Best Drones Under 300 – Buyer’s Guide

Drone is one of the best gadget now a days in this modern age, it is becoming one of the most entertaining hobby and peoples are using this. Choosing a perfect drone is really difficult for normal person. Here I provide you list of Best Drones with their specifications according to the budget.

Now you can choose best drone and buy for you or your dearest. Here I have listed Top 10 Best Drones under $300. As I have listed all the best drones under $100 and $200 as well.

Best Drones Under 300 Comparison Table & Reviews:

S. No.ModelFlight TimeRatingsPrice
#1UPair One 2.7K20 Mins5.0 Check Price
#2Flexify25 Mins4.5 Check Price
#3ONAGOfly 1 Plus15 Mins4.6 Check Price
#4Parrot AR 2.0 Elite18 Mins3.5 Check Price
#5Parrot AR 2.0 Power Eddition36 Mins3.6 Check Price
#6Hubsan H501S X420 Mins4.0 Check Price
#7Cheerson CX-2015 Mins3.5 Check Price
#8Eachine Racer 25014 Mins3.6 Check Price
#9WLtoys Q33310 Mins5.0 Check Price

Now is the time to list all the Best Drones under 300 dollars. Here I have researched and have explained all the drones with all their specification in details.

#1 UPair One Drone with 2.7K HD Camera – Best FPV Quadcopter For Aerial Photography:

Upair One is one of the Best drone under $300 due to its exciting features. It is one of the best drone for aerial photography. It contains best camera for shooting 2.7K HD video or photo. You can feel the real fun of photography over this drone.

The most exciting feature of this drone is that it contains 7 inch LCD on the controller which will provide you First Person View live over your controller. It brings life to the fun of photography for the longer time as usual other drones. This drone lasts longer than others in the air.

The frame of the drone is created by special PVC composite material used in the fuselage’s innovatively. It is designed in the U-shaped anhedral design which looks very attractive and eye catching due to its unique and perfect design. It contains special feature of Headless mode which helps to move the drone to any side without moving the nose of the drone to that specific direction.

Upair One is featured with the “One Key Return” button which means you cannot lost your drone. Your drone will come to the specific position (located by GPS) with a single push of button. This drone is also featured with GPS, where you can choose satellites of GPS and you can feel you drone with you.

Upair One does not create any problem when its out of charge, means when the charge of the drone is about to finish, the drone reach to the point according the GPS before it create any problem.

The Upair One contains big capacity battery of 5400mAh which enables the drone to fly longer than other drones. The maximum flight time of the drone is 18 to 20 minutes. The total weight of the drone is 1350gm. The maximum control distance is almost 800 meters and maximum video transmission control range is 400 meter. The maximum flight height is 300 meter. The propeller of the Upair One matches to the DJI Phantom 3.


  • HD Camera 2.7K Video
  • FPV Video Transmission
  • LCD with Controller
  • GPS
  • 360-degree flips
  • Headless Mode
  • One Key Return


  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Battery: 5400mAh
  • Flight Time: 20 mins
  • Charging Time: 160 mins
  • Control Range: 800 meters
  • Video Transmission Rage: 400 meters
  • Maximum Flight Height: 300 meters
  • Nice Camera
  • Stable Flight
  • 18 min flight time
  • 800m range
  • Battery issues
UPair One Drone with 2.7K HD Drone Camera

#2 Flexify Foldable Drone Collapsible Quad-copter with GPS Auto Return Function

Flexify is one of the best drone in the list of best drones under 300 dollars. It is due to it foldability and amazing design. This drone is known for his best design and competent. It is one of the amazing drones with best reviews. In the folded form, the Flexify is 21.5cm x 21.5cm by dimensions. Unfortunately this drone does not contain camera built in the drone. But it is capable to take camera on the board.

There is frame for the camera to be connected with portability. It is applicable for GoPro to be attached to the drone and can be used for FPV. Flexify can be the best for Aerial photography and video shoot if camera is attached. It will provide best access for photography, due to its foldability and long flight duration. A flash light can be connected to the drone and can be used it for Searching and monitoring in the night.

The most exciting part of this drone is that this cannot be controlled with the Remote Control but also with the Smartphone as well. This drone connects to the smart phone and considers the smart phone as remote control, so you no need to worry about the Remote Control or something else. You can fly your drone with you smart phone as well. You can also use all the features of the drone on your smart phone, which you can control on remote.

You need to install app on the smart phone and need to connect your device with the drone, then you get control of your drone on your finger tips. The app is only available for Android smart phone, sorry but this app is not available for the Iphone up to now.

Flexify is equipped with different features with best performance. It contains automatic Take Off, means it can take off automatically with a single push of button. It can Land Down to the surface with a single push of button.

The total weight of the drone with all the important accessories is almost 1 kg which includes battery, camera, gimbal etc. Flexify is equipped with 4S 5,200mAh battery which makes it possible to fly the drone for longer. The total duration of the flight on the full charge of the battery is almost 22 to 25 minutes, which makes it unique from the other drones.


  • No Camera
  • GoPro Mount
  • FPV Support
  • Smartphone Control
  • 360-degree flips
  • Headless Mode


  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Battery: 5,200 mAh
  • Flight Time: 25 mins
  • Charging Time: 150 mins
  • Control Range: 400 meters
  • Weight: 1 Kg
  • Foldable so it is easy to transport.
  • the drone is pretty tough. I have crashed it several times (low altitude), only the blades broken. The box include one set backup blades, very easy to replace by your self.
  • Portable and size make it so feasible to carry it anywhere.
  • The remote controller is not required, you can use cell phone to control. Save you carrying another remote control. (I still recommand use remote primary. may be safer.)
  • It took me 20 minutes to fly the drone without crashing. It’s very easy to learn. The video very help.
  • Only support Android, and your device must have OTG port.
  • Can’t fly at windy day.
Flexify Foldable Drone Collapsible Quad-copter with GPS Auto Return Function

#3 ONAGOfly 1 Plus – Best Nano Drone with 13 MegaPixel Camera:

ONAGOfly 1 Plus is the upgraded version of ONAGOfly 1. It is one of the best nano drone with amazing features. 1 Plus is equipped with best camera possible. It contains 15 Megapixel Sony camera.. Highly intelligent camera is fitted in the drone. You can capture the incredible moments of your life in the best possible quality. You can shoot 1080p videos with this drone with frame rate of 30fps.

1080p videos will really bring extreme joy to your life. The drone also provides live preview right in your phone. You can shoot your videos while performing something like playing game, running or working somewhere. The drone is quite intelligent that it will follow you through GPS. The drone is very small in size even it can be fit in your bagpack easil.y

The most exciting feature of the drone is that it does not need any remote control. You can control this drone with your smartphone, if it is Android or iOS. The drone is controlled with ONAGOgly app. The app contains exciting features. The drone locks the GPS with your phone and will follow your phone, where your phone goes the drone will follow it. The drone can be controlled through phone and it can sense the movement of your hand and drone follows that. It is tilt controlled.

The drone can take off from your palm with a single button. 1 Plus has the feature of landing in emergency with one button. The drone can return to the point from when it was taken off no matter how far it is. It comes with an amazing GPS which helps it altot in the features. You can share all your pictures or videos to social network like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc with a single button. It is quite intelligent to sense obstacle using infrared technology and instantly maneuvers around walls and trees.

The ONAGOfly 1 Plus is palm size (150mm wheelbase). The size of the drone is 125 x 125 x46mm The total weight of the drone is 190gm. The maximum control range of the drone is 50 meters. You can control your drone in the range of 50 meter. The drone is equipped with 900mAh battery which provides amazing flight duration. The total flight duration of 1 Plus is about 12 – 15 minutes. The maximum flight speed of 1 Plus is 15m/s.


  • 15 Megapixel Sony Camera
  • 1080p videos
  • FPV Support
  • Smartphone Control
  • GPS
  • Headless Mode


  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Battery: 900 mAh
  • Flight Time: 15 mins
  • Maximum Speed: 15 m/s
  • Control Range: 50 meters
  • Weight: 190 grams
ONAGOfly 1 Plus – Best Nano Drone with 13 MegaPixel Camera

#4 Parrot AR 2.0 Elite – Best Drone with amazing stability:

AR 2.0 is one of the best drones under 300 dollars due to its amazing design and attractive features. Parrot offer two type of AR 2.0 drones. Both are quite similar in design but are different in features. The AR 2.0 is equipped with high definition (HD) camera of 720p in the front. The most exciting part of the drone is that it is controlled by smartphone.

You can connect your AR 2.0 with the smartphone with the free “AR FreeFlight” application (available on the App Store and Google Play) and can take control of your drone within seconds. AR 2.0 will provide your high quality image indoor or outdoor even light wind condition. You can directly shoot pictures and record videos to your smartphone.

Simply press the record button in the app and the drone will start recording video and will be store in the smartphone.

If you are looking to shoot longer videos or you don’t want to record the videos and captures images in your smartphone, there is another option as well. AR 2.0 have USB port where you can connect Flash drive and you can capture images and record videos to the flash.

You can shoot as much videos and images on the flash as much you want. The AR drone 2.0 provides amazing flight control to the user. The FreeFlight app provides complete freedom and it is quire user friendly to the controller. You can control your drone like pro. The FreeFlight app can sense the movement of your device and move the drone to that direction.

You have to tilt the smartphone to any direction and the drone will fly to that direction. The AR 2.0 has unique stability feature that if you keep it stable, it wont move in the windy condition and will retain its state in the air.

It can bear the wind upto 15 m/h and will not even move an inch due to its amazing stability. This feature is perfect for shooting pictures and videos. AR 2.0 is equipped with unique acrobatic move which helps it to perform perfect flips. The AR 2.0 can perform forward and backward flips.

The AR 2.0 Elite is equipped with 100mAh lithium polymer battery. The flight duration of AR 2.0 is 12 to 18 minutes. The AR 2.0 comes with the amazing frame to connect the drone which makes it more attractive.

  • easy to learn
  • easy to fly
  • records 720 hd video
  • self stabilizing
  • easy to repair
  • hackable/modable
  • conversation starter
  • continued maintenance (buy replacement props, gears, and clips)
  • some features not released across all platforms
  • no on off switch
  • no flying after dusk
Parrot AR 2.0 Elite

#5 Parrot AR 2.0 Power Edition – Best Drone with amazing flight time:

The AR 2.0 Power Eddition is the upgraded version of AR 2.0 Elite edition. The AR 2.0 Power Eddition is equipped with all the features that Elite Eddition have.

The most exciting part of the Power Eddition is that it is equipped 2 HD batteries. This is three cell Lithium polumer battery with the capacity of 1500mAh. In total the drone is equipped with 3000mAh battery at all which provide an amazing flight duration.

The AR 2.0 Power Addition is known for its flight duration. The total flight duration of the drone is upto 36 minutes. You can enjoy the real fun of flying drone and can capture a lot of pictures and images with largest flight time. This can be one of the best drone with multiple features and incredible flight time.

  • Hugely entertaining at first
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Integrated HD camera
  • Glitchy app
  • Expensive
  • Shortlived entertainment lifespan
Parrot AR 2.0 Power Edition

#6 Hubsan H501S X4 – Best Drone with LCD in the transmitter:

H501S is one of the best drone under $300 due its amazing design and features. X4 is a real time drone with the brushless motors. It is equipped with amazing camera. X4 contains 1080P High Definition Camera with the standard 5.8G wireless transmission. The X4 is really known for its features. It provides real time FPV directly to the transmitter. You can capture the best moments of your life with this amazing drone.

This drone contain best camera for capturing best pictures and shooting high quality videos. It is equipped with lightweight frame and with attractive design.

The most exciting part of this drone is that it contain 4.3inch LCD screen on the transmitter, where you can enjoy the real time FPV of the camera. The drone is control with the transmitter by 2.4G channel. The FPV of the drone can be view on the transmitter device by 5.8G.

The resolution of the device is 480×272. One key return features make it more stable for the beginners. You no need to worry about the drone. You can bring your drone to yourself with a single push of button.

It also comes back to home when the battery is low. X4 is equipped with Headless mode. You can fly drone easily and can move the drone to any direction without having the problem of its position. Altitude Hold features makes it perfect for shooting videos and capturing photos. It will stay on the altitude where you fixed it and you can enjoy photography over it. X4 is equipped with latest 6 axis Gyro.

X4 contain 7.4v 2700mAh Li-Pi battery which makes it fly longer than other drones. The average flight time of this drone is 20 minutes. X4 can be completely charged and be ready for maximum flight time in 150 minutes. The drone can be completely charged in 150 minutes. The Remote of drone needs 4 x AA batteries. The size of the drone is 220 x 220 x 70mm. The total weight of the drone is 410gm.

  • Auto Return Home
  • Follow Me Mode
  • Flying Experience
  • It offers a decent flight time of 20 minutes
Hubsan H501S X4

#7 Cheerson CX-20 – Best drone for GoPro:

CX-20 is one of the best drone of Cheerson. Cheerson is well known for their amazing drones. This is one of the best drones under $300. The CX-20 is considered as best due it extra ordinary features and power. The CX-20 is able to mount GoPro camera, which is the one of the best camera ever for the drones.

You can enjoy the real fun of photography with this drone if the GoPro camera is mounted to this. You can capture stable pictures and shoot incredible videos with this drone and can save the perfect moments of your life with incredible way. The CX-20 comes with a perfect design and amazing model. It is white in color. It looks quite similar to the DJI Phantom due to its design. The ultimate frame of the drone is perfect. This drone is perfect for outdoor use due to its features.

The CX-20 is equipped with a lot of exciting features. It contains GPS hold system. It contains Headless mode which makes the flight more easy and perfect for the beginners. You can move the drone to any direction without worrying about the direction of the drone’s nose facing. This drone comes to Home automatically when it is out of control or when it gets out of the control range of the transmitter. You no need to worry about the loosing of the drone if its get out of the control range.

The drone can be stable on some altitude and stays there constant. It is wind resistant. It has feature of Low Voltage Protection. One Key Return feature makes it quite intelligent. You can call your drone to come back to home with a single push of button.

The drone is equipped with 11.1V 2700mAh battery which makes it able to fly for longer time. The average flight duration of the drone is about 15 minutes. The remote control frequency of the drone is2.4GHz and it is 4 channels radio control.

The average control distance of the drone is 300 meters and average altitude that the drone can attain is 300 meters. The drone can be fully charged in 3 hours and be ready for complete average flight. The net weight of the drone is 591 grams. The size of the drone is 295 x 295 x 105mm / 11.61 x 11.61 x 4.13 inches. This is suitable for the age greater than 14.

  • Highly stable drone for casual flights or aerial videography
  • The CX-20 is RTF drone and requires no complicated assembly or configuration
  • Affordable
  • Nice flight modes
  • Easy to lose orientation
  • May be fragile
  • Difficult to distinguish front and back
  • Landing skids should be more elevated
Cheerson CX-20

#8 Eachine Racer 250 – Best Drone with FPV Screen:

Eachine Racer 250 is one of the best drones under $300 due its amazing features. The most exciting part is that it contains 7 inch LCD screen on the remote control device. You can enjoy the first person view right on your device. This is how you can enjoy the real fun of FPV. The drone is equipped with amazing HD camera for shooting high quality pictures and videos.

You can capture the best moments of your life and can save your precious memories. The camera supports night function which is really helpful in shooting images in the night. The night vision helps to capture some good pictures in the night and make your photography perfect.

The control frequency varies from 2.405 to 2.475GHz. This can use 142 independent channels. The drone is equipped with 11.1V 1500mAh battery. The average flight time of this drone is 14 minutes. Bright LEDs on the drones looks very attractive and shines amazingly in the night.

  • Flys great
  • Includes 600mw VTx with OSD
  • Tiltable FPV camera
  • Very bright headlights
  • Uses non-proprietary components
  • Headlight on/off switch
  • Secure battery compartment
  • Poor packaging
  • No RTF version available at the time of this posting
  • Instructions non-existent
  • Spare parts not yet available from Banggood (spare arms can be found elsewhere however)
  • Setup could prove daunting sans instructions for beginners
  • Limited to 3s batteries
Eachine Racer 250

#9 WLtoys Q333 – Best drone with Glowing LEDs:

WLtoys Q333 is one of the best drones due to its ultimate features. Q333 is equipped with HD camera which helps you to capture amazing and perfect pictures with the amazing stability. This drone also provides FPV to the transmitter.

The transmitter contains LCD screen which provides the live view of the camera right on the transmitter. You can capture some good pictures and video with this drone and can save your best memories. This drone is known for its amazing design. It comes with amazing fames and attractive design.

This drone comes with some good features. Headless mode makes it fly perfectly and easily and you no need to worry about the direction which the drone is facing. You can move your drone to any direction without any hurdles and problems.

The drone can roll perfectly. The drone can flip forward / backward / leftward and rightward. You can flip the drone with a single push of button. The drone take off automatically with a single push of button. You no need to worry about the drone, The auto return functions make it return automatically from where it took off with a single push of button.

The control range of the drone is 100 meters. The drone is equipped with 7.4V 2000mAh battery. The total flight time of the drone is about 8 minutes. The frequency use by the FPV of the drone is 5.8GHz. The drone can be fully charged in 200 minutes.

  • somewhat Durable
  • cheap replaceable parts
  • good quality made with metal and plastic.
  • easy setup
  • good flight
  • camera is decent
  • MANY reviews of this on youtube
  • Has return home, not gps
  • Charge time is 3 hours, flight time is 10 min on average!
  • Remote uses 6 AA batteries and drains them in a week or 2
  • camera is not professional.
  • Difficult to attach additional weight like a camera, but possible.
WLtoys Q333

Must Have Drone Accessories For New Buyers

The market of consumer drones is a booming one and the gadget is immensely popular among all types of customers. Homeowners use it to survey the surroundings of their house while real-estate agents use drones to show the property to clients.

Drone owners also need some additional accessories which are very essential. But choosing them can be a little problematic. You should understand the purpose very well and the accessory should increase your drone’s potential.

You can personalize your equipment by adding these accessories and your drone will not only capture sensational photos but also perform other functions. In this article, we have listed 6 indispensable drone accessories which you should buy today.

Propeller Guards:

Good quality propeller guards are a top necessity. They are needed by both beginners and experienced pilots. Crashes can be very dangerous and you need protection for that. The propellers have a tendency to break quite easily and the larger models are capable of causing severe injuries and damages, if it lands in a wrong way. It is just not possible to buy new propellers after every crash and this is why propeller guards are extremely important. They are usually fastened to the quadcopter’s body but you can also attach them to the arm which holds the propeller. After it is done, you don’t need to worry about the crashes as your drone is already protected.

Additional Propellers:

A lot of propellers will be needed as you continue using your quadcopter. Some propellers are lost by an avian attack while you may lose others due to an accident. This is inevitable, mainly due to the fragile nature of the item. You should always have additional propellers in store as they can be needed any time. Lighter propellers can also be bought as they are handy. If the drone is lighter, consequently it will be swift and energy efficient. The normal propellers which are supplied with the lower-end products are heavier and they are not durable. New propellers can be added to almost every drone and this added investment can prove beneficial in the long run.

Stronger Batteries:

Most quadcopters are equipped with average batteries and it reduces the performance level significantly. Normally, a specific mAh range is mentioned in the product details section. The lower range is for cheap batteries, which fails to power the device for a long duration and reduces the flight time. The standard batteries have a mid mAh range and the performance is decent. But if you want to enhance the flight, you need to buy a strong battery which is compatible with your device. These batteries are heavier, but the flight time gets a massive boost. Once you have these powerful batteries, you can fly your drone for a considerable amount of time.

Carrying case:

Drones do not come cheap and you have to pay substantial amount of money to buy one. You can use it for entertainment or you can use it professionally, in both the cases, you need to maintain it properly. You need the carrying case to neatly pack it and put it in a safe place, when it is not being used. Good cases include foam-like padding for extra safety and there is enough space to store the camera and other accessories. Buying extra landing gears is a good option and it will help the drone land better in uneven areas.

Memory Chips:

The main purpose of camera drones is to click pictures and record HD videos. But for this, you need a sufficient storage space. Micro SD cards are included in the package but sometimes that is not enough, you need a few more of those to capture every moment. Your collection should contain some higher GB cards mainly for the videos and some lower-GB ones for still pictures.

Lighting Choices:

Flying the drone outdoors during night time can be a difficult task. Video footage can’t be captured as there is no light and you can find it very hard to control the device. So your drone must have LED lights to allow flying at night. There are two types of lights available, from which you can make a choice.

A. Spotlights: They are helpful for recording purposes at night. This light comes into play after the daylight has faded and you require a clear vision. It is mounted over the camera and as the drone flies, there is adequate light available.

B. Landing Lights: Some landing lights can be attached to the landing gear. In order to attach them in the right way, you have to use adhesives or bolts. These lights add to the aesthetic value and your drone looks beautiful at night.


It is difficult to find accessories for lower-priced models while medium and expensive models have dedicated accessories. These fun accessories can spice up your flying experience and increase your enjoyment manifold. You can also add various performance gears and cool decal kits.

In Conclusion To Buying The Best Drones Under 300:

As there are thousands and thousands of drones with different features in each, searching online stores for drones can really make you confused and may end in making a wrong choice and regretting later. That’s why we decided to give it a shot for our lovely readers. Being in the business for years, we know what will be the best fit for you according to your pocket size.

If you are willing to increase the budget, the $300 drones can be a great choice. We know that you can’t find those ultra features in an ordinary and cheap drone. That’s why going little higher in price can give a wide variety of choices.

So, this was all about the best drones under $300. I have tried my best to provide these details. I hope you liked it. If you are still not satisfied with the drones given above, please let us know in the comment section below. Have a great day ahead.

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