Best 130 Garden Blogs & Garden Websites

Best-Garden-BlogsGardening is a fun hobby as well as a way to put food on your table at a fraction of the cost it would be in the grocery store. You will find a LOT of information about how to grow this and that on the internet as well as from your next door neighbor and family members.

However, wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of the best of the best to research gardening at your leisure and in a way that suits your personal style? There are no shortage of gardening blogs, but finding a blog that really speaks to you and inspires you to be a better gardener can be difficult.

So we put together a list of the best of the best.

Here is a list of the best 130 gardening blogs/websites you will find on the internet! These are blogs that are filled with useful, relevant information that pertains to your gardening zone.

Here you will find lots of help and answers to all of your gardening questions with lots of colorful pictures to make it nice and clear. Plus, you will find actionable tips, ideas and inspiration on the pages of these blogs and websites.

So without further ado here are the best of the best in no particular order:

Table of Contents

1. Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor gardening blog features a variety of contributors who all bring a little something to the table and their unique personalities shine through in the writing. There are posts about flowers, vegetables, planning a garden and anything else pertaining to growing plants indoors or out, which ensures all of the bases are covered for the typical gardener. The posts are timely and posted at just the right time. We loved the bright, unique pictures that are featured on every post.

2. Kew Royal Botanical Gardens

The Kew Royal Botanical blog is perfect for anybody who wants to learn all there is to know about a particular plant or flower. The expert team has a wealth of knowledge and experience and it comes through in their blog. The posts are always accompanied with beautiful pictures and explanations that make it easy for even the beginner gardener to follow along. We love that the information provided in every post is backed up with lots of references.

3. Mother Earth News

The site is filled with useful information for anybody who wants to be a little healthier and a little more self-sufficient. The blog focuses on organic growing and offers a variety of solutions to avoid using harsh chemicals. A number of contributors offer their expertise in all areas of gardening, which keeps things lively. We love the fact that the blog focuses on budget-friendly ways to garden and is very earth conscious and promotes recycling and reusing.

4. The Martha Blog

Martha Stewart is a household name that many people trust to help them make the best decisions about home decor, cooking and of course, gardening. She is a staple to the world of home and garden for good reason. Her gardening tips are always innovative and result in gorgeous vegetable and flower gardens. The instructional posts are very easy to read and follow. We love how hands on all of the instructions are. She makes it fun to get your hands dirty.

5. You Grow Girl

This is a blog started by Gayla Trail 15 years ago and it is still thriving. You Grow Girl is more focused on the urban gardener rather than acres and acres of available farmland. She has some awesome ideas about how to maximize space and has the pictures to back it up. The upbeat tone and unique point of view Gayla brings to the world of garden blogs is refreshing. We love the way she talks to readers in a down-to-earth manner that anybody can relate to.


This is easily one of the most straightforward gardening blogs on the internet. It is exactly what it says–all about growing vegetables. The team that runs the blog is very fun and it is obvious they are truly passionate about gardening. The posts offer a ton of information and can help a gardener solve just about any issue they may be having in their own garden. We love the images that are very intense and full of detail. The videos are also a nice touch.

7. Garden Rant

This isn’t your average garden blog and is full of personality! The contributors have varied backgrounds and when you combine their talents, you get a pool of experts in nearly every element of gardening. It isn’t the typical how-to blog you are used to reading. There is a lot of personality and ranting about the things that tend to bother many gardeners, but nobody talks about. We love how there are links to other excellent garden blogs with relevant posts to the season.

8. Southern Hospitality Blog

Rhoda is that southern gal you would imagine spending her days in the garden with all the class in the world. Her blog is entertaining and very helpful for anybody who wants to capture southern style with a flair. Her real-life experiences are easy to relate to and makes you feel as if you are right there with her. The pictures detailing her adventures in gardening are heartwarming as well as informational. We love how the blog incorporates gardening with her fantastic ability to mix new and old to create something beautiful.

9. A Way to Garden

Margaret Roach brings 25 years of experience to the table in her blog. The published author makes reading her posts enjoyable with her ability to play on words and have a lot of fun. Her experiences with gardening and the emotions she goes through during the process help the reader to identify with her. We love how she makes gardening a way of life and not a hobby or a chore. Her words of wisdom will inspire you to become one with the earth while enjoying the fruits of your labor, quite literally.

10. Vegetable Gardener

An aptly titled blog that gives the reader everything they could possibly need to know about growing a wide spectrum of vegetables. There are a number of different contributors who each offer their expertise in a certain area of growing. The articles are timely and up to date and give you all the little dirty details you need to grow a prolific vegetable garden. We love how the blog includes a drop down menu so you can find specific articles about a vegetable you want more information about. It makes it easy and will save you a lot of time when you don’t have to filter through posts about items you have no intention of growing.

11. Urban Gardens

This blog is dedicated to helping people with limited space to grow fantastic gardens. Whether you are an apartment dweller or have a tiny yard, the innovative ideas outlined in this blog will help you come up with solutions to your space challenges. The unique methods will have your neighbors talking and asking you how you did it. This is the perfect blog for those who like trendy fashion and want to bring their style into their gardens. We love the modern look of this blog and the many pictures that document the adventures of the writers.

12. Cold Climate Gardening

A blog dedicated to helping those gardeners who face the challenge of growing with short seasons and cold weather. This is perfect for anybody who lives in mountainous areas and climates where a hot summer day hits about 80 degrees. Kathy Purdy understands the hurdles of cold climate gardening and offers lot of solutions to readers going through the same issues. A number of guest contributors appear on the site to spice things up. We love that she responds to comments made by readers and answers the questions that always seem to pop up after you have read something.

13. Garden Therapy

Stephanie taps into the therapeutic side of gardening through her writing. The blog has a solid history and is regularly updated with posts related to the season. The blog ties gardening into crafting. There are a ton of different projects outlined along with easy instructions and pictures to help you along the way. Gardening doesn’t have to be simply to put food on the table. Stephanie makes it fun, relaxing and offers plenty of ideas that allow you to share your hobby with friends and families. We love the personal feel on the blog.

14. Root Simple

Anybody who likes to keep it easy and low tech will love this blog. It is a blog your grandparents would appreciate and it would like stir up some memories of years gone by. The writers focus on using old school methods to garden, along with many other things. The methods have been tried and proven and are inexpensive as well as effective. We love the very natural look and feel of the blog. It is focused on loving nature and thriving with the natural order of things.

15. Amy Stewart

Amy Stewart is a lovely writer who brings her passion for writing and gardening to the pages of her blog. Her witty writing will keep you entertained as well as educated in the world of gardening. While the gardening section of the blog is not the main focus, the information is timeless and will give you plenty of stuff to mull over. We love the pictures that she has included of her personal flower garden and the fact she doesn’t use stock photos. It adds a very personal touch.

16. Flowerona

Rona Wheeldon focuses her blog on flowers and blooms. It is a nice changeup from the standard gardening blog and keeps the focus in one area. Her design and ability to create beautiful gardens and bouquets is easy to follow and you will love making your home and garden a little more showy. We love that she interviews other florists to help round out the blog. The pictures of the flowers are stunning. You can almost smell how beautiful the flowers smell through the vibrant pictures.

17. Backyard Gardening Blog

A blog that focuses on turning small suburban yards into beautiful retreats is perfect for anybody who lives in a suburb, but wants that huge garden feel. Gardens are not always filled with vegetables. Chris shows you how to blend fruit trees, veggies and flowers into a beautiful display. Tips about how to maximize that small space will help you transform your own backyard. We love how easy it is to relate to Chris along with the standard trials and tribulation any gardener goes through no matter their experience level.

18. Blithewold

Blithewold is a real garden that stretches over 33 acres. The gardeners at Blithewold want to share their experiences while teaching others how to grow their own majestic gardens in their own backyards. While the blog focuses on the plants in bloom on the mansion’s grounds, there are downloadable PDF files that will walk you through cultivation, planning and growing the same plants in your garden. We love how easy it is find exactly what you need to know in the PDFs that you can save and print for easy reference.

19. Gardening Gone Wild

The team at Gardening Gone Wild is well-rounded with each offering their own bit of expertise to the blog. With lots of gorgeous pictures and detailed postings about nearly every plant you can think of, you are sure to find everything you need and want to know about a particular plant. You will also find lots of information about designing your garden. We love the section dedicated to photos of plants, bouquets and vegetables. It makes you want to grab the camera and photograph the fruits of your labor in your own garden.

20. Studiogblog/Pith + Vigor

Pith+Vigor is the new name of an old blog that has been revamped and aptly named to coincide with a print newspaper version. This blog is unlike many of the other mellow garden blogs you typically read. Rochelle breaks up the blog posts to suit the type of garden you are going for whether it be a big plot, a tiny space or some containers neatly arranged on your patio. We love the huge pictures that accompany each blog. There is no missing the tiny details.

21. Veggie Gardening Tips

Kenny’s blog focuses on growing fruits and vegetables without the use of any chemicals. Organic gardening is something that is becoming increasingly popular with many people wanting to eat healthier. Kenny was way ahead of his time and has been doing organic gardening long before it became a trendy thing to do. His blog is filled with helpful tips and best practices who wants to get in on the organic gardening trend. We love the categories that make finding information easy and the fact that every category is filled with helpful posts and articles.

22. Urban Organic Gardener

UOG helps people from all walks of lives learn how they can be more sustainable by growing their own food. The blog has an entire section devoted to apartment gardening. This is great for anybody who lives in an apartment and thought they couldn’t have their own garden. There are plenty of helpful posts that outline some of the problems a gardener will face no matter where they grow. We love the section devoted to DIY projects. There are tons of ideas that will make it fun for the whole family to grow a lively garden right on the deck or patio of an apartment.

23. Penick Digging

Pam gives the world a taste of gardening in one of the hotter climates in the United States. It isn’t always easy to grow a bountiful garden with such challenges, but she has some excellent tips that will help anybody living in Zone 8 overcome the hurdles a hot sun can present. There are plenty of pictures, anecdotes and stories to keep you entertained while you learn. We love the detailed instructions in the step-by-step design posts. Anybody can plan out the perfect garden with the help of these well-written posts.

24. Busy at Home

For anybody who feels like they are too busy to garden, Glenda offers you some of her helpful tips and strategies for making it all work. The busy mom knows the hurdles a typical family faces on any given day and has come up with ways to make gardening a fun, family activity–not a chore. We love her video tutorials that show you exactly what it is you should be doing to achieve a successful garden. Between the pictures and clear instructions, any newbie gardener will be able to follow along.

25. North Coast Gardening

Gardening in the Pacific Northwest has some unique challenges that other gardeners may not face, like too much water. It is a fun blog filled with plenty of information, but you won’t even realize you are reading instructions because it is so entertaining. The blog’s founder is a well-known expert in the gardening world and contributes to a number of different publications. Her take on what is hot and what is not will keep you in the gardening loop. We love her sense of humor while being completely serious about creating the perfect garden that represents the area in which she lives.

26. AZ Plant Lady

Growing plants in the desert isn’t an easy feat, but Arizona residents still appreciate livening up their backyards and landscaping with some greenery. Noelle is a horticulturist that offers valuable tips and advice for anybody living in the desert who wants to have pretty landscaping that isn’t going to dry out and die in the heat. Her experience is evident in her posts. We love how open she is and how she incorporates her family, pets included, into her blog. It gives the blog a very family-friendly feel and you feel as if you are reading the words from your trusted friend rather than a stranger.

27. Mini Gardener

A fun trend in the gardening world is something called miniature gardens or what some people call fairy gardens. It is just like it sounds, mini gardens that look like a garden you would see outside a mansion. The blog covers everything from explaining what the gardens are, to how to create them and offers lots of fun advice on how to personalize your own miniature garden. We love the section that talks about turning your miniature garden into an actual money-making adventure complete with tips and advice on how to maximize your earnings.

28. Smiling Gardener

Growing organically continues to inspire people to eat healthy. There are some hurdles an organic gardener will face, but with the helpful advice in this blog, it can be done. Phil brings his ten years of experience in the organic gardening world to the blog, which is evident in the informative posts. He has turned his passion for gardening into a business that helps others follow their dream of growing organically. We love the helpful video tutorials that accompany most of the posts and of course, the smile. You have to love the smile that proves how much he loves what he does.

29. The Horticult

Chantal and Ryan are not your typical gardeners, but they have certainly made their mark on the gardening world. Their knack for fashion, style and design led them to plants, which they have managed to bring into their visionary designs. With over 200 plants in their own personal garden, they have a great deal of experience not only in design, but cultivation as well. The California garden combines succulents, ferns a few flowers and even fruit trees. We love the very modern feel that brings the city and country life together in a harmonious and beautiful display of color and comfort.

30. Mr. Brown Thumb

Don’t let the name of the blog fool you. The founder is one of the trailblazers in the world of gardening blogs who can offer plenty of insight into outdoor gardening and caring for finicky houseplants. Beautiful pictures provide you with very up close and personal details about tiny seeds and exactly what you are supposed to do with the things. There is plenty of information about saving and propagating seeds so you always have seeds for the following year. We love his sense of humor and ability to laugh at his own gardening escapades. The funny stories will keep you entertained as you learn all there is to know about starting a garden in your own ghetto greenhouse!

31. Gardening Channel

A straightforward blog that gives you the information you need to grow a healthy, prolific garden. It is a stripped down, no-nonsense place to find what you are looking for. Categories make it easy to reduce your search time, which means you get more time to actually garden. There is a section devoted to the nutritional values of the plants you grow in your garden as well. It is a no fluff no muss place and we love how every vegetable and fruit is listed alphabetically. It is easy to find watering information, the type of soil and how much sun a specific plant needs. It is like an online gardening encyclopedia.

32. Our Little Acre

The perfect blog for any gardener in zone 5B. Every zone has its own perks and challenges. Kylee posts a lot of information about flowers and the often challenging growing of certain bulb varieties. You will also find lots of helpful tips to keep your houseplants thriving and healthy. She attends lots of gardening conventions and conferences and passes along what she has learned and discovered in her blog. We love how she makes the reader feel as if they are right there beside her while she plants bulbs or talks with other gardening experts.

33. Veggie Gardener

This is an ideal site for anybody who is looking for information about vegetable gardening specifically. You are not going to find a lot of information about flowers and fruit trees–it is all about the veggies. A variety of authors contribute their expertise on everything from picking the right seeds, planning the garden and of course, the actual planting, caring and harvesting of the plants. We love how easy it is to read the posts without waiting for a lot of pictures to download. Anybody on a slow internet connection or reading from their phone will appreciate the speed in which the posts load.

34. The Enduring Gardener

This blog oozes experience. It is evident in every post that the author knows exactly what he or she is saying and isn’t giving you a lot of useless information. Stephanie is a bit of a gardening expert and has been in the world for a long time. There is a LOT of information on this blog and you will find yourself coming back again and again. We love the categories within the categories and the short, to the point posts. Every element of garden design is covered, right down to the path through the area. There are so many ideas you will want to try them all.

35. Growing the Home Garden

Another blog dedicated to growing without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is always welcome. This blog has more than 2000 posts that cover everything from planting to propagating to harvesting. The blog is well-maintained and posts are regular and suitable for the season. There are plenty of tutorials that include pictures to help guide you on your gardening journey. We love the section dedicated to just tips. Sometimes you just need a little help with a particular area in the garden and don’t need an all out education.

36. Growing with Plants

If you have a flair for the rare, you will fall in love with this blog. Matt grows a variety of plants, but has a real love of the rare varieties, especially bulbs. His greenhouse is always in full bloom with some of the prettiest plants and flowers you will ever see and he manages to make them bloom in the middle of a Massachusetts winter. His experience isn’t anything taught, it is all self-learned. He passes on his successes and failures to his readers. We love the glorious pictures of the rare blooms he has managed to grow despite where he lives.

37. Patient Gardener

This blog offers a little something different than the other gardening blogs. It gives you a glimpse into Helen’s garden as well as her other hobbies, including sewing and embroidery. When the weather drives a gardener indoors, it is natural to need another hobby to pass the time. We love the before and after photos that show just how much a space can be transformed with the skillful hands of a gardener. We love how the blog is less about directing and instructing and more about sharing what works and what doesn’t.

38. Shawna Coronado

Unlike many other gardening blogs, Shawna ties in the reason so many people garden into her blog. It is about eating healthy and learning to be more self-sustainable. The blog offers gardening tips as well as information about how to use less, while creating more. There is plenty of information about everyone’s favorite topic of organic gardening. We love the section dedicated to wellness and how the vegetables we grow in the garden can contribute to good health.

39. Home Jelly

This blog is not like any other garden blog you will find. It isn’t so much about what to plant or even how to plant. It is focused on the whole home and how to incorporate your garden into your daily life. It includes lots of inspirational ideas for dressing up your already established garden. Tips and suggestions for keeping the home and garden tidy and ways to reuse things that may otherwise be tossed out with the trash are also included. We love the hundreds of DIY projects outlined in this blog.

40. Garden of Eaden

The name of the blog alone inspires you to visit and take a look around. Once there, you will be pleased to see just how much information you can glean from Simon and his years of experience in the gardening world. His blog is also the place to visit if you want to learn how to grow some of the more difficult plants. See a plant you love? It is easy to go to his seed store and buy the seeds to grow you own. We love how easy it is to follow his detailed instruction for planting, creating and growing.

41. Small Kitchen Garden

Another blog dedicated to showing a person how they can maximize their gardening space to grow a lively garden full of veggies. Daniel’s gardening experience makes him a bit of an expert and his easy personality comes through in his blog. He posts his experiences in his own garden, even if they do not have the ideal outcome. His passion for growing his own food is evident in his writing. We love the photos of his plants and how much detail you will see in the pictures alone. He is a master gardener and superb photographer.

42. Zanthan Gardens

Southern gardeners will appreciate the experience and information put into the posts on this blog. Because the south doesn’t always get a full four seasons, gardeners have to be prepared for anything. Knowing what to plant and how to care for it and protect the plant from unexpected weather changes is good information to have, which you will find here. We love the ease with which you can find plants by searching alphabetically. The monthly calendar that identifies the plants in season is also very handy.

43. Garden Delights

Garden Delights is the total package and combines gardening with home life in general. Julie features giant pictures and a very large print that make it easy to read and really get into. There are plenty of recipes to try using the produce you grow in your very own garden. We love all of the real life adventures that are included in the blog in between the posts about gardening. Life is so much more than spending hours in the garden, toiling away and Julie captures that in this lovely blog.

44. Carleton Garden

Any blogger who practices what they preach (or blog) is worthy of paying attention to. Kathy is an experienced gardener in zone 6a. She includes photos of her own garden and how she does things, which is an excellent learning tool for any gardener. The handy planting tools will help keep you on track with the season so you are not planting too late or too early. We love that she gardens all year round, no matter what the weather is like and how much snow is on the ground.

45. Transatlantic Gardener

Most gardening blogs focus their topics in one particular area or hardiness zone. Not Graham’s blog. His posts showcase gardens from both sides of the Atlantic along the east coast of the United States and in Britain. The award-winning blog features a number of brilliant articles about the various plants and invasive species that are found in each of the Atlantic zones. There are a ton of categories to help keep the blog nice and organized. We love the informative posts that go into the history of each plant a bit and why they grown better in some areas than others.

46. Veg Plotting

Michelle brings 8 years of experience as a blogger to the gardening world. While she started out focusing on her only little corner of garden in her backyard, the blog has expanded and become a serious gardening blog. She includes recipes and a challenge to eat a little healthier. Lots of free tutorials and resources are all easily found through easy links in the blog. We love the lists of pest and diseases that commonly afflict a garden along with the solutions to solving such issues.

47. The Rusted Vegetable Garden

The names sounds a little scary, but the blog is delightful. Gary has it all in this blog. Every possible scenario a gardener may have a question about is mentioned here somewhere. You will find the answers to your questions quickly with the easy categories right at the top of the page. You can learn how to start seeds and even order seeds right from the site. There are sections devoted to cool crops and plants for warm, summer conditions. We love the 99 tips section. So much information available in one place!

48. Flatbush Gardener

A New Yorker who gardens is a real treat, especially when you combine city gardens with trendy art. Urban gardening poses its own challenges, but you will find plenty of ways to get around those challenges. Using native plants to create a beautiful garden on a rooftop or in containers on your back deck is easy with the guides on this blog. Pictures of each native plant talked about and maps to identify where it grows best will help you make the right choices for your own blog. We love the area devoted to insects found in the garden as well as an ode to the bees that gardeners have a love/hate relationship with.

49. Washington Gardener

This is a blog dedicated to garden lovers in the capital of the United States. The blog has been around for 10 years and is still going strong with regular posts about what is happening in the D.C. area that will appeal to gardeners. We love that a person can find everything they need to know about what is happening in the area that pertains to gardening and a healthy environment in general. We love that the blog is not picture heavy and relies more on getting information out rather than offering tips and tutorials.

50. Ellis Hollow Remarc

The Ellis Hollow blog is another that has paved the way for other gardening blogs. This blog adds a twist by getting a bit political. In fact, there is a section dedicated to politics. You will feel inspired to use the ideas outlined to create your own backyard wonderland. Everything from plants that attract birds to how to treat soil that isn’t ideal is covered. We love the portion of the blog dedicated to water gardens. They are not typically something a gardener thinks about, but they can be filled with native plants that make a beautiful addition to the traditional backyard garden.

51. Nature’s Finest Seed

The blog is run by Nature’s Seed, a company that sells seeds. There are regular posts to help customers all across the country achieve a bountiful garden. It isn’t just about growing a vegetable garden. Controlling invasive weeds and keeping the ground in good condition can all be achieved with various native plants. We love the way the blog incorporates veggie garden planting with pasture planting. Many gardeners also incorporate chickens and small animals into their garden and you will find tips on how to keep the garden and the animals happy.

52. Out of My Shed

Growing vegetables in a small space is a challenge many gardeners face. Naomi is a bit of an expert and provides readers with many valuable tips on how to make even the smallest space into a lush garden whether it be in a tiny patch in the front yard or a bit bigger spot in the backyard. The blog includes pictures and stories about her findings in other gardens, including flowers and beautiful greenery. We love how she shares her desire for gardening with others in the community so they can not only eat a little better, but make the area a little prettier.

53. Plants are the Strangest People

This blog is by far the most different gardening blog you will ever read. The author is blunt and very funny. The blog focuses on some of the most unique flowers you will ever see in your life. It is dedicated to various houseplants, but not your standard ivy or spider plants. Detailed information and up close photos are all used to help explain what the plant looks like and the process it goes through to become a full bloom. We love the sarcasm and sense of humor in every post that turns a subject that could be dull into something very entertaining.

54. Eden Makers Blog

The name says it all. The blog is dedicated to making over your space into a beautiful garden that you can proclaim as you own personal Eden. There are tips for gardening in containers as well as how to make garden crafts to dress up the garden. There are plenty of tips and tricks to help you deal with any issues you are having with your own plants. We love the before and after pictures that show just how easy it is to make an ugly boring space into something beautiful and worthy of spending hours in.

55. The Golden Gecko

The blog is a part of the company of the same name. Unlike other blogs, bees get a special place here. Gardeners need bees and sometimes, you have to bring your own into the garden. There is also plenty of short posts about growing techniques and problem solving some of the problems that plague a garden. We love how the blog is easy to read and the posts are short and sweet. It isn’t a big, busy blog, but the information that is provided is very helpful and easy to find.

56. The Galloping Gardener

If you have ever dreamed about taking a tour of some of the most notable and breathtaking gardens in the UK but never quite made it across the pond, here is your chance. Charlotte gives you a front seat on her many tours of gardens around Europe. We love the section, Days Out, where you are given a list of gardens that are perfect for visiting in the same day. It is like having your own personal tour guide to lead you around some of the most marvelous displays of plants and flowers in the world.

57. Blooming Writer

As the title suggests, this gardening blog is dedicated to the brilliant blooms of the many flowers we are all so lucky to see. Jodi focuses the blog on taking some gorgeous, up-close pictures of the many blooms she encounters in her own backyard and around the Nova Scotia area. You are not going to find a lot of tips about how to grow your own blooms, but you are going to get some ideas about what flowers you want to put into your landscaping this year. We love the detail of the photos. They are truly beautiful and artistic.

58. Serenity in the Garden

It is easy to see through the posts all of the experience the writer, Jan brings to the gardening world. Whether you are planning a vegetable gardening or revamping the landscaping, you will find some great ideas on the blog. We love the insightful messages that are delivered throughout the blog via poetry and inspirational words from some great people. Poetry and gardens do seem to go hand in hand and this blog blends the two perfectly.

59. Bay Area Tendrils

The blog is dedicated to capturing the sights around the Bay area, including some of the gorgeous seasonal flowers and plants. This isn’t a typical gardening blog that talks about the many perils and joys of growing your own plants and blooms. Instead, it is a combination of travel and the gardens and blooms seen while out and about. It is a taste of nature in its rawest form. We love the pretty pictures that make you feel like you are right there in the California area, soaking up the sun with the photographer.

60. Ewa in the Garden

This blog offers a unique view of the vegetable garden. Ewa shows how a veggie garden can be beautiful and feed the family. The writer offers plenty of tips on how to transform your plain old garden into something you will be proud of. We love the variety of pictures that will inspire readers to reach for the sky in the terms of gardening. The pictures prove the things she discusses can be done with a little hard work and creativity.

61. Garden Design Online

A blog dedicated to designing the perfect garden to suit your needs. Whether you want a prolific vegetable garden or a garden filled with blooms all growing season, you will find the perfect plants to suit your growing zone. There are plenty of pictures to help you pick the flowers you like the best. Each picture includes an article with some helpful tips to get the best results. We love the links to helpful books and publications that will ensure you are successful in your gardening endeavors.

62. May Dreams Gardens

The blog reflects the feelings of so many gardeners who long for the spring planting season. It is filled with very useful information about growing nearly every vegetable you can imagine. Nothing is ignored and the process from sowing seeds to harvesting crops is all covered. It is neatly arranged with lots of easy categories for you to find exactly what you need. We love the eloquent writing that seems to reflect so many gardener’s own wishes and frustrations about gardening.

63. Toronto Gardens

The blog is run by sisters who share a passion for gardening. Their love of plants and flowers is evident in their writings and pretty pictures. The blog is going into its tenth year, which means there is a lot of information for you to gather. The musings of fellow gardeners is always entertaining and will make you smile as you see the world through their eyes. We love the plethora of helpful links that provide you with tons of expert help.

64. MI Gardener

Gardening blogs are not in short supply, but rarely do you find a blog that is written from someone who is actually getting their hands dirty in the soil. This blog combines excellent photography with hands-on experience. Organic gardening can be a challenge, but the solutions and tips provided here make it a possibility. We love the enthusiasm this couple shares for gardening and they bring it to their blog.

65. Bilow Z Associates

Annie’s Gardening corner is a little place you can learn a little more about the plants and flowers the landscaping company works with in their designs. The blog has been around for more than five years and includes a great deal of information you can put to use in your own garden and landscaping. We love the beautiful pictures and landscapes featured throughout the blog. Nature’s beauty enhanced with flowers and plants is something every gardener enjoys.

66. High Altitude Gardening

Few people deal with the challenge of growing a garden at altitudes above 7000 feet and even fewer blog about it. This unique blog will help any gardener who wants to have their own productive garden from their place high above sea level. Easy tabs on the homepage will help you navigate the site fairly easily. We love the personality that goes into the writing of this blog. It makes you feel as if you are chatting with a neighbor over the back fence.

67. Fantastic Gardeners

This is truly one of the funnest garden blogs you will stumble upon. It includes a section dedicated to strange facts and a place for you to test your knowledge with some trivia games. The busy, inspirational blog is filled with useful posts as well as some fun and quirky stories. We love the humor that makes you laugh while you are learning how to cultivate a garden. Gardening is meant to be a joy and this blog ensures it is just that.

68. Phillip Oliver Dirt Therapy

Another gardener’s passion is evident in the musings posted on the blog. It isn’t so much as a how-to kind of blog, but more of a sharing of experiences. Of course, the gorgeous pictures of various plants and gardens he has visited add a lot of fun to the blog. Sometimes, it isn’t always about teaching, it is about sharing and that is what we love about this blog. We love getting to know the gardener behind the blog by reading posts and sharing in the joys of a successful garden or pretty blooms.

69. Guzman’s Greenhouse

Paul Guzman is an experienced landscaper who brings his work and expertise to the blog via informative posts. Everything about growing trees and plants in the southwest can be found right here in this blog. The posts are timely and will help a new gardener or even a person with lots of experience in the gardening world. We love how easy it is to find the answer to some of those questions you may have been afraid to ask, like learning exactly what an annual is.

70. Epic Gardening

Aquaponics and hydroponics are excellent ways to grow a garden without needing a large space in the backyard, but the technique is still a little foreign to some. This blog helps anybody interested in getting into hydroponics learn the basics as well as problem solve some of the issues that can creep up. We love the free flow of information that is posted so followers are always staying updated with the latest and greatest information about growing their own food.

71. One Bean Row

Ireland is known for their lush, green gardens, but few people actually get the opportunity to see these marvelous miracles. Jane has brought Irish gardening to social media via her blog. The blog is filled with not only Jane’s musings, but she talks with other gardeners and gets their take on things. We love how well-rounded the blog is and isn’t devoted to any one style or author. There is plenty to be learned by simply listening to other experts in the field.

72. Plant Whatever Brings You Joy

Some very inspiring and helpful words make up the title of this blog. The blog is very well-rounded and incorporates everything about the home into the posts. Recipes, anecdotes about pets and various other stories help you feel as if you know the author personally. We love how the blog isn’t focused on a particular area in the garden and instead is more focused on how the joy of gardening can enhance your life in every aspect.

73. Flower Garden Girl

This is a beautiful blog filled with picture collages of cottage gardens from all around. Anna is so much more than a blogger or a spectacular gardener. She is an amazing woman who has overcome a great deal and has turned her tragedy into triumph, while still keeping up with her beautiful garden. We love how she lets you in and takes you on her personal journey through life and the many seasons of change she experiences.

74. Tanya’s Garden

Gardening in the Pacific Northwest poses some challenges that other gardeners think they had, like having too much water. Tanya provides some of the best photography we have seen on a gardening blog. Gorgeous pictures that showcase what it means to live in the Pacific Northwest. Everything from flowers, to mossy trees and the little critters that call the area home are found on the pages of the blog. We love the spectacular attention to detail in each of the many photos on the blog.

75. Cowlick Cottage Farm

Gardening isn’t just about getting your hands dirty and spending hours caring for the plants you grow. It is fun to do that, but it is also about eating better, being more sustainable and being a little healthier. Carolyn combines her passion for writing, cooking and gardening into one beautiful blog that will keep you entertained and informed. From the garden all the way to the kitchen, you will find helpful information and recipes. We love the assortment of recipes that put that garden to excellent use.

76. Geek Gardener

India isn’t known for gardening, but it should be. This blog puts India on the map for having some of the most beautiful gardens. Mani has a great deal of experience with hydroponics and gardening in small spaces, which is a must for many people. We love the sowing chart that gives us a peek into the seasons in India and what kind of growing conditions the north and south have. It is a wonderful, cultural experience that proves gardeners come from all over the world.

77. Ledge and Garden

The blog is relatively a newcomer to world of garden blogs, but it is packed with informative posts. The fun musings of a garden master living in northern Rhode Island gives you the chance to see the garden through her eyes. Everything from various flowers, native plants to fruit and ornamental trees are addressed in the blog. We love the categories and even the one dedicated to the cutest little puppy ever. It gives you a glimpse into the life of a fellow gardener, outside the garden.

78. Silver Tree Daze

The musings of a gardener can be entertaining. As you wander through your garden paths, it is natural for your mind to wander as well. This blog is exactly that. The ramblings and thoughts and of course, the many pictures of a gardener as he explores nature’s offerings in the way of gorgeous flowers. It is very entertaining. We love the glorious pictures that are always accompanied by witty conversations between the author and his keyboard.

79. Town Mouse and Country Mouse

This is a blog about working with native plants to create a beautiful, yet natural looking landscape in the California region. There is a lot of really useful information on the blog that can help you solve some of your own landscaping issues. There are plenty of photos to help the reader relate to what is being discussed as well as plant photos for easier identification. We love the fact that it isn’t a lot about teaching and instructing, but more about sharing gardening experiences.

80. Tracy Live

If you are struggling with what to put into your landscaping or your flower garden, you likely need a little design inspiration. This is the blog where you will find just that. It isn’t heavily focused on plants and how to grow them, but how to utilize your space, big or small, to get the best garden possible that suits your personality and your dreams. We love the checklists that are provided in the posts to make your own designing and shopping for plants much easier.

81. The Gardening Shoe

This blog offers a variety of posts about gardening, growing and life in general. There are some very useful tips about how to choose the proper plants and how to grow those plants successfully. There are also lots of pictures of other gardens to help give you some design inspiration for your own little piece of heaven. We love the variety of posts, which keeps the blog interesting. It isn’t focused on one area and is more like reading a diary of a gardener rather than reading an instructional guide.

82. A Tidewater Gardener

Take a walk through a number of gardens without leaving your couch. This blog will take you on a journey, exploring meticulous gardens as well as Mother Nature’s own landscapes. There are plenty of pictures along with written details and musings of the many adventures through the gardens. We love the unique pictures that are included. Different views that are not the typical perfect picture, but more of a picture of what a person would see should they sit down on the bench or lie down in a grassy field.

83. Natural Gardening

A garden is meant to be earthy, natural and serene. Sometimes, a gardener gets a little carried away and that natural feel is lost. This blog is dedicated to keeping things simple and as close to nature as possible. Brief snippets about the best way to grow things is great for anybody who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time reading every little detail about planting. We like that the pictures are quick to load, but clicking on them makes them big and brilliant. The variety of posts about different things that happen in the garden is entertaining as well as educational.

84. Annie in Austin

As the name implies, this blog is about a gardener working the earth in Austin, Texas. You will find a link to just about any flower or bulb you can think of down the left side of the blog. The difference between this blog and the rest of the gardening blogs is most certainly the musical influence. We love the original songs and videos that incorporate the love of gardening into some beautiful music with videos often focused in the garden.

85. Garden Walk Garden Talk

Many people only know Niagra Falls for the majestic waterfall and are unaware of some of the other natural beauty that surrounds the area. This blog is dedicated to the gardens and native plant life in the area. Macro photography is a big focus and it will give you a very up close and personal look at some of the flowers you only see from afar. We love the brilliant photography. It gives you a peek into the tiniest details of a flower that you wouldn’t normally see with the human eye.

86. Your Easy Garden

The blog is part of the Tesselaar Plants company that sells seeds and plants. The plants are different than others because they have been grown to be easy to care for. This is perfect for any new gardener or a gardener who hasn’t had a lot of luck with a particular plant, but really wants it in their garden. The helpful tips posted in the blog will make every gardener a successful green thumb. We love the ease in which you can navigate between the posts with the tabs on the home page.

87. Anthropogen

Anybody who appreciates the scientific side of things will love this blog. It delves beyond the typical how to grow and what to grow type posts. It gets to the heart of plants, where they came from and how they have been used throughout time. It is an interesting read for those who are serious about getting to know their plants a little better. We love the links to scientific studies and published papers that establish credibility and provide the proof many people need to believe.

88. Daphne’s Dandelions

The blog showcases the hard work of not only Daphne, but her friends and neighbors. With over thirty years of gardening experience and six years of blogging, there is a lot of information to be learned here. Pictures of the plants and produce are awesome. We love how the Harvest Monday posts shows what a real harvest looks like and not photos of the most perfect looking vegetables you have ever seen. It is all very real and helps other gardeners realize that even an ugly carrot is still a success.

89. Sharing Nature’s Garden

This blog will help you with the planning of your garden and landscaping. Whether you are starting with bare land or pulling out old plants, gravel and grass, you will find all the information you need to plan a beautiful garden design. Using native plants in the design is always a good idea and you will find the best plants for your needs right here. We love the numerous design ideas that cover everything from small and quaint to big and beautiful. Diana offers some excellent advice for free in her blog.

90. Growing the Home Garden

This is a blog filled to the brim with valuable posts dating back to 2007. The focus is on the typical backyard garden with raised vegetable beds to plant propagation. All the gardening tips provided are organic, which is a growing trend. Keeping plants as close to the way nature intended is something many gardeners appreciate. We love the pictures of the gardens as well as the many plants featured in the blog. It is an easy to read blog that covers all the basics about growing a vegetable garden.

91. The Hortiholic

This is an excellent place to get advice and lots of words of wisdom from a professionally trained gardener with more than 50 years of experience. Book education combined with hands-on experience is always going to give you the best possible outcome. We love the dedication to outdoor and indoor houseplants that are often neglected by other gardening blogs. Each problem outlined is addressed with multiple solutions, which ensures you are sure to find the answer to any of your gardening problems.

92. OC Landscape

A landscaping company that provides more than just a paid service. Their blog provides customers with lots of tips and ideas that they can put to work themselves. Information about how to design, how to create paths and focal points and even plant care is all included on the pages of the blog. We love the plethora of pictures that will give you lots of ideas of what other people have done and how you could make it work for you whether you hire it out or do it yourself.

93. Perennial Meadows

If you have a passion for perennials, this is the place for you. Some people with large areas of land prefer to keep things looking as natural as possible. Meadows are not something many people think about when they think about landscaping, but they are a beautiful addition to a large space. We love the unique idea of letting nature take over with a little help of a pair gardening hands to liven things up. The section dedicated to meadows is brilliant and will give you everything you need to know.

94. Sow and So

A blog that is dedicated to living a sustainable life is perfect for anybody giving the same lifestyle a try. There is a lot to learn and it can seem overwhelming, but when you read the story on this blog, you will see with a little time and effort it can be done. We love the interesting facts that are provided in one section of the blog. Little known tips and tricks that can make your gardening a little easier and better will always be appreciated.

95. Home Kitchen Garden

Growing a garden to feed your family fresh, raw veggies is something many people aspire to. Knowing the family is getting your labor of love and healthy food is satisfying. You will find some pretty awesome tips about to grow a garden to do just that. Pictures and easily read instructions about how to start seeds and what kinds of seeds you should choose are all included in the blog. We love that the blog includes information about starting seeds indoors with items you would normally toss in the trash. It is all about doing something a little greener for the earth.

96. Eight Acres

A blog about using several acres for growing food for the family. The blog isn’t just about growing vegetables, although that is a large portion of it. It includes tips, tricks and trials of raising animals as well that are often a part of a homesteading, self-sustainable lifestyle. We love the incorporation of recipes that use things straight from the garden and the animals raised on the farm. It is inspiring to see people living off the land and eating well.

97. Garden of Eatin

This blog is dedicated to cooking as well as growing your own food. There are a lot of recipes here that include ingredients from the garden you grow. It gives you the chance to try out some healthy recipes as well as some not-so-healthy, but incredibly delicious foods as well. We love how the gardening and cooking are combined into one blog. Growing food is only half the battle, you need to know how to turn the garden into delicious meals your family will love.

98. The Urban Gardener

People who live in the city are not always regarded as “real” gardeners, but this blog proves anybody, anywhere can be a gardener. There are lots of beautiful pictures of flowers that are common as well as some rare varieties. Sunita takes her readers along as she travels various parts of the world, checking out urban gardeners and how they do things. We love the pretty pictures that showcase not only the lovely flowers, but life in the areas visited as well.

99. Lois de Vries Garden Views

This blog takes gardening and what it truly means to human survival very seriously. While many people garden as a hobby and a way to have a little fresh veggies, this blog shows gardening is the key to survival. The blog is filled with tips for gardening as well as information about why growing your own food is so important. We love how the blog is really interactive and asks questions of the reader to help them think a bit more about their garden and what they want to accomplish.

100. A Garden for All

This is a blog for any gardener or anybody who appreciates pretty pictures and reading stories about someone else’s experiences in the garden. It isn’t a bossy blog and is more of a sharing of knowledge in a way that is friendly and entertaining. The pictures of the critters that one typically finds in the garden are fun and show just how awesome nature is. We love the easy way the writer has and the very down-to-earth feel of the blog. It is an enjoyable read and a great way to unwind after a long day or first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee.

101. NW Tree

Trees are often an overlooked part of the garden. They are steadfast and seem to take care of themselves–until they don’t. This blog is dedicated to the overall care and maintenance of the trees we all love. Ornamental, shade and fruit trees all have a place in the landscaping and they all deserve a little extra attention. We love the information provided about the best kinds of trees to grow in a particular area. Not all trees are created equal and this blog points out the differences.

102. Five Apple Farm

This blog incorporates those annoying little flying things gardeners love and hate–bees. Leigh blogs about the importance of honey bees in the garden and how you can raise bees to take advantage of their pollination skills and their honey. There is lots of information to help you plan your garden and what you will grow. We love the dedication to the bees and the importance they are given in this blog. Without them, there would be no gardens.

103. Always Crave Cute

There is so much to love about this blog. It is very homey and makes you want to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and just read every post. There is a little something of everything here. Cooking, recipes, gardening and home style are all incorporated in this blog. We love that when the gardens are tucked away for the winter, there is still plenty to read on this blog. Lots of delicious recipes and musings from someone who has some diversified hobbies.

104. Gardens of the Wild Wild West

Gardening in the mountain states poses some unique challenges. Mary Ann has the answer to many of the problems a gardener living and working the ground in the mountain states may run into. There are plenty of informative articles and links to pages off site that can help you decide when to plant and what plant varieties will grow best in your area. There are lots of pictures to browse through that showcase some of the native plants to Idaho. We love the links to some of the beautiful gardens all around the country.

105. How Does Our Garden Grow

Gardening and Alaska don’t seem to go together, but this blog proves that it can be done. Folks who are used to mountains of snow have found ways to grow beautiful gardens despite the cold weather. Greenhouses are a must to extend the growing season. There is plenty of discussion about cold weather plants, which are definitely a staple of any Alaskan garden. We love how the author shares her successes and the dreaded failures every gardener faces at some point or another.

106. Ryan’s Garden

Ryan’s blog has evolved over the years. Life is rarely about staying in the same place and with the same garden. This blog follows the journey of one gardener through his successes and failures as well as an urban garden and a more traditional country garden. The information is very valid and will be helpful to anybody looking to start a garden. We love that the blog changes as the author moves from one place to another. It is real life and challenges many gardeners face.

107. The Occasional Gardener

This blog isn’t just about gardening with the goal of growing food to eat. Obviously, that is going to be a desirable side effect, but the goal of using the garden for medicine, tranquility and art is also incorporated into this blog. The categories are easy to use and will help you make your garden into a piece of art that you can enjoy while having a fresh snack. We love the idea of using a garden for a variety of reasons and not just for feeding the family.

108. O’Connor’s Lawn Equipment

Another blog that offers a variety of useful tips for taking care of the landscaping as well as your flower beds. The posts are updated regularly and applicable to the season. Lawncare is just as important as tending the garden. This blog will ensure you have all the information you need to keep your lawn green and healthy, which will serve as the perfect backdrop for a beautiful flower bed or a bountiful garden. We love the easy instructions that anybody can follow.

109. A Day in the Life

A garden isn’t truly a garden without some thought to the design and functionality. Gary brings his years of expertise in garden design to the pages of his blog. He makes it fun and easy to incorporate the plants you love into a beautiful garden that will bring you hours of joy. Having free and easy access to a professional gardener’s opinions and ideas is a great thing for anybody who wants to go the do-it-yourself route. His blog is very personable. We love how he mixes family and friends in with his helpful posts.

110. Blooming Desert’s Daily Dirt

The blog is the labor of love from a design expert who has created some beautiful masterpieces for you to grow your plants and flowers in. Container gardening is a popular trend, especially with those who have limited space. This blog is mostly focused on the gorgeous containers you can buy from the author’s shop. We love the unique and modern elements the containers bring to any garden. You can place the containers on the back patio or dress up a living space.

111. Fusian Living

Growing a garden is a journey and it is exciting to ride along with others as they go through the ups and downs. Fusian takes you along as she grows various vegetables and flowers. Her beautiful pictures are the result of her hard work in the garden, which she shares with her readers. We love her ideas for displaying some of the flowers from the garden in something as simple as a dressed up jam jar. It is a simple, elegant blog with plenty of valuable information.

112. Gardener’s Reach

This amazing blog is kept up by a number of different people who are all passionate about gardening. They each have their own areas of expertise, which they use to pass their knowledge on to readers. The drop down menu makes it easy to find your favorite author and the categories listed on the side make it super quick for you to find exactly what you are looking for. We love the section dedicated to butterflies. They are always a welcome visitor in the garden.

113. Kiss My Aster

The attitude and quirky memes and activities on this blog set it apart from the rest. It isn’t all about gardening and incorporates a lot of fun into every page. This isn’t your average, reserved gardener writing this blog. There is a lot of information to be gleaned from the pages of this blog if you can stop laughing long enough to process the information. We love the blunt and very raw feel of the blog. It is fun, entertaining and most importantly, informative.

114. Miss Rumphius’ Rules

This blog is dedicated to designing a garden that is functional and works for you. You won’t find a lot of information about how to grow plants, which is perfect when you just want to know how to make your garden beautiful. Whether you are starting from scratch or pulling out old bushes and sprucing things up, you will find some fabulous ideas and inspiration here. We love the before and after pictures that help give you an idea of what you can do and the difference it will make in the landscaping.

115. Two Barn Farm

Homesteading is a dream many gardeners have. They want to rely solely on their crops and the animals they raise to feed their family. It isn’t easy, but the information you find on this blog will help you tackle some of the hard parts. The information available is relevant and can help you understand what needs to be done. The pictures are real and make you feel as if you are right there on the farm.

116. Home Garden Companion

This is the perfect blog for a new gardener or anybody who wants to get the basics down before moving into fancy names and propagating and so on. It includes plenty of pictures and very simple directions for planning your garden and picking the right seed varieties for your planting zone. We love the easy way and simplified tutorials. Gardening should be fun and not feel like a chore or something you need to study and research for hours.

117. My Veggie Garden

This is a great blog for beginners and experts. You can always learn new tricks in the gardening world. Watching others and incorporating their way into yours is always going to have excellent results. Stewart includes lots of videos with his posts, which is very helpful. It lets you see exactly what it is he is writing about. Visual aids are always a bonus and we love that he has put in so much time and effort to making the videos. They are an excellent addition to the gardening world.

118. This Garden is Illegal

A blog dedicated to flowers and how to grow them is always helpful. There is also a plethora of posts about various vegetable plants and how to make them healthy and produce the way you want them to. There are plenty of categories that make searching for topics super easy. We love the section dedicated to deer and why they are such a problem for gardeners, no matter how cute they are.

119. Hortophile

This blog is filled with information about every aspect of gardening. The posts are organized very neatly into categories by season. To make it even easier, there are tabs to find information about what plants to put in different areas in the landscaping. We love that there is a section dedicated to herbs. Many gardeners include herbs in their gardens, but you won’t find a lot of blogs that dedicate a lot of time discussing growing herbs and where they belong in the garden.

120. South Eastern Connecticut Landscaping

The blog covers pretty much anything that has to do with the outside of the house. Posts about controlling weeds, using a greenhouse and basic lawn maintenance are all included. Rarely does a gardener just have a garden patch. There are flower beds, trees and grassy patches. Knowing how to keep the entire space tidy and healthy is a must. We love the pictures and variety of posts. You just never know what will pop up on the blog.

121. MooseBoots

This is a blog more dedicated to being self-sustainable in nature rather than doing a lot of your own growing. Learning about native plants is important to a gardener and almost guarantees a successful harvest if you can bring those plants to your garden. The author is a naturalist who loves to explore Mother Nature’s handy work and has learned the ins and outs of foraging. The informative posts will help you discover the bounty to be found in nature if you know where to look. We love the passion for nature that is very evident on the pages of the blog.

122. Nigel Gnome Grows a Vegetable

Who doesn’t love a garden gnome? And a gnome that gardens is even better! This blog is filled with pictures and testimonials from one gardener. It is entertaining and educational. This is an excellent blog for anybody suffering from winter doldrums and longing to get into the garden. This blog is based in New Zealand, so when most of the world is dealing with frigid temperatures, the author is enjoying the perfect weather for growing a bountiful garden. We love drooling over the pictures of some of the most delicious looking produce ever seen.


If you think we missed a gardening blog that could be helpful to others, let us know in the comments section. We will happily check it out and add it to the list if possible. There are plenty of experts out there who offer lots of free advice and they deserve to be acknowledged. So we left a few blanks for them.

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