Best Steam Showers – Buyer’s Guide


Steam showers have been put to use for many years now. They are located in gyms and spa centers or health clubs for the many benefits they serve.

It might seem that steam showers are just a luxurious way of bathing but it is not only the luxury that lies within the use of steam showers,it’s also the advantages it gives to our body by relieving our body pains and relaxing our muscles.

It also gives us a refreshing feel and a soothing skin. Previously,to avail this benefit, you had to visit spa centers but now with the latest homeowners range of products;steam showers have been invented that can be located in your own personal bathroom and create the luxurious environment you look for.

To buy the best steam shower for your bathroom,use this guide as a help to compare through all the top steam shower products.

What is a Steam Shower?

A steam shower seems like a normal shower but consists of a steam generator that produces water vapor and disperses into a person body. A steam shower is located in a typical bathroom and has typical features of a regular bathroom.

These are built in such a way or installed in such a way that it is a form of a container;the shower place is prevented in a contained closure so that the water vapors do not escape that specific area and cause damage to the bathroom wall or the paint.

Steam showers are available in a various variety in the market consisting of much different material like acrylic or fiberglass and much more. Steam showers also come with some additional features like foot massaging or ceiling rain showers and an audio input etc.

Steam Shower Benefits

For many years,steam showers have been used by people as a source of healing,relaxation and comfort or for merely socializing.

Today,in the present day steam showers are very easy to avail,they do not require any rocket science installation or traditional difficult ways to use the steam but the way to relaxation is just a button away.

Here’s why steam shower is beneficial for you and your health:

  • Stress Management: One of the reasons why people enjoy long showers are because it helps them relax. Steam showers make their way around this relaxation. The heat allows the muscles to relax and reduce tension. If you take a steam shower right before you go to bed then it helps you improve your sleep.
  • Natural Method for Skin Care: Steam is the best way to open your pores and get a deep cleansing treatment. When you take a steam shower your skin pores open and the water vapor works their way to deeply clean your skin by reducing blemishes and pimples, they help you remove those blackheads or dark spots and give you a cleaner better look. It is also advisable to shave in the shower as your skin gets soft and moist and it’s easier to shave and helps you avoid razor burn.
  • Improved Circulation: Steam shower also help you improve the blood flow of your body as when a person is exposed to steam the blood vessels widen and there is an improved circulation, this has a positive effect on controlling blood pressure. When you get out of a steam shower you will see the improved circulation of blood flow on your overall look as you will look more refreshed.
  • Recovery from Exercise: When you workout you might get sore and muscle and feel a fatigue. The steam helps you get rid of the soreness by initiating a pumping action. It also helps you reduce the toxin in your body through the discharge of all the sweat,all the built in bacteria or toxins are released.
  • Ease your Breathing: Steam helps ease your breathing as it opens airways to lungs and improves the respiratory system through increased blood flow. People who suffer from asthma or sinus can gain advantage from steam showers as it would help them clear respiratory inflammations and ease their breathing.

Reviews of the Best Steam Showers

Modern Steam Shower and Bathtub By Ariel Bath

This Modern Steam Shower and Bathtub by Ariel Bath is elegantly styled for your modern bathrooms. The Captivating black finish of this steam shower makes it eye catching and very suitable to a modern bathroom decor making your shower area prominent.

To ensure your safety it is checked for its electrical safety and is ETL listed. The shower includes a drain with a trap to make the flow of water easy. The usage of this steam shower is made feasible through the feature of computer panel with timer.

To deep cleanse the disinfection steam sauna is built in. To give you extra comfort it includes an acupressure body jets to give massage therapy with a built in seat to make you feel at home.

Handheld and rainfall showerhead makes bathing easy. To give extra protection from steam and to be cautious there is overheat protection and a ventilation fan. The most comfort is provided through this modern steam shower.

Sliding Door Steam Shower Enclosure Unit Glass Color

This Steam Shower and has a unique touch in its touch and gives another spectrum to its elegance. Steam Shower with blue features includes a sliding door making its usage fascinating.

This steam shower includes a shower base and a pan. The self-cleaning steam generator makes sure to keep up with you hygiene level. It is very easy to operate this steam shower because of the computer control panel and timer.

It also includes jets body massage give you a new level of relaxation. The overall design of this steam shower makes it very appealing, the frame of white glass component make it very strong and attractive suiting to your bathroom decor. It includes a steam sauna with aromatherapy steam outlet,ensuring the ventilation. This steam shower is suitable for your large luxurious bathrooms.

Platinum 47″ x 35.4″ x 84.6″ Pivot Door Steam Shower with Left Side

This steam shower brings the cool factor in its design and features. This Platinum steam shower consists of a steam sauna and 6 body massage jets. The chromotherapy lighting makes an exciting scenario when you bathe.

The simple use of this steam shower with the help of computer control panel and timer makes it use feasible. The showerhead helps you clean yourself up after dispersing in the steam. This drainable steam shower keeps up with your hygiene level. To protect you from any possible harm there is overheat protection so you enjoy a steam shower at an optimal temperature.

What makes this steam shower unique is the feature of FM radio installed in it,making sure that you stay entertained while you relax through that steam. The wooden floorboard makes the look of this steam shower very fine. Rectangular shape steam shower is designed in silver and glass component giving away a rich look of its appearance.

Eagle Bath Sliding Door Steam Shower Enclosure Unit

Steam Shower by Eagle Bath is made of tempered glass and consists of the steam shower and a bathtub,diving away dual service towards your relaxation. The bathtub has the capacity to hold 80 gallons of water.

Also,the 8 massage jets let you enjoy the most dynamic bath time of all time.

The rectangular shape creates an ample space for you to stand and use the steam shower. The efficiency of this steam shower is remarkable,giving you effective steam results in minutes, saving your time and making you relax.

The rainhead shower makes the bathing experience more mesmerizing with a convenice of a handheld shower to make sure that water reach outs every where.

The technological yet simple use of this steam shower with its computer panel makes it easy to use. The multiple LED lights installed in this steam shower makes you see through the steam and set an environment which is most suitable for you not giving away too much light or darkness.

Platinum 47.2″ x 47.2″ x 89″ Neo-Angle Door Steam

If you are looking for a steam shower which is different from others and has more space than the usual steam showers have to offer then this is the very steam shower you are looking for.

This platinum steam shower accommodates two people at once with the two stools situated in it,giving you space and a platform to sit and relax and enjoy the steam.

The perfectly finished steam shower gives a luxurious look to your bathroom and provides you a quality steam shower that has no compare to a spa,the 12 body massage jets takes over all your stress and helps you feel relieved.

Sliding Door Steam Shower Enclosure Unit Glass Color

Steam Shower by Eagle Bath yet makes its way in impressing you with the features and unique design it has to offer. The design of this steam shower not only makes your bathroom look good but also helps you clear out some space in your bathroom with the corner designed installation of the steam shower.

The 12 massage jets provide you with the finest bath and relaxation. The intuitive design of this steam shower helps you choose your options and enjoy the bath according to your need by selecting a mood for either aromatherapy or chromotherapy by going to its feasible computer controlled panel settings.

The steam generator comes with a cleaning function ensuring you a clean and better bath. The ceiling rainfall shower and handheld shower makes it easier for you to rinse through the steam.


Having a steam shower installed in your own household is very beneficial for you as for the numerous benefits a steam shower has to offer. Steam Showers are uniquely designed to fit in your modern bathroom and are easy to install and use to accommodate better to your needs.

Steam showers are available in various material and features but to choose the correct one would be a little difficult so make sure to consider the usual factors before buying a product,which includes price,quality,features, etc. To find the best model,consult this guide to get the perfect steam shower.

Best Steam Showers – Buyer’s Guide
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