Can Weed Eaters Be Used To Cut Hedges And Pesky Shrubs?

Can-Weed-Eaters-Be-Used-To-Cut-Hedges-And-Pesky-ShrubsWeed eater is a must have tool for people having backyard. Weed eaters are string trimmers which are powerful tool specially designed for the lawn maintenance purpose. Everyone wants o buy a tool that works for multiple purpose.

People try to get their different works done from the same tool because it is much economical than to buy separate tool for every task. Using a weed eater for trimming hedges in your backyard will not give you desired results and can be dangerous also.


Do Weed Eater Trim Headges?

Weed eaters are very helpful tools that make your backyard cleaning work easier. Weed eaters are basically designed to remove weeds from the backyard. Apart from removing weeds, it can also be used to remove pesky shrubs that make your backyard look scary.

Using weed eaters for trimming hedges is not a good option. Just like there is a tool called weed eater from getting rid of weeds, same way there are tools called hedge trimmer which are specifically designed to help you get rid of hedges in your backyard.

Getting Rid Of Pesky Shrus With Weed Eater

It is very common to have weeds, hedges and pesky shrubs that make you backyard look ugly. A weed eater is powerful enough to cut the pesky shrub but not hedges. You will not find hedges of the same size all over the place.

There can be small hedges and for that, you can use hand trimmers. If there are large hedges, then you need to have an electric or gas hedge trimmers because it large hedges require heavy and powerful trimming tools. A weed eater cannot work for removing hedges but it can surely cut pesky shrubs.

Using Weed Eater

Weed trimmers are very easy to use if used to trim weeds. All you need to do is pull the trigger and move trimmer with the handle of the weed eater in different directions keeping it near to the ground.

Before you use weed eater, make sure stone and pebbles are out of the way because weed eaters are so powerful that these stones can be shot in any direction with great power. Putting a lot of force on weed eater will dig inside the soil.


Weed eaters will work efficiently only if they are used to do the task they were designed for. But in that case also, there are certain precautions you must take while working with weed eater.

While working with weed eater in your backyard, make sure to cover yourself with full sleeves shirt and long pants. Wear gloves to protect your hands and wear glasses on your eyes to protect them from debris thrown by the weed eater. Wear shows also to protect your feet because the debris can cause itching on your skin which can even lead to rashes.


To save your time, make sure that your do regular trimming of your backyard. Keep a check on it to avoid weeds and pesky shrubs to grow in your lawn or backyard.

Maintaining your backyard along with your weed eaters is very important. Always keep you weed eater maintained. Clean it before keeping it back to the shelf after use so that for the next time, your tool will be ready to use.


Now we have understood that weed eaters are not meant for trimming hedges and if you use a weed eater to get rid of small or large hedges, it can be dangerous and can even cause you injury.

While using powerful tools, always take caution so that you or people near you do not get injured.

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