Best Table Tennis Equipments

Best Table Tennis Equipments

I was out for lunch with my co-worker the other day and we got into talking about the type of sports we enjoy. We ended up discussing about table tennis because apparently she too enjoys the playing this sport.

We got into chatting about certain brands of best table tennis tables and best table tennis equipment that are needed to play this game. She told me how she is moving into a new house and that she would really like to have an outdoor space specifically for table tennis.

Luckily for her, table tennis equipment comes in all sorts of prices. You can have your pick from the really expensive ones down to cheaper (but still of good quality) if you are on a budget. In this article I will list the best table tennis equipment in different price ranges suitable for anyone who has the cash to spare down to those who are looking for something more affordable.

This list will focus on table tennis tables as well as table tennis rackets, two very essential aspect of table tennis.


You have to bear in mind that not all table tennis tables are created equal. Depending on your price range, the manufacturer, as well as the materials used, there will be quite a few differences.

When it comes to outdoor table tennis, you should look for one that is made out of durable material and comes in a good frame that way you will be able to enjoy it for a long time. One important detail in outdoor table tennis tables is that it has to be weather proof.

You should make sure that whatever it is you are buying would survive whatever weather you have in your city. There are quite a few table tennis table manufacturers out there but here are some ideas for you guys.

Best table tennis table over $1,000-2,000:

If you are looking into buying table tennis tables from this price range then you can expect something of really good quality.

A price such as this would entail that the product is made from the most durable of materials, the frame sturdy, and the playing surface really thick.

These would be of professional quality too. One thing to bear in mind though that if you are not that serious with table tennis or if you are still unsure about this game then maybe you should stay away from the really expensive ones for now.

1. JOOLA 3000SC Table

This table tennis table from Joola is made from Germany and boasts of high quality materials. It automatically opens and closes with ease hence storing and playing with this particular table will be a breeze.

It additionally has wheels so moving this table around your backyard will not be much trouble.

The legs also contain rubber levelers to always ensure an even playing field wherever you may be. According to what I read online, this particular brand is the official tennis table of the annual North American Teams Championships and North American Tour.

Basing on that fact alone, you can be certain that this one is really worth your buck. This table has silver legs with a black table and blue surface area. I am not really fond of the colors to be honest but that is just my opinion. If you have the cash and want something that you can be sure will last you decades, then I urge you to go for this brand.

2. Cornilleau 700M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table

This table tennis table manufactured by Cornilleau is as it says, can be used indoor as well as outdoor. This is definitely on the more expensive side of the equation but in my opinion, if you have the cash, is very worth it. This one is foldable hence it can be stored quite easily.

It also has big wheels that make moving it around a breeze. The frame is made of aluminum and steel alloy therefore you can be sure it is very sturdy. It also has UV-resistant and weatherproof finish. It has built in ball and racket storage on the sides too.

I read that it has a 10-year warranty (except for the wheels), and that I think is a very sweet deal. Looking at the pictures I can already tell that this is a very best table tennis table. It looks very heavy-duty.

It has a nice black color with orange accents that makes it look very professional and eye-catching. This one has definitely both style and function. I would recommend this to anyone who has the budget and is looking for a great table tennis table that can last for years and years. Down side to this table is that it requires assembly.

3. STIGA Premium Compact Table Tennis Table

This table tennis table manufactured by Stigma comes in fully assembled which means that the moment you get it to your home, you can immediately enjoy it without any hassle. It is also foldable, but the good thing about this table tennis table is the commercial-grade pistons which assist with the folding and un-folding of the table.

This allows for only one person to open and close it without any problem. The thick tabletop meets the ITTF regulations so you can be sure it is of the highest quality. This beauty also come with leg levelers in all four bases, that way you can ensure an even playing surface wherever you choose to place your table.

This table tennis table comes in black with a blue table surface. For me, this table has a really professional, tournament feel. It also looks fairly well made too. Stiga is a well-known manufacturer of the best table tennis equipment in the market therefore buying from this company will be really worth it.

Best table tennis table over $500-1,000:

Here, I will discuss the table tennis tables in the lower end of the price spectrum. Buying tables in this price range is not necessarily a bad thing. There are some quality brands too that come in a cheaper price.

1. Cornilleau 250S Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Blue Table Tennis Table

This table tennis made by Cornilleau can be used both indoors and outdoors. This one requires assembly though so if you are not so handy you might have an issue with it. This table tennis table has a resin laminate playing surface and the frame is made out of galvanized steel.

This is made to withstand any type of weather, a quality one should look for when buying outdoor table tennis table. It comes with a 10-year warranty too. This is a foldable table and it comes with ball and racket storage on the side, something that I really love about these tables.

One neat detail about this table is that the surface comes with glare reduction that comes in handy if you live in very sunny areas. Look wise; I am not so fond of it.

It just does not look as heavy duty as the tables I have looked up on online.

2. Killerspin MyT7 BlackPocket Table Tennis Table

This table tennis table made by killerspin comes in a very practical price. This particular table looks pretty good actually. I like the black color with red accents, I think it makes it very eye catching but still has a professional look to it. I actually really like how this table looks to be honest.

It looks really well made and it looks very durable. It is not an eye sore. This table takes about 15 minutes to set up so it is not really much of a hassle. This table also has the usual ball and racket pockets for storage. This table tennis table is also foldable.

I would recommend this particular one because the price is just enough. If you are just looking for a table tennis table just for casual games with your friends or family on the weekends then this table tennis table fits the bill.

Another important equipment when it comes to playing table tennis would be the table tennis racket. Whether you just want to play table tennis as a recreational activity or you want to be serious at this game, a table tennis racket is an essential part of table tennis.

Just like with table tennis tables, table tennis rackets are also not built the same way. It is important for you to understand that when it comes to buying this table tennis equipment that each player has his/her own style of play therefore, the equipment will not make anybody any better at table tennis.

With that said, it is still important for you to buy quality table tennis paddles that will be worth your money and will last you a long time. So, here is a list of best table tennis paddles in the market today at different price ranges.

Best table tennis rackets over $100:

Table tennis rackets from this price range would entail the high-end, well known brands that professional would most likely buy. If you buy one from this price range then you must be pretty serious with pursuing table tennis. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying paddles in this price range though, go ahead, I am quite certain this babies will last a long time.

1. Killerspin RTG Diamond TC Premium Table Tennis Racket

Okay, so this one is a tad bit expensive for a paddle but this one made by Killerspin is really of good quality as evidenced by its approval by the ITTF. This one is for the more serious table tennis enthusiast though as well as for professionals. This one might be a bit tough to handle for beginners.

I would advice to veer off from this particular type of paddle if you are just starting off. This paddle promises great spin, control, and bounce. No wonder professionals use it to play.

2. JOOLA Spinforce 900 Racket

This table tennis racket comes pre-assembled. This one is ITTF approved for professional competition. So yeah, this one is not really for novice players but if you plan to move up your game to become a more serious player then go for this paddle. It has a great handle that can easily be gripped and it is lightweight.

The rubber provides great spin and speed. This is a great table tennis racket to get if you want to improve your control of heavier spin. All in all, this is a pretty good table tennis racket from a reputable company.

Best table tennis racket below $100:

Table tennis rackets from this price range are usually designed for those who are just getting into the world of table tennis. Beginners will mostly benefit from purchasing racket from this price range because it provides them with a good enough quality paddles without breaking the bank.

1. Killerspin JET800 Table Tennis Paddle

The killerspin JET800 table tennis is quite a good paddle. It is ITTF approved and comes with a 30-day warranty as well. This is the lightest paddle in the JET-series rackets. This particular brand boasts of a 7-ply wood blade with 2 carbon layers for increased power and control.

It comes with the Nitrx-4Z rubber, which provides the handler great spin on the ball as well as to counter heavy spins from your opponent. This racket is pretty hardcore and the good thing is that it comes at a very reasonable price. This one provides affordability without sacrificing great quality and function.

2. STIGA Supreme Table Tennis Racket

This ITTF approved table tennis racket from Stiga is a lightweight racket that is good for both beginners as well as those who wan to transition into a more serious player. It has performance ratings of 90 for speed, 92 for spin, and 89 for control.

However, some players might find this paddle too light though. It does, however, offer great speed and control and the handle is easy to grip. All in all, this is a good table tennis paddle to get if you are a recreational table tennis player but not for professionals.

Best table tennis racket below $50:

Table tennis paddles in this price range are designed usually for those recreational table tennis players. Buying table tennis from this price range will mostly benefit those who wish to just casually enjoy playing table tennis with their family and friends and not really for those who are serious about playing the game. These paddles are of good enough quality but nothing that professional table tennis players will use or buy.

1. Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle

This particular table tennis racket made by Killerspin is geared towards those players who just beginning to get into the world of table tennis. It boasts of a 5-ply wood tennis blade, it is very lightweight, and it has a flared handle that provides good grip.

It comes in blue and black rubber, which I really like. It looks very neat for me. It is relatively cheap but is of good quality. However, this table tennis racket is not ITTF approved. The good thing about this paddle is that it offers great control and speed, which is a good thing to learn for beginners. This also comes with a 30-day warranty.

2. STIGA Pure Color Advance Table Tennis Racket

The Stiga pure color advance table tennis racket is an ITTF approved paddle. This racket comes in a very reasonable price and is also available in 5 different colors, which makes these paddles very fun for the whole family. This racket is designed for beginners and casual players too.

However, it does not have a very good quality sponge, consequently, it does not really provide good power and control. This paddle is good for those casual games you play with friends on the weekend. This is a good solid paddle that is good enough to please the occasional table tennis player.

So there you have it. A list of the best table tennis tables and table tennis rackets in the market today at different price ranges. Whatever your budget or intention may be in purchasing these items, make sure you also do your own research.

After all, some of these can be pretty expensive so make sure that you know what it is you want and what it is you are getting. Table tennis is a really good game for everyone. Whether you are young or old, male or female, it does not matter: this game is fun.

Bonus is that it can also burn some serious calories especially if it gets a bit too competitive. So good luck to you, I hope this article have provided you with enough ideas and inspiration to go and buy yourself the best table tennis equipment you need for your own table tennis games at your own backyard.

There are also quite a few table tennis websites that can help you with this. Happy shopping!

Best Table Tennis Equipments
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