallest for the mouth and nose (one white, one pink)
  • white acrylic paint
  • fine point sharpie
  • hot glue gun

I bought all the supplies for this (except the glue gun) and it cost me $15.00, and it makes a ton. I have enough supplies left over to take to DC for the kids out there. For the sizes of everything, keep in mind that it is on a dum dum , and just keep the sizes proportionate.


Start with painting the hearts white, your little one can help with this part…if your cool like that :). After they are finished drying, use the sharpie to draw on feet, you can see the design I drew in the next photo.


Each bunny will have they following – I gave one example for my little girl, and then let her sort out all the others for each bunny. She had a lot of fun with that, and it made my part easy!

  • sucker
  • two 2 inch pieces of pipe cleaner
  • one large pom pom for the tail, two just smaller for the hands, two of the smallest for the cheeks, and the small pink one for the nose
  • ribbon tied in a bow
  • two googly eyes
  • one heart for feet
  • one wooden bead

You can look at the photo and pretty much guess how these go together, but I’ll give you the details just in case.

On the underside of the sucker, dab a little hot glue. Slide the bead over the stick onto the glue. Next dab two little dots of glue for the eyes, then add the pink nose just below that. Next Glue on the mouth with two white pom poms under the nose. For the ears, bend the pipe cleaner in half and add a little glue to the top of the bead where you can stick the ears. With glue add either a bow tie for a boy, or a hair bow for a girl. Now glue on the hands, and then the feet.


And for the final touch, glue the tail on! All done.


So fun! I think they would be cute with a little tag that said “Have a Hoppy Easter”, no one would see that one coming ;).

Well I am off on a little adventure with my little family. I have a post coming up sharing some fun ideas I use to make road trips more fun, and also sharing the 3 months I have in store!

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