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Benefits of Buying Refurbished Laptop Computers

Lately, there has been an emerging trend of people buying refurbished laptop computers over new ones. These are simply systems that have been returned by users to major manufacturers, and as a result either resold or reconditioned before resale.

Despite the fact that these computers are in new or like new condition, they must be sold as used or refurbished by the original manufacturer by law. However, as such, they have to be significantly discounted in order to be unloaded. This is a significant opportunity for deal seeking consumers, many of which have caught on and will not go back to buying new anytime in the near future. Yes, many people who buy refurbished claim that they will never go back.

These reconditioned systems can be purchased from most of the major manufacturers, such as, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Apple, Compaq, among many others. In fact, they usually have special pages on their websites offering these deals, along with their specifications, components, what was fixed, what remains to be fixed, etc.

Another place in which you can find genuine refurbished computers made by the original manufacturers is that outlet stores. These exist for most of the manufacturers listed above and offer used and refurbished systems that greatly discounted prices.

There are many considerations that go into what a particular refurbished system will cost, but some other factors include: make, age, extent of reconditioning, number of imperfections and the like.

Some things to consider when buying a reconditioned computer are:

Which model computer is best for you, and matching that to your budget.

Make sure you get an itemized list of everything that was re-conditioned, and if anything else needs to be done.

Ask about a Warranty, and when the existing one ends. You may want to get an extension by the maker if possible.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, however, it will get you started toward safely buying a re-conditioned laptop computer.

This battery, while appearing to be the same size as the Dell original, is just a few millimeters off. As a result, my battery rarely charges.The battery can be docked, but the metal connectors in the battery are not (sufficiently) touching the pins in the system to charge the battery.I bought 2 types Dell latitude D820 battery : 6Cell and 9Cell. I do not want to say anything about my bad 6 Cell battery (the one died after 10 month).

Below is the 9Cell 85Wh batetry photos.On the negative side, the build quality doesn’t look as sturdy as the original, and the charge indicator lights look a bit “flimsy”, but then again, the original Dell inspiron 6400 battery lasted me only a year.I have run through three laptop batteries in four years on the D820. Only use is CPU and HD, never DVD. Typically charge starts to drop off in 9-12 month time frame to the.

As a final note, the best netbooks for teens are those that they choose for themselves. So take the time to shop around for your teen’s netbook computer together as parent and child, but let them decide which one to buy. At the end of the day, they’ll thank you for it.Dell’s Inspiron Mini 10 compares similarly with the other two.

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Best Mini Laptops 2017 | Best Buyer’s Guide
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