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Welcome to Best Wiper Blades HQ, your resource for the best information on windshield wiper blades, wiper blade reviews and the best wiper blade brands available on the market. Given the importance of your wiper blades, it’s critical to ensure that your wipers are ready to handle the often harsh weather that you’ll experience while driving whether in the spring, summer, fall or winter.

The windshield wiper was invented by a woman named Mary Anderson, an inventor who is widely known as the person who came up with the idea which she received a patent for in 1903. Since then many improvements and additions to Anderson’s original concept have been added to produce the versions that we see today on modern vehicles in the 21st century, over 100 years after it was first conceived.

Over the years there have been plenty of innovations regarding windshield wipers including the addition of windshield washer fluid (invented around 1931), intermittent wipers, rain-sensing wipers and even headlight wipers as you’ll find on some higher end vehicles although this feature has largely gone by the wayside replaced by water jets that clean the lights in place of wipers.

Depending on the design of your vehicle, you’ll have a front set of windshield wipers of course and possibly a rear wiper for the back window too especially if you have an SUV, station wagon, minivan or hatchback. Some sports cars have rear wipers as well. Rear wipers first came into prominence back in the 1970s.
Silicon versus Rubber Blades

The best wiper blades available today are made of silicone and are more expensive than the older style blades made of organic rubber. The silicone blades will leave a film on your windshield that can help to bead water which makes it easier and faster to remove the water from your windshield. In this instance your blades may have instructions as to how to prime your windshield and coat it with the residue from the blades to get the stated benefits.

Older style rubber blades tend not to last as long and get damaged over time from the elements like the sun, rain, and snow/ice during the winter months.

Another aspect of wiper blade design is the style of the blade, namely whether it comes with an old-style metal bracket or a newer-style bracketless design with no metal frame. During cold and icy winters, wiper blades with the metal bracket can freeze and negatively impact performance to the point where you get streaks on the windshield and the blades don’t stay flush against the windshield. The bracketless models are more flexible meaning that they may “stick” to the windshield better and since there is no metal bracket, they won’t freeze and impair wiping ability.

When looking for the best wiper blades that money can buy, you might find that some of the top-rated brands aren’t even the most expensive too.
Major Brands

There are several major brands of windshield wipers including ArmorAll, Tripledge, Classic Edge Rain-X, Bosch, ANCO, Valeo, PIAA, Trico and Michelin who produce wiper blades for everyday use and there is even a brand called E-BLADE that makes universal fit emergency blades for temporary use.

Major brands of washer fluid include RainX, Prestone, Camco and Windex among others. There are many generic store brand varieties available as well as products to suit your needs and weather conditions i.e. summer fluid, winter fluid, bug wash, etc.
Best Windshield Wipers
The best windshield wipers available are also the longest lasting. It is essential to have the most advanced wipers and wiper blades in order to ensure your safety and protection. You have many options and features to choose from and there are many excellent windshield wipers on the market today. We know that there is a ton of information on the internet about windshield wipers, but it is not easy to understand or well organized. What we do here is make the process easy to get you started right away.

How To Choose The Best Windshield Wipers

The main thing you have to understand regarding choosing windshield wipers is making sure they come from a reputable manufacturer. Windshield wipers come in different sizes and fitted on the front and back windshield depending on the type of vehicle. You have a choice between rubber and silicone blades. When wipers start to deteriorate some will miss areas of wiping others will streak or smear the water.

When you choose a windshield wiper you must consider the ease of installation and the removal. To get an idea of what’s involved when evaluating the best windshield wipers you can read our reviews. Feel free to look around and to find the windshield wipers you really need. We have wiper consumer reports that give you information regarding the different wiper products on the market.

Will Windshield Wipers Keep You Safe?

When out in on the road you want to make sure that the windshield wipers you have will keep you safe. Driving in hazardous conditions you want to have clear visibility to be able to react to any situation. The best windshield wipers will keep your windshield free from rain, ice, snow and debris. You want to make sure that visibility is not decreased because that can lead to unsafe driving conditions and accidents. The first place to start will be your wiper blades.

You must always consider the climate in which you live when choosing your wipers. Winter wipers usually have a protective rubber coating to keep them from becoming icy and clogged. In warmer weather you need wiper blades that protect against UV rays that can cause cracks and breaks in the windshield wipers. Make sure you change and replace your windshield wipers every 6-12 months for maximum performance. Make sure that you get the correct wiper size for the best results.

Installing Wiper Blades

When you have to replace and install wiper blades it can seem like a difficult task. The great thing about today’s wipers is that can be easily replaced in a matter of minutes. Most of the latest wiper models come with easy connectors that attach very easily to your vehicles wipers. This type of connector makes changing windshield wipers can simple task. Here at Best Windshield Wipers we also have step by step instructions and videos that can help you with the installation. There are 3 basic things to always remember when trying to find wipers.

1. Wiper Blade Size – The size required by your windshield will determine what options you will have. The sizes vary and all brands will have a size and vehicle guide to help you find the correct one.
2. Local Environment – Always take into account the place in which you live and travel. There are wiper blades that are made for different temperatures and weather conditions.
3. Reliable – Make sure the blades you choose are reliable, easy to replace, and provide you with the sense of safety and protection you deserve. Check the manufacturer’s warranty to make sure the company stands behind its product.

Brand Name Wiper Blades

The best wipers on the market today are made by some of the most recognizable brand names today. Bosch wiper blades are made from the highest quality materials and are constantly rated as one the best wipers. The Bosch blades are very popular with motorists because they provide top notch performance and they are extremely reliable. When you are out on the road you always want to make sure that you have dependable wipers on your vehicle. Anco wiper blades are also great blades that protect you against hazardous weather conditions.

These blades come with the connectors that make for a nice and fast wiper replacement. Rain X windscreen wipers have proprietary technology that works great against wet and rainy conditions. Rain X wiper blades have a contour shape that adapts to the windshield. Please make sure you compare the pros and cons of the different brands to find the wiper blades that fit your needs.
Wiper Blade Refills

Wiper blade refills are used by many people to renew their wiper blades. They used to be very popular but nowadays they their popularity has waned. The refills come in handy when you have quality wiper arms and just need to replace the actually wiper. The blades from the top brands last for a very long time and are very sturdy. It only takes about 5 minutes to change out the refills.

Most of the wiper refills are made from a much higher quality material. The blade replacements are very easy to install. Most of them also are interchangeable with other brands and fit perfectly. One of the main benefits of the wiper refills are that they are much more cost effective than purchasing complete windshield wipers. On average you will spend half of the price of buying complete windshield wipers.

What are benefits of purchasing wiper refills?

You can realize many benefits and advantages by purchasing refills for your blades. It is recommended that you replace your blades every six to twelve months for optimal performance and safety. When add the costs involved in the maintenance you come to see that it would be nice to save on this necessary expenditure. The benefits definitely must be factored in any decisions made in this particular area.blade refills

Wiper blade refills typically cost about half of what it would cost to purchase a complete set of blades
They are usually made from superior material and fit most any blade arm
Installation is easy and takes less than 5 minutes
You will find that refills are easier to maintain and the low cost lets you replacement them more frequently as suggested by safety experts
They can be purchased at your local retailer or online for a fraction of replacing the frame and blade
Many car enthusiasts like to customize their blades to their specific needs. The refills offer a great solution and provide you and your family the protection they need against any road conditions. Today people travel more frequently and to farther destinations, meaning we are spending more time in our vehicles.

We understand that vehicle upkeep and maintenance is necessary to make sure we are ready for any weather or road conditions. The weather plays a major factor in causing hazardous conditions that can be unexpected and wipers on a vehicle that are in good working condition can greatly enhance our control and vision to see the road. For safety benefits and the price you cannot go wrong with wiper blade refills.
Wiper Blade Refills
When it comes to wiper blade refills, replacing your vehicles worn wiper blades is one of the simplest and easiest to do, do it yourself repair jobs that you can do for your vehicle. Even if you are the type of person that takes your vehicle into the dealership for each and every service you may want to look into purchasing your own wiper blade refills on a more regular basis. The reason behind purchasing your own rubber wiper blade refills even if you frequent the dealership, is that the service intervals on newer vehicles are so much longer and further apart than they were in the past and your windshield wiper blades have a tendency to wear out even between servicing. Purchasing your own wiper blade refills is an excellent way to enhance your safety now by eliminating dirty or streaky windows caused by worn wiper blades.

Wiper Blade Refills Help Avoid Accidents

Each year thousands of accidents are caused simply because the driver could not see what was in front of them. It’s funny how vehicle manufacturers place so much emphasis on things like extremely bright xenon headlights and consumers flocked to this option paying thousands to have the world’s most advanced projection headlights on their vehicles but no one stops to think about silicone wiper blade refills. If your wiper blades are worn out and your windshield of streaky it doesn’t matter how bright your headlights are crisp shining light of your headlights is only going to appear streaky in the eyes of view the driver.

Most Wiper Blade Refills Are Sold In Pairs

When it comes to wiper blade refills most wiper blades are sold individually but wiper blade refills are sold in pairs (one exclusion to this general rule of thumb is PIAA, these wiper blade refills are sold individually)

OEM Is Not Only Choice For Wiper Blade Refills

If you are concerned with the fact that you only want to buy OEM for your vehicle rest assured that there is not a single manufacture that manufacturers their own wiper blade refills. Even the most high-end auto manufacturers like Mercedes, BMW and Bentley use wiper blades and wiper blade refills from other manufacturers such as Anco, Trico and Bosch that specialize in making rubber windshield wiper blades .

If you think it is difficult to install your own wiper blade refills think again. Replacing your wiper blades using wiper blade refills takes typically less than five minutes and the only drawback is you may get a small amount of dirt on your fingertips. Most do not even require tools to do the job. Another thing to consider when you are thinking about the frequency of replacing your wiper blades is the expense of replacing your windshield. Worn-out wiper blades cause tiny invisible scratches that span the surface of your windshield that are not visible to the naked eye, the one a small rock chips are windshield these scratches the old worn-out wiper blades behind are what tourney chip windshield into one with a huge crack running along the surface of the windshield. By utilizing wiper blade refills you can extend the life and quality of your windshield.
The Best Windshield Wiper Blades Can Be Quite Expensive

The best windshield wiper blades can be quite expensive. For best results go for the blades that are of rubber construction and that have no pressure points. To maximise the use of expensive wiper blades, fit them in the winter time or in the rainy season, so when summer comes round, you would have worn out the more expensive wiper blades and then this would be the time for you to get some cheaper windshield wiper blades fitted.

The make of your car will determine the installation method used. For example, a Toyota will differ from a BMW or Ford will differ from a Honda. However, please do not frett as for the most part, the wiper blade installation should be quite straight forward and involve nothing more than snapping in and snapping out pieces.

There usually is a locking mechanism that attaches the windshield wipers to the wiper arm. This in turn connects to the blade motor itself. Unlocking this will enable the old wiper to come loose. All you have to do then is to snap the new wiper blade on and then once in place, carefully lock the mechanism up again and make sure the replacement wiper is secure.

After successfuly completing a new installation, always test out the wiper blades before using them in real rain conditions. Just throw some water on your windshield and click the wiper switch. Fingers crossed, your installation was a success and your new wiper blades are working fine!
Windshield Wiper Size

When it comes to finding the right accessories for your car it is always important to go for the quality and standard ones which will serve you right in ensuring you take good care for your car and subsequently get good returns from the services it offers you. This therefore cannot be underestimated as cars too like human need regular check out at garage or by professional mechanics to ensure their safety when we are using them.

One of the critical vehicle accessories is the windshield wiper size which will need to be maintained always at any cost as it safeguards and guarantees the proper performance of your car. Such can be bought from different vendors who deal with such items but it is essentially important to be aware and keen when it comes to acquiring exactly what we want since as the market grows more and more vague dealers come up some trading fake items or those of poor quality.

This too may compromise the compatibility of the windshield wipers sizes since they come along with different features principally depending on the model, make and other properties of the car at question. This basically implies that you need have prior knowledge concerning the product you interested with before ending up being tricked or sold a totally different thing from what you intended. Different choices exist for you to decide and choose the most appropriate product for you in different websites of dealers and the various features together with the correspondent prices are outlined below;

Silver series wiper blade 17 inch; this type of wiper has the silvery color which makes it more appealing and attractive. It has a price tag of $ 16.99 on Amazon pricelist which is relatively cheap and affordable.

Aqua blade wiper; this is manufactured by the Valvoline company and sells at $ 18.99 at Amazon a rather dear cost affordable to majority of persons.

Aqua blade universal blade windshield wiper; this is another product of the Valvoline manufacturers which has a price tag of $ 21.99. Its measurement is 21 inches.

Valeo u-22″ Gen 2 premium bractless windshield wiper; this is a product of valeo manufacturers with measurements of 22 inches. Its price tag at Amazon is $ 10.24 which is a reasonably fair price for such an important car accessory or spare part.

Kleenview wiper; this is a different version of wiper produced by different vendor. It comes with more benefits such as warranty details provided to the customer giving you even a much better chance to purchase the product which is guaranteed of durability and performance.

Rain x weatherbeater wiper; having over seventy reviews by customers you are assured of the workability of this product. More so it has amazing additional benefits such as shipping to your home country if you are purchasing it online and warranty information.

Trico exact fit wiper; it saves you 15% of the total cost and only cost you $ 25 if you buy it online especially through this month of July.

Various criterion of purchasing online are available and only a simple procedure is involved of filling the make, model and year of manufacturer of your car which is very crucial in getting the right windshield wiper size for you.
All About Bosch Wiper Blades

If you are looking for durable and reliable windshield wiper blades for your car, look no further than Bosch wiper blades. They are flexible, quiet in use and you can depend on them to provide you with a smearless windshield during any type of condition, be it rainy and snowy conditions.

The manufacturers of Bosch wiper blades, the Robert Bosch Automotive Group, have eliminated the need for adapters making for easy one step installation of their blades. Bosch wiper blades are made to last longer and perform to perfection.

Although automotive windshield wiper blades have not changed much in terms of their basic design over the past seventy-five to eighty years, automobile aftermarket parts maker, Robert Bosch have put in a lot of time, effort and money into research and they have come up with bracketless wiper blades that conform better to todays automobile windshields and provide a much more efficient wiper blade.

Bosch wiper blades are made without plastic or metal brackets. Making bracketless wiper blades can offer better wheather resistance to snow and ice by leaving less area for the snow or ice to build up on.

For the majority of todays cars, these Bosch wiper blades can be easily installed with no adapters whatsoever making the process simple and quick.

The process is so easy that there is no need for specialist technicians to do the fitting which also saves you time and money. These blades offer less streaking and more resistance to elements that may corrode other types of blades.

With so many different auto parts stores selling Bosch wiper blades, and since it’s so easy to install them yourself, you can often purchase the blades at a discount from these stores or even at the gas stations.

You can also often get a good deal by shopping on the online stores like Amazon or at online auctions such as eBay. In fact, many of the online stores often run special rebates from time to time and you should check them out for these specials to save money on wiper blades which are essential for your driving safety and comfort.

Because of the unique way Bosch wiper blades are designed, the blades provide an equal pressure through out its length and that in turn helps to better remove markings and debris.

All this is done without causing damage to your windshield while leaving you with a clear windshield with no streaks to spoil the view.

If you want an unobstructed view of the road during hazardous driving conditions, Bosch wiper blades may be just the blades you’re looking for.

They will provide you with a clean windshield and they are also very quiet with out squeaking like some other wiper blades and this can help to save you from any further distractions while driving, especially in rainy or snowy conditions.

Best Windshield Wipers 2017 – Best Buyer’s Guide
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