Best Mini Laptops 2017 | Best Buyer’s Guide

When you’re trying to select the best mini laptop computer you will find a lot of selections available. The laptop that you choose depends 100% on your preference. And also is important to know that if you’re looking for something specific in a mini laptop the price will increase (sometimes). Sometimes find the right mini laptop for you is hard if you don’t have an idea of what exactly you are looking for. When you start your research you need to first check the best 5 mini laptops nowadays.

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Best Mini Laptop Buying Guide

What constitutes the Best Mini Laptop, or netbook as they are alternatively known, will inevitably vary from individual to individual and will be dependent on such things as budget and what the laptop is to be used for. One important thing to understand though is that it is not necessary to pay a high price to get the Best Mini Laptop.

With quality manufacturers such as Dell, Samsung, HP, Toshiba, Asus and Acer competing with one another there are some teriffic deals to be found.

What to look for when buying a Mini Laptop

Mini Laptops, sometimes referred to as a netbook are in effect as the name implies, just a smaller version of a standard sized laptop. Produced by major manufacturers such as Samsung, Dell and Hitachi, although small, they are still very powerful machines and the latest
developments in technology mean that they are able to do pretty much everything that their larger relatives can.

Before buying a Mini Laptop however, it is important to understand that there are some differences that need to be taken into account and hopefully this website will help you in choosing the Best Mini Laptop for your needs.

Laptop Battery life

Most people will want to use their Mini Laptop whilst on the move, therefore, it’s important to search out a model with a good battery life. Some Mini Laptops are fitted with longer life batteries, so look out for this feature if battery life is important to you.


Mini Laptops as their name implies are smaller than a standard laptop,
therefore their touchpads are smaller, too.

Even if you’re going to buy online, it’s always best to go to a store and
check out the size and position of the touchpad, just to make sure it’s suitable for you. In some instances, Mini Laptop manufacturers have considerably reduced its size

Try to imagine how you are going to use the Mini Laptops touchpad, check that you have sufficient space to make a nice, smooth motion with your finger rather than having to make a series of short strokes due to the lack of space on the touchpad.

Mini Laptops come with a touchpad or trackpad instead of the trditional

This is a small, rectangular, touch-sensitive surface below the keyboard and is used for moving the cursor around the screen.

There will also usually be a clickable button, or possibly two located beneath or alongside the touchpad. These buttons operate in exactly the same way as a traditional mouse button.

A Mini Laptop’s touchpads are particularly small and can take some getting used to. If this causes a problem an external mouse can always be connected through a USB port.


Always check out the Mini Laptop’s keyboard before making any purchase. Are you comfortable with the size and spacing of the keys. Some Mini Laptops do have particularly cramped keyboards.

Some of the keys, right shift and cursor for example can be smaller to allow everything to fit into the Mini Laptop, It’s important therefore to ensure thay you are comfortable with the size of these keys on your chosen Mini Laptop, particularly if you use them on a regular basis.

The keyboard on a Mini Laptop is not surprisingly smaller than the one you get with a standard laptop. And the smaller the Mini Laptop gets, the smaller the keyboard.

Most Mini Laptop manufacturers however have gone to great lengths to maximize the available space. They achieve this by fitting the keyboard across the entire surface of the laptop.

With limited space on a Mini Laptop, you will discover that the keyboard keys are much closer together.

Some keys may have been repositioned, whilst others may have been made smaller – both the cursor and right shift key for example are often treated in this way.

With the keyboard being integrated into the body of the Mini Laptop, you may discover that it’s less comfortable to use as a desktop keyboard for example. This is why It’s always best to try out a laptops keyboard before you buy.

Although their size and weight make Mini Laptops an ideal portable device, they are also excellent for home use. All you need to do is attatch in a larger keyboard and a mouse and you can end up with the best of both worlds.


Most people who buy a Mini Laptop do so because portability is an important factor. Therefore, check its weight. If you are looking to find the lightest model on the market, there will inevitably be some compromise on both the screen and keyboard size.

There are a number of key features on a Mini Laptop and many of these will differ considerably from a normal sized laptop. Before purchasing, it is particularly important to understand what these features do.

Ports and Sockets

Mini Laptops come fitted with several USB ports to enable peripheral devices to be added. It is important to note where these ports are placed on the laptop’s side.

If for example you have a large USB key, ensure that you have enough space in between the sockets, to prevent your device blocking the next adjacent port.


A power supply for connection to the mains comes as standard with all Mini Laptops and in addtion, they all also have an internal battery for portable use.

Mini Laptop batteries now last for a very long time compared with a standard laptop with many lasting between six to eight hours before they need recharging. Although, if you use the laptops wireless connection this will run down the battery more quickly.

Make sure to check whether the netbook manufacturer offers a long-life battery for your chosen model.


Most Mini Laptops will have a webcam built into the lid, situated immediately above the screen. This is a mini camera which allows images to be transmitted across the internet. Great for keeping in contact with friends and family.


The processor is the brain of the Mini Laptop. It carries out all of the
calculations your laptop makes every second. The speed of a processor is expressed in cycles per second, the unit for which is hertz (typically megahertz and gigahertz).

Many Mini Laptops are fitted with Intel’s Atom chip. These are specially
designed chips made specially for mobile devices and are designed to provide more computing power while providing less of a drain on the battery.

Ram (random access memory) is in effect a sort of short-term memory. The processor uses the laptops Ram when carrying out specific tasks.

Therefore, the speed at which the Mini Laptop’s processor can run at is determined by the amount of Ram.

Mini Laptops usually contain less Ram than many standard laptops – normally around 1GB.


Mini Laptops are fitted one of two types of storage – either a hard disk drive or a solid state drive.

Hard disk drive

The hard disk drive (HDD) provides long-term memory for data storage – measured in gigabytes (GB).

We suggest going for a minimum of 100GB hard disk space, as storing vidoe, photos, musc and software can take up a lot of space. Always go for as much hard drive space as you can afford.

Solid-state storage

These days, Mini Laptops utilise solid-state storage rather than a conventional hard drive to store data. This uses less power and, since it has no moving parts, is more rugged.

When first introduced, solid-state drives provided less space than hard disk drives. However, solid-state drives are getting bigger, and it’s now possible to get solid-state drives with 60GB of space.

If you do require additional storage space, it is always possible to add an external hard drive to your laptop.


Mini Laptops come with their own built-in LCD screen and the size of the screen will determine the size of the laptop itself.

As Mini Laptops are very small, screens are small, too – usually around 10 inches. The larger the screen usually means you’ll get a larger keyboard, but your netbook will weigh more, too.


Don’t expect to find top of the range graphics in your Mini Laptop.

Mini Laptops are supplied with integrated graphics which operate by using a chunk of the netbook’s memory (Ram), which is fine if you’re just planning to do basic, everyday tasks.

Mini Laptops are designed in the main to carry out everyday tasks rather than power-hungry ones, so they’re not particularly suitable for heavy duty gaming.

If gaming is important to you, you really need to go for a full size laptop with a separate graphics card. These have their own memory, and therefore don’t take up your laptop’s valuable Ram.

Operating systems

An operating system is the software that runs your computer.

Mini Laptops will normally come supplied with Windows XP installed, however, some of the more recent models now come with Windows 7. Some have a version of Linux installed.

Linux is not as demanding as Windows XP in terms of specifications, so you’re likely to find it on lower-spec netbooks. It’s a user-friendly system, but you may experience some compatibility issues.

Lack of optical drive

Mini Laptops due to their size will not have built-in optical drives for CDs or DVDs. What this means is that if you want to install programs onto your netbook from a disc or burn to a disc, you will need to attach an external dvd drive through one of the laptop’s USB ports.

There are other methods of transfering data to and from your laptop, though, such as via a USB key or by utilising a wireless network.

Wireless connectivity on a Mini Laptop

Mini Laptops include built-in wireless connectivity. This means that you can connect your laptop to your existing home wireless network or even go online at a wireless hotspot while you are travelling around.

The latest wireless protocol is 802.11n, though you’ll find that most Mini Laptops still use the older 802.11g protocol.

802.11g is still perfectly acceptable, as you will only really benefit from the fastest connection if you are transferring large amounts of data across your wireless network.


Netbook Features

The smaller your gadget is today, the trendier you are. Most of the modern gadgets of today come in much smaller sizes from mobile phones that fit your hand conveniently and even down to the mini laptops which are reduced in half of its original size. The netbook is the smaller version of the laptop.

The netbook is ideal in meeting the basic needs in documentation for work. This is very much applicable especially when you need to bring some work with you during travel since it can easily fit your back pack and just see it as an additional gadget.

The netbook or mini laptop is packed with USB ports that will help in charging the portable devices when you need to use it. They can serve as your music players too and you can also charge your mobile phone if the charger is USB compatible.

Browsing the internet is also not going to be a problem as a netbook can connect through both wireless LAN and regular LAN connection. It has LAN ports to be used at home and the wireless catcher can be used for connecting to wireless hotspots.

Its specifications and features have greatly improved as time passes. With just 2GB hard drive capacity, it has now advanced into a 160 GB of disk space. It allows you to save more documents that you need to store.

However, even if the specs have been developed, you have to consider that they might not be able to do as much as what regular computers can do. However, if you are someone who is going to use this gadget for documents and work, then they will meet your needs.

Netbooks are already considered to be very cheap in the market these days. But if you are still on the lookout for the much cheaper ones, you can try checking several websites to find the most affordable ones for you.

Netbooks these days come in different designs, specs, brands and of course functions. You just need to set up your needs for a computer and how you are going to use it and you will find the gadget fitted for your work. This is going to be a very convenient internet and work companion for you to keep you updated with the tasks.


Advantages of Laptop Computers

ChatLaptop computer has been designed to move it easily to any place that you want. They have exactly all the functions that a desktop computer, but the principal difference is that you can move it to any place that you want. The laptops are most sell in comparison with desktop computers, because they count with more benefits and advantages that makes more attractive to get a laptop computers instead of a desktop pc. Now I’m going to show you the advantages and benefits to get a laptop computers:

It’s totally portable – You can bring it from one place to another place easily – this is one of the main reasons of why a lot of people prefer select a laptop computers in comparison with the desktop computers. I mean, you can use it in any place, in your house, in the office, when you travel, in the coffee, in the libraries, in any place that you want.

You can manage better your time with a laptop – A laptop computers can be used in places that the desktop pc can’t access, I mean; you will have the option to manage your time more efficiently. For example, those people who work in office could answer emails when they return to his houses, the university students can use a laptop during his lunch to advance to his works and homework.

The size of the laptops is really small – The size of the laptops are smallest in comparison with the desktop computer, this is good because this mean that you can bring your pc to anywhere. And when you’re not using your laptop you close it and put it in a smaller place, you can’t do this with a desktop pc because it needs more space.

His battery power – Thanks to his battery power you can use a laptop computers when you’re traveling, you just need to have a fully charge and you can execute for 4 or 5 hours. And also if in some day you have a power cut you can still using your laptop.
In my personal opinion a laptop computer is one of the wisest investments, because even if you don’t use a lot of time, you can bring it to anywhere and you can use it easily. I recommend to buy one laptop computer
Why you should have a Laptop Computers?

The persons that working and traveling always will need to have a computer with them. A lot of people feel empty if they don’t have his laptop around him, because nowadays professionals, students and almost everyone has a laptop computer. The majority of our information is on the computers and almost always need to check something in our pc. This is one of the main reasons to get a laptop computer.

If you already don’t have a laptop computer, you must know that the principal aspect of have a laptop is that you will have an amazing power supply. All the laptops are executed by a laptop battery. The first laptops have a battery that his duration only was about 1 hour! Nowadays the laptop batteries are during 3 or 4 hours. Other things that you should keep in mind is the size, dimensions, keyboard, memory and if the laptop has Wi-Fi internet.

As the technology increases and the laptops are everyday more faster, we will start to see that the life of the batteries are incrementing and provide us more time to use it without the charge being plugged in. So assure you that your battery long last the most hours possible.

Others things to consider is the memory that you will get in your laptop. There are only 2 different types of memory: RAM and Hard Drive. The RAM is used to process the information more quickly and the Hard Drive is used to storage all your information and software installed in your PC. My suggestion is a computer with at least 1 GB RAM and more than 60GB in your Hard Drive.

And also ask you these questions: Do you need this laptop in your house, on travels or in the school? Do you really need to buy a laptop? Regardless your answer, a laptop will always help you with your information, with your photos, with projects. It is a really good investment, because you will never know when you will need it. The laptops are the wave from the future, I think that as we progress technologically we will see in the market all different types of laptops: smaller, more fasters, light or with a custom design.
5 Reasons of Why Buy a Mini Laptop Computers

If you’re trying to buy mini laptop computers you have a lot of choices to select one.

Most of the people buy a traditional laptop but nowadays exist new mini laptop on the market available for you. Using a mini laptop is the same as the laptop, but one of the principal benefits is that he doesn’t need a lot of space for his mini size.
Maybe you’re asking “Why should I decide to buy a mini laptop computers or mini notebooks instead of buy a normal laptop? Well I’m going to give you 5 reasons of why you should try to buy a mini laptop computer instead of the traditional one.

1. The principal reason of get one of these mini laptop computers is that this type of laptop is really lightweight. Most of the mini laptops just weight no more than 3 or 2 lbs and also you can pick you up in your backpack or even charge in your arms. They don’t need a lot of space and thanks to this you can pick to anywhere.
2. The second reason of why I encourage you to buy mini laptop computers instead of the traditional laptops is his cheap price. A mini laptop has always the same features of the traditional laptops but you will only pay like $200 to $600 dollars, and the prices of the traditional laptops are like $600 or $1500 dollars!
3. The mini laptop computers have amazing benefits that you can’t find on standard computers or traditional laptops. Most of the mini laptops has 3 or more USB ports and count with Wi-Fi Internet.
And these mini laptop computers has amazing powerful processors and a lot of Ram Memory and Hard Disk, and surely with a good operating system like Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7. On these laptops you can connect USB, memory cards and flash cards easily. And also these mini laptops are easier to upgrade his operating system or even his hardware.
4. Like any other conventional laptop, you can execute few operating systems like Mac, Linux, Windows, Ubuntu, etc… Most of the mini laptop computers come with 512 MB or 1 GB Ram and most of the times you can expand your memory to 2GB.
5. And the last reason, all the mini laptop computers are eco friendly because they create less carbon footprint. The reason of this is that the batteries that are inside the laptop have a longer life.

Best Mini Laptops 2017 | Best Buyer’s Guide
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