Can A Small Lawn Mower Really Do The Job?

Can-A-Small-Lawn-Mower-Really-Do-The-JobNowadays, small lawn mowers can be either gas or electric push mowers which are perfectly suited to smaller, easier to maintain your yards.

The larger the area to be cut, the more it is recommended you use a self-propelled gas model or a high powered lawn tractor for those lawns that are more than an acre large.

Old fashioned walk behind reel mowers that have no engine are popular, greener choices for the smallest, tightest of spaces.

What Is A Small Lawn Mower?

Simply put, small lawn mowers are designed to cut smaller yards. They come in compact, efficient sizes that allow you to easily maneuver in any tight space in your yard.

The key to getting the best bang for your buck is in knowing what features you need to make your lawn look its absolute best.

If you intend to use mulch in your yard and add back vital nutrients to the soil for a more healthy and greener lawn, then a mower with mulching abilities is a must. Something else to consider is whether or not a side discharge option is important and whether or not you need a rear collection bag.

Many manufactures of small mowers have combined all three cutting systems and offer them as a part of the complete package on their mowers.

Husqvarna 7021P

For homeowners looking to purchase small lawn and garden equipment, powerful, more compact models like the Husqvarna 7021P stand out at the top the list. These types of models are just the right fit for homeowners who have just enough yard to do the job themselves, but not enough to warrant hiring a landscaper.

Nowadays, the familiar old term of “horsepower” has been replaced by the term “torque” when it comes to discussing engines.

Horsepower is no longer the gold standard for describing the power of a small gasoline engine powered motor. Instead, you’ll find most push lawn mowers rated by torque. Torque is a simple way to measure the force required to turn something, namely a lawn mower blade.

Most will find that it’s a better way to measure a lawn mower’s ability to cut grass. With all this in mind, you can make smarter decisions when it comes to choosing the better, smaller version of a push mower to cut your grass this season.

What Do Real People Say About The Small Lawn Mower?

A small lawn mower like the Husqvarna 7021P walk behind mower can turn out to be an exceptional model that can help you to produce an exceptional yard. Dedicated, hardworking and industrious homeowners agree that having a great yard begins with using the right mower to keep the lawn cut and looking immaculate.

Although there are a wide range of lawn and garden equipment available to help you become a master at maintaining your outdoor space, it’s really the mower that you come to rely on the most.

This mower performed flawlessly for the couple of months I have used it so far. It starts easily and rolls smoothly and easily; is easier to push than my previous push-mower; & has plenty of power. It is simple to switch from using the bag attachment to the mulching function, too. I’m not 100 percent sure the plastic wheels will last for a bunch of years, but the big rear wheels do help me maneuver the mover with little effort. The mower has been a great investment so far.

– Richard (Testimony from

The mower looked great and fired right up. I won’t be using it until the Spring, but I was very impressed with how easy it starts, and also how well balanced it is. I never realized how heavy and unbalanced my old mower was until I got this one. Bang for the buck, with a Honda motor, I would definitely recommend it.

– M.M. (Testimony from

What Else Should You Know About The Small Lawn Mower?

Aside from must-have features like fine mulching, rear collection and side discharge, your small lawn mower should also have the kind of handle that makes folding easy for storage and quick transportation. You’ll also want to pay close attention to how the wheels have been designed.

For example, a smaller mower with double ball-bearing wheels will help to ensure it always operates smoothly and can withstand various lawn conditions. Positioning and height adjustment is also a key component when looking for a good mower since no two lawns are alike, you want to be able to adjust your mower to suit the condition of your grass.

Does A Small Lawn Mower Really Work?

As you are sifting through the different types of lawn and gardening equipment and deciding which type of small lawn mower will be right for you, remember to consider your mowing. Be sure to only choose the kind of mower that is both comfortable to use and a good fit for the size of your lawn.

Most of the smaller models come equipped with side discharge clippings and are ready to mulch. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by keeping a close eye out for the kinds of features and controls you can’t do without.

In today’s competitive market, smaller mowers are being made with unparalleled power and convenience all aimed at help to make yard care better and easier than before. Having a healthy lawn is one surefire way to dramatically improve your home’s overall look and appeal, and a reliable lawnmower makes regular lawn maintenance a simple and enjoyable task.

Now you can rely on a smaller mower from top brands to help you to create and maintain a well-manicured lawn with very little hassle, low expense and low emissions.

If you do plan on getting a small lawn mower, I recommend the Husqvarna 7021P.

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