Best Pocket Knives 2018 | Buyer’s Guide


Are you looking for the best pocket knife in the market? If yes, you are at the right place. We will tell you more about what you need to consider getting good value for your money when looking for an ideal knife. We will also tell you more about folding knives and hunting knives.

Are you looking to buy Best Pocket Knife for yourself? We have got a massive list of Best Pocket Knife from where you can choose the best one of all. So, are you ready to walk with us and let us know how you feel about this? Below we have given the quick list of Pocket Knives to save your time. So, let’s start:-

Best Pocket Knife 2018 Comparison Table:-

Best Pocket Knives Under $50:-

Knife Model NameSteelBladeRatingsPrice
Ontario RAT IIAUS-83.0"4.7 Check Price
Kershaw Skyline14C28N3.1"4.6 Check Price
SOG Flash IIAUS-83.5"4.4 Check Price
Kershaw Leek14C28N3.0"4.7 Check Price
Spyderco Tenacious8Cr13MoV3.4"4.7 Check Price

Best Pocket Knives Between $50 – $150:-

Knife Model NameSteelBladeRatingsPrice
Spyderco Paramilitary 2CPM-S30V3.4"4.5 Check Price
Benchmade Mini Griptilian154CM2.9"4.7 Check Price
Spyderco Delica 4VG-102.9"4.6 Check Price
Spyderco Manix 2CPM-S30V3.4"4.7 Check Price
Benchmade - Griptilian 551Stainless 3.45"4.7 Check Price

Best Pocket Knife 2018 Reviews:

#1 Victorinox Swiss Army Super Tinker Pocket Knife

This is yet one of the best pocket knives in the whole world. In addition, it is cost efficient in that it’s cost below $ 30. It has the entire basic features that a knife should have. It also comes with tweezers, a blade, scissors, screwdriver, nail filers, tooth-pick and a key ring. This knives is suitable with all people because is has many tool, you can bring it in your pocket every where and use it every time you want. Now you can choose one the many different colors that are available.

#2 Victorinox Swiss Army Traveler Multitool (Ruby)

The Swiss army knife traveler is one of the best pocket knives an adventurous person will ever wish to have. This knife is very popular among the kids, teens and adults. The knives are very practical since they have many attachments and functions. It’s loaded with numerous features and is quite affordable. The knife has 19 implements plus a lifetime guarantee. In addition, it includes a screwdriver, two blades, a bottle opener, a wood saw, wire stripper and a very cute Maglite flashlight. It also comes with a scale and a pouch on which there’s a compass, magnifier and handy thermometer.

#3 Spyderco Caly 3.5 Carbon Fiber ZDP-189 Plain Edge Knife

It the best pocket knife for everyday purposes. It has a very thin blade thus helps you to slice very neatly. This is folding knife with high-end material , blade is made by laminated ZDP-189 steel. Hardness is high on Rockwell scale and with long-lasting sharpness. PlainEdge ground flat for precise cutting; blade measures 3 inches long. Buffed carbon-fiber handle feels like natural extension of hand with measures 7 inches overall (4-1/16 inches when closed).

#4 KERSHAW KNIVES CHIVE 1600 Cutting Knife – Folding Knife

Kershaw started in Portland Oregon in the year 1974. It was started by an ex-Gerber employee. It specialized in outdoor, kitchen cutlery and pocket knives. In 2005 in Georgia, it won 4 great awards. The highest award that it won is the overall knife of the year award. The Kershaw knife 1600 series is the smallest (in size) pocket knives produced by Kershaw and is has the best folding properties. The knife is available in various shades thus gives you the opportunity to choose one that suites you.

#5 Kershaw Ken Onion Tactical Blur Folding Knife with Speed Safe

Kershaw’s Ken Onion Blur folding knife showcases a 3-3/8-inch smooth or serrated blade, constructed of 13C26 stainless steel for strength and rust resistance. Suitable for extreme or everyday circumstances, the Blur series provides power and efficiency. A light-weight anodized aluminum deal with offers Trac-Tec inserts which provide a non-slip grip even in wet and slippery conditions.

Kershaw’s SpeedSafe helped opening system assists you to smoothly open the knife with a manual push on the blade’s thumb stud or Index-Open system. SpeedSafe’s torsion bar assists keep the knife closed, preventing it from being opened by accident. In order to open the knife, use manual pressure to the thumb stud to get rid of the resistance of the torsion bar. After the blade is out of the handle, the torsion bar steps along its track and takes control of. The blade opens smoothly and locks into position, ready for usage.

This knife is suitale with person like hunting, working out door, picnic and camping.

#6 Benchmade – Griptilian 551 Knife


Benchmade Griptilian is a classic designed knife capable of being folded within the case with a Sharp Knife point and gripping handle. It is light in weight and can be carried easily. It is well known worldwide for the excellence in quality. These knives are manufactured with intense care to provide the best comfort and mechanism among the other competitors. Known well for the quality steel used, it looks very stylish and safe. It is reliable for the mechanism and also when folded, it stays static within the mold which doesn’t aloof to move out. Comes in handy when required and could be wrapped within 4 fingers of a hand.

There are many varieties and styles that can help in choosing the right according to the purpose and the user. Most of the household knives are from Benchmade Griptilian as it has scored good name over the years. It is trustworthy and ensures that it works the best way. It is produced with high quality blades.

Benchmade Griptilian Pros:

Its pocket friendly when it comes to budget and also fits with its size, it is well known for larger utility knife and is foldable which adds more positive votes for this Best Pocket knife. There is also mini-Griptilian that is smaller than the normal size, preferred by many.

There are many versions that bring a lot of comfort to the user; one which sells the most would include the thumb-hole version, which has a hole in the gripping part in sheep foot blade or a drop point blade. The blades are made with premium stainless steel. All these knives are known to have a stout tip. Extremely sharp, which demands to handle with great care, if missed might hurt the user. The stout tip is designed so, to ease the act of piercing. Very light in weight and the handle is made of durable material. The handle is made of Valox; it is a type of plastic resin, which is durable and very light in weight.

It looks extremely stylish which adds attitude to the person holding it. It’s totally different from the other knives. When it is pressed to the handle, it auto-locks and doesn’t come out, it stays static within the handle until manually pulled out by the user. This is much important to a folding type knife, this kind of lock is called as Axis lock.

Benchmade Griptilian Cons:

Few types of Benchmade Griptilian is known to look and feel bulky than the threshold fixed, it is also known to make hollow sound; this hollow sound is corrected in the mini version. As day’s move on, the grip might wear-out over time and few are poorly designed. Few types are also costlier than the expected rate, few types are very slender and thin which refrains from handling pressure to cut something very thick, it might lead to the blade’s reshaping such that it would fit in the mold cover anymore. There are various reviews available with the comparison on the various types, the list can be reviewed before purchasing.

Why Benchmade Griptilian?

As the name says, it is well known for its grip. All the versions are manufactured with excellent care and are worth the amount spent. It is durable and is known to work well for years. The handle is made of polymer grips which facilitates tight texture. The axis locking system is designed to be ambidextrous as it would facilitate even the left-handed to Use It Easily. It has a pocket clip which helps in mounting the knife. It is marked for its well known quality that keeps aside cheaper ones. It is well-built, strong and sharp. Premium steel is used and there are various options, colors and configurations pick from. It is one such top-notch knife and is totally reliable for its name.


The best knife which is very handy and can be carried around in a handbag or even fits a purse easily. For those who work late night and have security threats around, this Benchmade Griptilian is an apt choice. Light in weight and has options to mount it easily in a cupboard or adhesive hooks. The handle is made of good plastic, there is great designs available to pick from and is worth the money. There are various positive reviews and most are 5 star rating from the customers who bought this knife worldwide.

#7 Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Folding Knife


Knives have become an integral part of everyday life, it is important to use a good product when it comes to knives; Spyderco tenacious is a company that manufactures these knives with high end features. It is marked for its excellent quality and standards have also been exceeded the expectations around. It is reliable, rugged and is swift with the technology used. The Spyderco tenacious knives are designed and manufactured to have acute sharpness. It is sleek, has great precision and has thin edges; it is versatile in design and can be used for any type of cutting or piercing purposes.

It has a scant texture in the outer surface that helps in placing the fingers on the placements given which guards from slippage, this texture is designed specifically to give the best gripping experience. The knife can be handled easily by just wrapping it around with four fingers. The main focus of usage which is to cut is well designed; this knife is capable of slicing very fine and sleek pieces.

Spyderco Tenacious Pros:

Handle: The knife has a smooth grip which is impressive; it is a delight for the customers. It is laminated with good coating that comforts the usage. It gives a firm grip to the user. This makes the grasping facility easy.

Foldable: The slim design and the foldable nature help much in portability, it can be handled at ease when folded. This facilitates to carry the knife wherever one wants. Most of the foldable knives are kind of thick and bulky unlike this one; it is narrow and pocket friendly. The folded knife doesn’t fall out as it has locks within which seals the knife well when folded, only when the user manually tips open it would come out.

Size: The knife is 197mm when unfolded and 112mm when sealed within the handle, which makes it very portable and easy to carry. The blade alone measures 86mm and has spouted tip. It is one of the most comfortable mid-sized accessories; it is one of the most practically used items. No issues or hassles while handing it. It weights the right way and doesn’t have handling issues.

Style: The present generation looks for styling and uniqueness in every item used, Best Pocket Knife is not an exception and so is Spyderco which knows the pulse of the company. The knife is crafted to look masculine. It is designed with brilliant ideas and gives a great attitude. It looks simple, stylish and also doesn’t compromise on emphasizing the functionality of the knife. The exterior design draws in charismatic attraction and it doesn’t stray from its purpose at any cause. It is detailed with minute technology changes in the manufacturing strategies. It gives a rusty look which is ideal for the current generation.

Spyderco Tenacious Cons:

It is quiet tough when few types are heavier than the usual ones, the lock sometimes doesn’t work well and the material used for the handle part is lamination which sometimes doesn’t go well along with the expectation around, as days go it loses the grip and the ease of opening frizzes away, it becomes quiet lose when try to open. The blade material is made of steel, sometimes it is sleek enough that refrains from handling more pressure. It is very sharp and need intense care when handled, it is important not to let kids handle this knife. The pocket clip is one of the most uncomfortable parts of this knife.

Why Spyderco tenacious?

The most well sized knife that is practical for wide usage, it fits in the budget and it helps well with the full flat grind and the large plain edge. The shape of the blade resembles a leaf and it is totally made out of stainless steel. It is inexpensive when it is compared to the other competitive knives in the market. It also withstands heat, it is harder and when Sharpened frequently would give great life to the knife. It would come for years together and doesn’t wear-out to an extent.


A very friendly knife that supports great grip and the stainless steel knife. Mid – sized and is user friendly than other knives. Much useful and durable, this makes Spyderco tenacious one of the vibrant product and stands out of the crowd. A definite pick for a lifetime use! The knife is easy to handle and also to clean.

#8 Buck Knives 110 Famous Folding Hunter Knife

Buck knives are designed and manufactured straight from America, the manufacturers who introduced these knives are in San Diego, California. The company’s history is pretty huge and its background grinds from 190. These knives find its base use in sports and other important fields. The invention of folding knives and its reach is well renowned nowadays. These knives are used in every household and are very handy, sharp enough and stylish too.

This Buck 110 folding hunter has a high-tension lock which holds the knife firmly from getting loosened. This helps users in handling the knife at ease; it is made of wood and also of heavy-gauge brass. Back in 1964, buck 110 is the first model to have this folding part. It also has a sharp blade that assists in easy cuts. The blade is well fixed to the base of the knife. The buck is made of steel and is one of the most imitated products, buck 110 is the most unique and best knife ever in the history of knives.

Pros of Buck 110 Folding Hunter

Carrying Knives are Made Easy:

Buck 110 is smaller and easy to carry around, it fits in the hand easily to pick at times of danger. It is the best accompaniment for women who work in night shifts or travel alone. It is very comfortable to handle and has great grip to hold. The person holding the knife can hold the knife tight without slippage because of its awesome handle.

Design of the knife:

The buck 110 has the coolest design ever right from its introduction. The best steel is used during production. The designs are indeed ergonomic and have great materials used ever since. Even the older knives are preserved till date at many households. The life of these knives is for years together. The design includes a nail-notch to open and close easily. This promises firm grip when it’s closed and also easy to open when the nail is clicked. This is one of the best styles ever followed up on. The knife is generally is 3 ¾ inches in height and the blade is made of stainless steel to assist cutting easily. The top notch of the knife is sharp and straight which promises to pierce easily. The knife also comes with black leather sheath and has a lifetime warranty for any discomfort.

Cons of the buck 110 knife:

There are small minor issues with buck 110 that are not vulnerable though, it is in comparison quite thin and the tip of the knife is also delicate. These are the only cons ever stated in terms of buck 110.

Why buck 110 is the best of knives?

When it comes to utilitarian purposes, buck 110 stands out of the crowd. The promise of its uses is just enormous. The sharpness of the blade is great and the blade is thin enough. The handle gives good control to cut anything. It also has holes to give enough grip to the user.

The best knife for women, carry it 24/7 in handbags and use at times of threats, use it in household stuffs and works. Even for tiring cuts like thick wires and cables can be done at ease. The knives are defined with retractable-blades which is well suited for constructions, mechanical and also shipping industries.

Cut everything at ease, right from small boxes to any other hard items. It is handy and stylish with the sharpest blade, ever, it can also be sharpened on a timely basis to improve its working. It cuts even the thickest rope easily, it reduces manual power. It is one important tool to be always kept in the kitchen shelves to cut vegetables, meat and fruits which in general takes much more time. It is pocket friendly and is a one time investment which gives life for years. These knives are found in every household these days.

When compared to all other types of knives, the uses and life time of this buck 110 is the best. The number of years, these knives have sustained in the market and industry itself, is mind blowing.

#9 SOG Specialty Knives & Tools FSA8-CP Flash II Knife

SOG was established by Spencer Frazer and He is a well-known budding knife designer. All of SOG’s knives are designed by him. He designed very unique knives. The SOG Flash II is one of the best examples, A Knife that is very unique. He wanted to pay homage to knife designed by expert team of the SOG. SOG became the official brand of knife carried by the military forces and Navy SEALs in the United State.

Key specifications of SOG Flash II:

  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Overall length: 8 inches
  • Blade length: 3.5 inches
  • Closed length: 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.1 ounces
  • Blade material: AUS-8 stainless steel

First Impression:

If we talk about the weight of SOG Flash II, then you will be surprised to know that it is very lightweight. The handle of this Knife is Made from textured GRN (glass-reinforced-nylon) which is a very dimensionally stable plastic. This knife is cheap and light, but it’s durable and tough. The shape of blade is a very traditional. The knife has no frills design with a FFG (full flat grind). Obviously, as one of SOG’s traditional models Flash II arrives in a couple blade shapes (tanto, drop point, and wharncliffe version) and you may also get it with a tiger stripes and TiNi (Titanium Nitride) coating.

Carrying and Handling:

The handle of SOG Flash II is textured on both sides. It carries SOG’s unique reversible pocket clip which works very well and allows for deep carry and maximize concealment. If you would like to carry this knife on your tool belt, either drop it into a sheath or clip it inside a pouch.

Blade Style and Opening:

Mostly, this knife was tested on thicker plastic, packaging materials, foam, plastic sheeting, small wires, paper and cardboard. The blade of SOG Flash II is made from AUS-8 stainless steel. Its length is around 3.5″. The knife may be sharpened easily. The blade is long straight design which makes the SOG Flash II an easy knife to hone and sharpen.

Lockup and Deployment:

The deployment of Blade is very quick. The knife has an assisted opening. In order to overcome the spring tension, you can gently push on the thumb stud, and the blade out in a “flash.” Assisted openings feature on SOG Flash II is very beneficial for emergency case. You can find a safety lock on the handle side of this knife.

Ergonomics and Pocket Clip:

Generally, Ergonomics of this knife are very good. In wet condition, we have never experienced any kind of slip when gripping it. The relative hardness and effective shape of the AUS-8 steel blade this blade would work great in combat or tactical applications as well as cutting situations. The Flash II knife just feels perfect in every situation.


Overall, I am very happy with SOG Flash II. I would like to appreciate its weight. I can carry it anywhere as its weight is very light. You can get the assisted opening feature for both practical and fun. I would like to recommend this Best Pocket Knife to all. I consider that this knife is perfect for emergency situation. I really like the dual choils and thumb ramp of it. Both dual choils and thumb ramp help provide control for detail work. The handles side have been provided a diamond texture and assist with overall grip. For regular usage, SOG Flash II is very comfortable. If you would like to get something a little different, practical and, lightweight then I would like to recommend the SOG Flash II.

#10 Kershaw Knives 1660 Leek Speedsafe Folder Knife

Kershaw Leek is undeniably a leading provider of quality knives made for every sort of usage. These knives are marked by superior manufacturing craftsmanship as well as attractive appearance. Moreover they are also best known for their excellent cutting performance. The company offers this USA made product at a very affordable price range.

One will really appreciate the compact look of the knife when it is kept closed. Its handles are quite good looking and small in size in keeping with the recent trend in the market. However if an old fashioned or aged person uses this knife he would consider it rather small and even feel a bit discomfort due to its smallness. However it is this smallness that makes it highly handy and pocket-able. And a modern man would really admire its small sized design.

But the knife should not be used for prying as it is not made to do so. Therefore one should not try it since this could be of more harm than help. So as long as you understand what it is designed for you will be out of harm’s way. The edge retention of the weapon is quite good as well as effective enough to last at least a week with moderate usage. And in case of light office works it can endure up to a month’s usage if not more.

The 3 inch blade sports a Wharncliffe design and is highly useful for regular EDC tasks. It measures 0.09 inches in thickness that makes it one of the leanest cutting weapon available. So don’t get scared away by its leanness. One may be worried about the tip to snap off accidentally however that is not going to happen easily. One just needs to be a little careful while using the slicer. The Wharncliffe design also goes very well with demure style of the knife.

Know more About it

Kershaw uses Sandvik 14C28N steel which is extremely clean with no apparent carbides as in D2 steel. It is also better than 8cr13MoV in many ways however not superior to CPM S3oV. Therefore some may consider a little compromise on the quality of the steel used. But it is in no way less than acceptable in terms of quality to be employed in a day to day use knife.

And one must also consider the price tag while remarking on the material. In fact expecting something more than this would perhaps be unrealistic. And hoping to get a handle made of titanium instead of stainless steel would be nothing but foolish.

The knife comes with a reliable frame lock made of solid stainless steel. It is not prone to disengage even with hard use. Encountered with high tensile pressure it is least likely to fail even if the blade does (the blade being a lean slicer). Even if the lock fails in the rarest event the flipper deployment is sure to protect your finger from the mishap. The user must not also worry about the stability of the lock which does not loosen even with rough usage.

Mechanism Used

The deployment mechanism used in the knife is really super-fast. It is achieved mainly due to the the “Outburst” effect employed by Kershaw in this knife. It opens up quickly and effectively with a smart authoritative snap. Moreover it requires very little pressure to deploy. Kershaw also employed an additional lock in order to keep the weapon closed. It is in form of a sliding bar which stays over the blade while the knife is kept closed. The tension is also adjustable and works quite effectively. So there is not at all any complaint in the deployment segment as well.

One can also put the additional lock in released mode if he is to use it very frequently and place it quickly back to the pocket. However this is just a suggestion and it is not necessary to follow if it is not convenient for someone. But it is really great for those who like to use it. Anyways the second lock is no doubt a good supplement to the knife. And there is no harm in having more, isn’t it?

#11 Kershaw 1990 Brawler Multifunction Folding Pocket Knife with Speedsafe

If you are really looking for a knife which is reliable, durable and also does not cost much Kershaw 1990 Brawler could be a great option for you. The high utility folding knife comes with SpeedSafe mechanism that definitely gives it an extra edge over other conventional knives available in the market. Moreover it also bears an attractive look at the same time. Therefore with Kershaw Brawler 1990 you get adequate value for money combined with a stylish look.

  • Specifications of 1990 Brawler
  • Blade length – 3 inch or 7.6 cm
  • Full length – 8 inch or 18 cm
  • Weight – 3.9 oz.
  • Material – 8Cr113MoV steel coated with black oxide

Kershaw 1990 Brawler features an advanced tanto blade, a form mostly found in rescue and tactical knives that are used to strike through hard materials. It is in fact a perfect shape for performing piercing tasks because you get enough material to brace the point. Thus the unique shape makes the weapon even more stronger and effective vis-à-vis the knives with conventional shape of blade.

You will also find a grind on the top of the blade, and this is termed as “swedge.” It helps in narrowing the blade and adds to the cutting performance of the weapon. In addition to that, the straight belly also enhances the cutting capacity. It is a perfect knife for tasks requiring great strength and effort. It is very easy to sharpen as well.

Some users believe that “assisted open” knives (as Kershaw 1990 Brawler) do not work well and the assist spring is often found to be not effective enough to open up the blade in an efficient manner. Again the finger paddle is quite bulky and hence rather inconvenient to carry along especially inside the pocket. But thanks to Kershaw that it keeps its 1990 Brawler free from such blemishes.

The handle of the knife with the unique curve is also very comfortable and fits nicely inside the user’s hand. When the blade is in deployed state, the flipper acts as a finger protector and offers additional support as well as comfort to the fingers while using the knife. Moreover being very small and precise it never gets caught inside your pockets as happens with some other knives.

The knife comes with “SpeedSafe” mechanism for easy and single handed deployment. The user just needs to pull back the knife’s blade protrusion and the rest is taken care of by “SpeedSafe.” It deploys the blade with a quick and smart snap making it ready for the user. The blade also comes with DLC coating to offer non-reflectivity. To endow the knife with robust strength and lightness at the same time Kershaw builds its handle with a special kind of glass coated nylon.

Some consider the knife to be less efficient and argue that it lacks a jagged-edged blade which is characterized by sharp partial serrations and is highly effective in cutting items such as heavy ropes and the similar. But the truth is that despite the absence of a jagged edge the knife is extremely capable with its razor sharp blade and can at ease cut through strong twines and cords through a few jabs.

The Liner Lock system keeps the blade securely locked while the knife is in deployed state as well as when it is kept closed. The knife is made to Quad-carry (with tip-down and tip-up) which ensures that the users can safely attach it to their pocket through the pocket-clip without any fear of losing it accidentally.

Salient Features of 1990 Brawler at a glance

  • Assisted opening with SpeedSafe mechanism
  • Attractive handle with glass coated nylon
  • Efficient liner lock
  • Convenient flipper
  • Comfortable thumb-stud
  • Useful pocket clip
  • Made in China

With all these features and qualities the knife is almost flawless on an overall basis. But if you still point a gun at my head and force me to come up with a drawback of the knife then I would say that the only downside of the knife (which is though almost negligible) seems to be in its pocket clip which is rather small in size and a bit stiff to operate. And hence it is a little difficult to use it singlehandedly and one must engage both the hands to operate it.

As a matter of fact every knife manufactured by Kershaw including the 1990 Brawler is marked with quality and craftsmanship which brings to the company the worldwide reputation which it can really boast of. Kershaw is indisputably a leading brand so far as knives and other utility tools are concerned. Moreover its products come with life time guarantee which means if any product is found to be defective from the manufacturing perspective it is repaired free of cost or even replaced if so required.

#12 Kershaw Cryo (1555TI) Knife

Kershaw is a company based in Oregon, which has a reputation of giving products of superb quality at a fair price. Recently Kershaw added a new product in their section of economical folding knives – Kershaw Cryo. Designed by Rick Hinderer, the Cryo model also didn’t fail to impress. Kershaw is making a strong foothold in the knife manufacturing market. A wide variety of items are available, there are folders, fixed blades, tactical knives and knives for domestic use.

The product was chosen as the Best Buy in the year of 2012, as per Blade Magazine, since then there has been mixed are reviews about it from the users. At first viewing, the Cryo looks pretty awesome and it’s cool. The cost of the product is below $40, so what are the special features and how did it perform compared to the knives in this category. Let’s find out.

The First Impressions

If we notice the main specifications, Cryo can be considered as a low cost knife, but low costs are generally synonymous to poor quality, but it’s just not the case here. Some good quality knives are available in the market at relatively low prices. Spyderco tenacious is one such example, its price is almost at the range of the Cryo, the later can be used for multiple purposes and is particularly helpful for camping as well as in homes.

About the Product

The blade features a mechanism of framelock, using the interior made up of stainless steel. The blade is solid enough for handling resistance and it is well centered as well. In the Cryo, we find a deployment which is assisted by a system of springs. It eases up the motion and makes the process friction fee.

Yes, the Cryo opens fast and is sleek to handle. The company made a good decision to attach a flipper like arm on its back and it has thumb studs embedded over the blade. The flipper works absolutely fine, but handling those thumb studs can be a little difficult. Some may even argue that, they were needed and it’s a waste of a feature.

As sturdy as they come, the handle of Cryo has stainless steel coated with titanium-carbonitride. It can be used in most applications, and there will be no issue at all, but it’s not perfectly suitable during rains. But in its defense, the blade’s upper part and the handle’s lower part has jumping, which helps a lot.

Considering that it is a knife which is in the lower price range, the design of the knife impresses a lot. In the other budget models by Kershaw, nylon which is reinforced by black fiber is usually found, but that is different in Cryo. It follows a somewhat open design, which means water and other liquids will have a fee course along the body, which can be helpful while cleaning the knife.

It is a very handy knife and easily fits in the palm, perfect for daily activities. It has a special pocket clip, with orientation on both sides easy to carry.

Comparing Cryo with other knives

While reviewing the knife, the Cryo was compared with the tenacious. Firstly both were manufactured in China, Kershaw’s Cryo is noticeably smaller than tenacious but its weight was more. Cryo has a weight around 4.2 ounces whereas Tenacious weighed 4.0. The length of Cryo is 6.5 inches, while the tenacious was around 8 inches. Both these products used 8Cr13MoV variety of stainless steel, but Cryo’s blade length is 2.75 inches and that of Tenacious being a little less than 3.4 inches.

When it’s closed, the measurement of Cryo is 3.75 inches, which is much short when kept aside Tenacious which is 4.5 inches. So, analyzing all these factors, a question arise about the weight Kershaw’s model. The main reason behind it is that Kershaw uses a handle made of stainless steel, but the build quality of Spyderco’s model is better. That being said Cryo has a better grip and it feels satisfying and comfortable on the palm.

Now coming to the 8Cr13MoV variety of steel, it’s a kind of mid-range variety made in the country of China, sometimes it is compared to AUS-8 steel, Japanese variety. The former has a slight advantage over AUS-8, due to its softness but it is very convenient to resharpen it. The look of the blade and its shape is fascinating, and it is much like the Zero tolerance range of Kershaw (ZT 0561), which are high end products. The middle portion is standard with the tip being narrow and tough. The blade although being Chinese is more than decent and is good for use, considering all the points.


To sum up the review, it can be said, Cryo is a knife, which serves all purposes and is far ahead of the other knives which are costlier. It has unique features and will surely capable of living up to your expectations.

#13 Kershaw 1830 OSO Sweet Knife with Stainless-steel Blade and Nylon Handle

Buying a perfect knife can be really tricky, knives are used for a lot of purposes be it for domestic use or be it a work knife. We are dependent on our knives to a great extent and the knife should fit perfectly in our hands; no one likes a bulky device. Kershaw has a huge range of well-designed and ergonomically crafted knives for all purposes and these are bound to grab your attention. One great inclusion to their plethora of knives is the model named Oso sweet.

About the Product

The knife is engineered to handle tough use and the all–purpose knife handles every cutting operation with ease. It has a Sandvik 14C28N blade made of stainless steel which guarantees increased hardness and is anti-corrosive. It is also resistant to wear and tear.

Its handle is manufactured with contoured polyimide; it is a special kind of polymer used in engineering which blends both mechanical strength and heat stability. Oso Sweet projects a classy look and stylish design and it has a slight twist as well. Black colored variety of glass filled nylon which has undergone injection molding is used in the handle. It sports a scale like pattern which is very appealing.

The blade is made with AUS6A model of stainless steel which offers sturdiness and retention of edges. Oso Sweet is marked with a Speed Safe patent; it eases the manual operation and helps in easy opening and closing. For those who love a knife which both looks good fits the budget, Oso Sweet is the right choice.

  • Product Specifications
  • Length: 4 3 inches x 8 inches
  • Length: of the blade: 3.5 inches
  • Handle: Nylon material
  • Weight: 119 grams

Highlights of the features

  • The handle of Oso sweet has a characteristic “scales” like pattern.
  • It has SpeedSafe and the knife is manufactured using stainless –steel of superior quality, to add to the firmness and ability to retain edges.
  • A Glass-filled variety of black nylon which is injection-molded constitutes the handle.
  • The knife has easy handling as it can be opened and closed, aided by manual assistance.
  • More about the product
  • Kershaw’s OSO Sweet model edges past its competitors from Syderco, byrd etc. Mostly those models had a kind of EDC folder; they had certain demerits so Kershaw’s product becomes the primary choice. According to some users who have used the product, there have been no complaints whatsoever. The knife has no major flaws, it boasts of accurate length of the blade, superb shape and the sharpness which stays.

Final Verdict

The cost of the knife is its main advantage as it is way better than the knives which are costlier than it, but the knife is not recommended for outdoor operations. The device is priced at $25.95, though it can be obtained at lower prices. So for those looking for that perfect knife to fit all purposes, Kershaw’s 1830 OSO Sweet is all you are looking for. It may not have everything you need, but it’s worth giving a try.

Best Pocket Knife – Ultimate Buying Guide 2018

The best pocket knife for an individual depends on the kind of utility he/she needs from the knife. In today world market, there are a lot of brands of pocket knives to choose from. To choose the best pocket knives from the large market, you will definitely need some pointers. Below are some crucial pointers that will come in handy when choosing the best pocket knives in the market.

5 Pointers when shopping for the best pocket knife

#1 Its Utility :

Are you searching for a simple knife that you’ll only use it as a knife or are you simply looking for a knife with additional features? According to the function that the knife will perform, look for the best pocket knife that has the best features to perform those functions. If you’re hunter, a hunting knife is probably all you need. On the other hand if you want more flexibility, a folding knife is your best bet. Simply put, the rule of the thumb to finding an ideal knife is its ability to meet your expectations. So, don’t compromise on utility.

#2 Safety :

Do you want a locking blade or not? The locking blades are much safer to use than the other blades. This is because it prevents the knife from folding when you are using it. If you are interested in having a pocket knife with safety features, you definitely need the single locking blade. One of best locking blade tech is speedsafe tech. It is innovated of Kershaw brand, which is best for almost knife user.

#3 The material of the blade :

The best material for the blade is a debate that goes on each day. Each blade has its advantages and disadvantages. However, there are some few guidelines you can use to choose the best material. Things to know about the materials used for making; stainless steel are a bit soft thus making the blade easy to sharpen, the carbon steel is harder than the stainless steel thus is a bit harder to sharpen. If you’re looking for a knife made form beautiful craftsmanship material, go with the Damascus steel. This material has beautiful patterns and has the additional properties of the stainless steel material.

#4 Brand name :

You should definitely stick with the most popular brand names. Some of the best brands available in the market are Spyderco, buck knives, case & son’s cutlery, Gerber gear and many others. The main reason for sticking with these brands is that they have a long successful history in making pocket knives. An additional advantage of going with these brands is their amazing reviews which are found online. As it goes, “old is gold”. The old brands definitely offer the best pocket knives.

#5 Warranty :

Some companies offer life long warranties and other offer limited warranties. Pocket knives with the long warranties are the best to pick. In addition, always go with the best deals available. Check if you can get a better deal for that brand somewhere else.

These are some of the things you should keep at the back of your mind when shopping for the ideal best pocket knife. With this tips at the back of your mind, you can now comfortably choose the best knives to buy.


That is all there is to know about the best pocket knives to buy. I hope these list of pocket knives will help you make an informed decision when looking for a pocket knife. Remember to always pay attention to these categories of pocket knives if you want to you want the best pocket knife.

Best Pocket Knives 2018 | Buyer’s Guide
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