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Keep-your-garden-freshPeople often expect that there is a universal health care system for the plants. It is regardless of the withdrawal of the notion of the universal health care for humans. It is quite common for plants to fall sick and become a prey to a dangerous disease.

It is natural that people assume that there is no cure for an illness that a plant suffers, and often venture out seeking assistance from the local garden columnist, neighbors, and a highly trained disease specialist, who would stock the required medicines.

If the plant is suffering from a severe illness, the odds are that it will perish no matter what. However, if it survives, it is not because of spraying a medicine. An honest statement – there are no ambulances, hospitals, emergencies, Blue Cross for plants in the garden, no matter how rich the individual is.

The drugs available today are less efficient in comparison to the ones that were available some two hundred years ago. Nonetheless, it is still possible for an individual owning a garden to become a physician and protect the health of the plants.

Prevention is better than cure, and an ounce of prevention proves a worthy investment than spending millions on deceiving cures.

It is important for any individual to understand the fact that taking care of the plants or plant health care is not similar to the health care system of people.

For example, a person suffering from diabetes, who smokes, probably drinks, and still continues to consume foods with excessive salt requires an emergency room, spending thousands (perhaps millions) of dollars in replacing the damaged parts of the body, keeping him alive using the life support system just because their family members love him.

A doctor would know the best stethoscope for nurses and they would look at the top supplies to be sued for efficient health treatment.

When it is the matter of the health of the plant, which is suffering from different ailments and diseases, none of such amenities exist, and they receive no attention. They grow in harsh environments, and people usually think the plant will adjust accordingly.

Plants require sunlight to grow. Moreover, many plants are growing out of their normal climate zone. There is also the forcible feeding of the nitrogen, making the plants vulnerable to different diseases.

When plants suffer such diseases, no one really cares for what it is experiencing. There exists no machine to bring the ailing plant to life or a pill to cure the disease.

Nobody is interested in pouring millions of dollars in researching medicines for plants because the same amount is helpful in curing serious problems of the people – wrinkles, hair loss, and erectile dysfunction.

The seven pillars of plant health care:

  1. Do not choose sensible plants, as they are susceptible to serious diseases. Ensure to grow plants that can tolerate the atmosphere and withstand the common diseases like weeds and all. Well, there are numerous garden tools available which can help you in your garden activities.
  2. Ensure that the plant has no wounds above or below the ground. Wounds are responsible for spreading diseases. Cutting large tree roots or making wound son the trunk invites diseases.
  3. Do not bring new diseases by transporting plants from other places. Do not move the plants carelessly from one location to another. Try to buy plants from reputable sources.
  4. Ensure that the plants that you intend to grow in the garden receive the preferred environmental conditions.
  5. It is possible to avoid soil-borne diseases by promoting drainage system that eliminates excessive moisture content from the upper soil layer.
  6. Maintain good air circulation where possible to maximize the aboveground sections of the plant.
  7. Avoid excessive use of fertilizer or incorrect pruning to shun unhealthy tender growth.

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