Best Lawn Movers Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

Best Lawn Movers Reviews

There are many good lawn mowers in today’s market, but how to decide which brand is the best? There are 5 brands selling like hot cakes right now, and we thought we’d research and try out their best selling models of 2015 to judge for ourselves so we can give you our verdict.


This Company was started in 1689, and has proudly continued its business since then. Their name has become synonymous with good quality and reliability. Many features have been introduced in their later models which make mowing your lawn a breeze.

They are a leader in outdoor power products for lawn & garden care and have become a household name for their innovative technology they have introduced in their products. Some of their best selling models are as follows:

In today’s age where every product is made to be Eco-conscious, the Husqvarna 5521P has been designed in such a way as to be extremely fuel efficient which is great! It has a dual seal design which minimises the amount of debris that can accumulate and therefore extends engine life.

The technical team that designed the Husqvarna 5521P quite obviously thought about a lot of factors because this baby has a lot of upgrades to make your life easier without you realising it! It has a 21” cutting deck which is one of the widest in the market today.

This ensures that you save around 15% of your time as compared to mowing your lawn with the average 18” cutting deck. This gave me more time to enjoy the day with my family.

You may be concerned that the 5521P would be hard to start, but no. That’s where you would wrong in your thinking. One or two pulls of the recoil cord ensured that the 5521P purred. The engine used in the 5521P is a Briggs & Stratton engine, which is a leader in the small engine manufacturing industry. However, as the engine is not covered, I found it a little noisier than most gas powered lawn mowers.

Another feature giving the Husqvarna 5521P brownie points are the size of its wheels. The front wheels are 8” and the rear ones are a nice 12”. This ensured that I had easy manoeuvrability and better stability around my lawn. So even though this is manual push product, they have thought about the end user.

The blade is hardened steel to withstand wear and tear during use and needs to be sharpened fewer times than other blades. The Husqvarna 5521P includes a standard side discharge which allows the waste to be disposed off in neat lines across your lawn, mulching capacity which ensures that your lawn grows to be beautiful and a rear bag assembly kit to collect your waste as you mow.

The emissions standards of the Husqvarna 5521P are compliant with the California Air Resources Board, so you know you have cleaner air, fewer emissions, basically – you’re not damaging the environment.

The 5521P model has 5 different height settings for you to adjust as per the thickness and length of the grass. Now you could see this as a disadvantage too, depending upon how varied your lawn area is in terms of grass variety and density.

Of course, there a few drawbacks to this gas powered wonder. As stated above, you may have a problem with St. Augustine and Bermuda grass, as you may have to go for a second pass over them.

The huge dimensions of the Husqvarna 5521P ensures that it houses the engine so you get good results, but at the same time this size may cause you to wonder where to store it. Fortunately for me, my storage shed has ample space, no complaints about this mower!

Firstly, yes – its gas powered. You don’t have to worry about the batteries losing their charge and not being able to complete mowing your lawn. You would like to get things wrapped up in one shot – this is the product for you. If the fuel is over (which I highly doubt), you can just fill it up.

#2 GreenWorks 25022:

The Greenworks 25022 comes in a box, well packaged and easy to use the minute you receive it. All I had to do was unpack the box, unfold the handle, and voila! It was ready to use. It has a 12 Amp engine – which is sufficient to get the job done, a 20” Steel cutting deck that permits you to mulch, use side discharge or just bag.

Now the advantage of the 20” instead of the 18” is that you are able to make fewer passes, so you end up saving your time! A grass collection bag and mulch plug are included in the 25022 package.

Being an electric lawn mower, it means it is Eco-friendly. The Greenworks 25022 has a ZERO carbon footprint, which means I’m doing my bit towards saving the environment. Each year, American households use around 800 million gallons of gas. Another good point is that it is quiet as compared to gas mowers.

What probably sets the 25022 apart from other mowers is its rear wheel size. They are bigger, so there is easy manoeuvrability. The front wheels of the Greenworks 25022 are 7” in diameter and the rear are 10”. This means even harder-to-access areas of my lawn can be given a good manicure, without breaking my back to reach them.

For the people who get annoyed with too many buttons to press, the Greenworks 25022 is very easy to use. Just press the control handle down and the start button and it’s ready to chomp the grass away.

Another great feature of the 25022 is that the body is made of metal as compared to other lawn mowers that are constructed from plastic. Therefore, you have durability on your side too. This metal body removes the bulkiness that exists in other plastic models, making it easy to manoeuvre around your lawn.

If you haven’t been trimming the grass on your lawn, there are various height settings to tackle that problem. The Greenworks 25022 has 7 different height adjustments ranging from 1.5” to 3.75 inches. You have unkempt grass growing? No problem, the Greenworks 25022 can handle mostly everything. But you will have to remember to change your settings accordingly. You wouldn’t want a bald patch on your lawn!

Of course, with everything looking so nice and rosy, I should warn you that you will need to buy a cord to actually use this product. The Greenworks 25022 comes with a cord that is only 10 to 12 inches in length.

Depending upon the size of your yard, you will have to decide upon the length of the cord you will need to purchase for the 25022. For example, if you have a yard of small to medium size, let’s say around 40 feet, you could choose to buy a 16 gauge extension cord. Even a 14 gauge cord would work, but you should check that your selection is outdoor rated.


This is the company behind the creation of ION – the 1st truly efficient gas free & cordless battery operated snow blower. They have created a name for themselves for being one of the best and most affordable at the same time.

They continue to innovate and push the boundaries to make lawn and garden care accessible to everyone at the best price. Their belief is that high craftsmanship does not have to come hand-in-hand with high prices. They can be found online under the SNOW JOE umbrella brand.

This is a neat and compact lawn mower that is best used in small lawns. Its 14” cutting deck was great for tackling tighter spaces. The 12 Amp motor was powerful enough to cut the grass on my lawn, but proved to struggle a bit with grass that was left too long to grow.

But that’s to be expected. This model was designed to be used on a lawn that is maintained regularly. If you want to mow a lawn that has been left to grow unchecked for a while, then this mower is not for you. It does look a little toy-like, but is very easy to assemble.

I found this to work well for a small lawn, one that is taken care of, and this is to be used mostly like a trimmer once every week. A great deal for the price.

#4 WORX WG775 Lil’ Mo:

WORX is a manufacturing company based in Suzhou, China with its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. They are known for their innovative tools and outdoor equipment. Just recently they were honoured with ‘Product of the Year’ Award by DIY Week for their Eco cordless lawn mower.

They have a good variety of lawn and garden equipment. In 2014, they released a fully robotic lawnmower, dubbed the ‘WORX landroid’ that would mow the lawn and return to its charging station when it was low on battery charge.

This machine offers a 14” wide cutting deck which makes it ideal for small – medium sized lawns. It comes highly rated on Amazon and other websites and is rumoured to be one of the better cordless mowers in the market today.

I tried this model out on my friend’s lawn, and it cut around 5500 sq. ft on a single charge! I was very surprised that it had such a good battery life. Being cordless was a good point, fewer things to worry about so you can concentrate n mowing and not checking if the cord gets tangled in shrubs. It was easy to start.

Lawn Mowers Reviews and Buying Guide:

How to choose right lawn mower at best cost

Choosing the right lawn mower needs a bit of research. Firstly, it’s a question on whether you want to do the job yourself or you want to hire a professional service to handle it for you. If you have the inclination to mow your lawn, then this article is for you.

There are many factors that go into choosing the right lawn mower. Nowadays, we are spoilt for choice as they come in all shapes and sizes. You will have to take into consideration the following:

1. Know your garden well:

  • Firstly, what size it is. A lot of lawn mowers are perfect for medium ranges, if your lawn is on the bigger end then you would want a more powerful mower to get the job done.
  • Secondly, the variety of grass that grows in your lawn. A few mowers face a bit of a problem with certain varieties.
  • Thirdly, the surface of your lawn. Are there uneven areas or surfaces in your lawn? Is it on a steep inclination?

2. Take your lifestyle into consideration:

Are you staying in a rented house and will be moving in a short while? There’s no point in investing in a mower if you’ll be shifting to sandy areas like Nevada.

3. Your Budget:

Depending on how much or how little you would like to spend, there is a mower for you.

Different types of lawn mowers:

1. Push-behind mower:

This has an engine and takes relatively little muscle to operate, making it an ideal choice of smaller lawns which have an even surface. Being quite simply designed, there’s not a lot that can go wrong with it – proof that they don’t break down as often as compared to other lawn mowers. They are priced at around $150.

2. Reel mower:
For a small yard, you may want to opt for this choice. It has no engine, is relatively hassle-free, environmentally friendly and inexpensive to use & maintain. However, you would have to keep in mind that they tend to cut closer than other mowers and so are highly favored by the Golfing community.

Being priced at a range of $100 – $200, they seem to be a great deal. As it has no engine, it would be suitable only for a smaller sized lawn – unless if you’re looking for a good workout every time you mow.

3. Electric mowers:

These are also great for small to medium sized yards. Equipped with an engine & variable speed levels, these are the environmentally friendly option.

They come in two options – Cord & Battery powered. If you choose the former, do be careful you don’t mow your cord as that would just be bad news. These models are priced in the $200 + range.

4. Self-propelled mowers:

If your garden has a steeper gradient and you don’t want to be huffing and puffing the day away whilst mowing your lawn, this may be the ideal choice for you. These models come with adjustable speeds that allow you to control your pace. However, due to safety regulations, the control lever is placed just inches away from main handle and this must be pressed at all times to operate. These models are priced from $500 – $ 900.

5. Riding Lawn mower:

If your lawn is half an acre or more, it might be wise to opt for a riding lawn mower. It comes equipped with a seat, steering wheel and various controls. As with other electric and self-propelled mowers, this is largely defined by its cutting deck.

The cutting deck is the area that shelters the blade – therefore, the larger the blade, the larger the deck. Being the bigger mowers out of the entire list, these come packed with some fancy accessories like CD players, cup holders and sunshades to name a few.

You can choose between electric and gas powered riding mowers. On a large area, the battery powered mower may not last too long, and are also less efficient as they expend less energy. However, whatever model you choose, these lawn monsters come with a price tag of $1000 – $9000.

These machines are not tiny toys to play with – they can do damage if not properly utilized. The mowers can tip over, cause people to fall off their seats, or even run over others who may be in the way. So you will have to practice a certain degree of caution while using them.

For whichever mower you end up buying, especially for the riding mowers, be prepared to put in some time for maintenance for your product to have a longer life. Store it in a safe place where the elements cannot reach – your basement, garage, storage unit. Check your oil, filters and spark plugs and regularly clean or replace them.

If you live in an area prone to snow which would prohibit you from mowing your lawn, you should take some extra care – clean out any grass clippings so that no rust accumulates.

Final Verdict:

In the end, you would have to do your research before buying. The above points should help you narrow your search hopefully, or at least make you think about the various factors that could influence your decision. You could go to a dealership to get some great deals – if they offer product servicing it’s a plus so that you don’t have the hassle of running around later trying to get replacement parts.

You could also check offer sites that offer discounts online, or you could get second hand deals on Craigslist or garage sales. But remember, it’s harder to get replacement parts on a used product. Sometimes, it’s better to pay more and get the peace of mind that your product is under warranty should anything happen. With whatever you decide, we wish you happy mowing!

Best Lawn Movers Reviews – Buyer’s Guide
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