Curved Shaft Or Straight Shaft Weed Eater – Which One Will You Opt For

Curved-Shaft-Or-Straight-Shaft-Weed-EaterWeeds that make your backyard look dirty and ugly should be removed frequently. Weed eaters are very essential machine required to maintain and keep your backyard weed free.

Some have bigger backyards and some have smaller and therefore to make the most efficient use of electric weed eaters, the person must match the electric weed eaters with its requirements.

Choosing The Right Weed Eater

With various electric weed eaters, it is obvious to get confused when buying the electric weed eaters. A person should purchase an electric weed eater that matches their requirement. Straight shaft weed eaters and curved shaft weed eaters are almost same and work in the same manner.

There are certain minor difference is its features which make them different in certain ways. Although both work efficiently if purchased for the right requirement otherwise you will regret buying them. There are very minor differences which are ignored but shouldn’t.

Curved Shaft Or Straight Shaft Weed Eater- Which One Will You Opt For

#1 Power

Power is the major aspect which makes curved shaft weed eater different from straight shaft weed eater. A powerful tool is what everyone look for. Curved shaft weed eaters have good power.

The coil in curved weed eater provides the power to the trimmer from the engine which easily removes the weed from the area. It is flexible but not powerful as straight shaft weed eaters.

Straight shaft weed eaters have large power heads that makes it powerful enough to remove weeds from hard to reach places including corners of the backyard and even under the low branches trees.

#2 Reach

To make your backyard completely free from weeds, it is important that it reaches the places where other tools cannot. Curved shaft eaters are not considered good when talking about its ability to reach.

Unlike curved shaft weed eaters, straight shaft weed eaters makes it easy for you trim even the tight areas that a curved shaft weed eater cannot reach.

A straight shaft weed eater will reach and clean weed even around the plants and under the bushes. Straight shaft weed eaters are long therefore it allows you to reach and remove to weeds even from hard to reach places.

#3 Health Problems

Back pain is the most common problem that people usually have. When talking about cleaning your backyard, the machine should be purchased very carefully.

Curved shaft weed eaters do not reach tight places; they are good to trim weeds from the sidewalks and from the small places. They are not suitable for you if you have back problems.

Whereas straight shaft weed eaters are completely opposite to curved shaft weed eater. Straight shaft weed eaters are very comfortable to use even by the people having back problems.

#4 Drive Cable

Durability of drive cable is the other big aspect which makes curved shaft weed eaters different from straight shaft weed eaters. Drive cable tend to break in curved shaft weed eaters which is one big disadvantage.

Whereas in straight shaft weed eaters, there is no chance of breakage of drive cable and therefore no hassle of changing the damaged drive cable.

#5 Suitability

Curved shaft weed eaters are cheap and are suitable for those who want to remove weeds from small places. It is mostly preferred by homeowners because they are light in weight and are very comfortable to use.

Whereas straight shaft weed eaters are more powerful and much expensive than curved shaft weed eaters. It is suitable for people who are looking a machine which can work efficiently on every corner of their backyard without even bending and giving stress on their back.

Safety First

When using any of these weeds eaters, keep in mind about the safety because both, curved shaft weed eaters and straight shaft weed eaters, blows debris. Therefore wearing proper clothes like, boots, pants, long sleeves shirt and goggle are important.

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