Best Cruiser Bikes with Gears – Guide & Reviews


Buying the best cruiser bike is not an easy task. The task becomes more tedious when you are looking for ones with specifications such as best cruiser bikes with gears and so on.

It is not easy to make a choice, because there are various brands on the market and these brands have specific features, which are different from what you get in other products.

Because of this, you must search diligently before you make the right choice. If you were looking for one, information contained here would assist you a lot in making the correct choice.

Introduction to the Product Type

Cruiser bikes are no doubt the most popular bikes in the world today. They are popular because they can be subject to a number of purposes. These bikes can be used to cruise round the streets and neighborhoods.

When you are looking for this type of bike, you should bear at the back of your mind that you are not going to derive the best benefits when you ride through rough surfaces. These bikes are the best because they are suitable for convenience, comfort, as well as commuting.

People who want this type of bike are not after rough and lengthy trails. The most important thing in their mind is comfort. There are various kinds of best cruiser bikes with gears, and the best of them are reviewed here.

We have no doubt you are going to get valuable information that can always help you in purchasing and enjoying the product.

How to Choose the Best cruiser bike with gears

Before you set out to purchase your cruiser bike with gears, you have to make your opinion of what you want from this type of product.

Your level of experience and your sex would contribute a lot in the final decisions you take. You do not have to go for those that would be nuisance for you to ride, because of this you have to consider some important factors. They are as follows:


The most important factor that you have to consider here is the issue of comfort. When you talk of comfort, many factors would come into play such as upright posture. Many bikers would want cruiser bikes that offer them upright posture when they ride. When you are riding such a bike, you must ensure that there is minimal pressure in your bike as you ride.

Frame size

Perhaps, the most important thing that can determine whether you are going to be comfortable riding the bike is the frame size of such a bike. The frame size would determine how comfortable you are going to be riding the biking.

Some people might consider going for the frame size that would make it possible for them to hold the bike handles. Ensure that you choose the correct frame size that deliver upright position when you are riding the bike. Anything that can enhance your upright riding position should always be considered when you are making your choice.

Tire quality

Tire is another important factor that can influence the choice you make when you use choose cruiser bikes. Many people would always opt for balloon tires because they offer many benefits when compared to the other types of tires out there. Some of the qualities that make it better include durability.

These tires are known to be durable as they can serve you for a very long time. When you get it, you do not need to be spending on them every time. Moreover, it makes for a smoother ride.

This means that you are going to derive more pleasure riding it. Most importantly, it is going to offer more height, and this is going to enhance your riding position.


The style is equally important when you are making your choice. If you’re a man, you have to go for those styles that are meant for men. The same thing is applicable if you are a woman. Top bar can be straight in the case of men while it has to be curve for women with style.

Moreover, such factors as color, size as well as customization option is critical when making your final choice. Moreover, consider the issue of accessories and so on.

Recommended Products Reviews

1. Schwinn 26″ Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bike, 26-Inch, Blue

This is the best woman bike. It is specifically designed to enhance the riding experience of women bikers. This bike can be used for a number of purposes ranging from cruising around the neighborhood, commuting to work, as well as exercise machine.

It is described as the best ladies bike because of the commendable and excellent features. Most women riders like this product because of the affordable price. You do not need to empty your bank account to own one.

Some of the interesting features you are going to get here include the rear cargo rack. Because of this, you are not going to find it hard to carry your items, especially if you go for shopping. So it’s one of the Best cruiser bikes with gears.

It has other interesting features that would make you like the products and some of the features include the following:

Twenty-six inches cruiser Whitehall tires as well as an alloy rims.

Secondly, it has seven-speed rear derailleur, as well as shift shifters. It runs at a great speed as you can adjust the gear.

Moreover, it has a linear pull brakes. This is great because, it ensures that you stop at the time you want to stop. It ensures the safety of female bikers.

In addition, this bike has full fenders. This bike is the most durable female bike you can lay your hands on the market today and this is owing to the fact that it is composed of steel and strong frame and fork.

2. Firmstrong Bella Classic Seven Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle

This is a great bike and it is fitted with all features that ensure you enjoy comfortable riding. It is perhaps the most attractive bike that you can lay your hands on the market today. Many things set it apart from several others.

It has painted wheels, as well as rear and front fenders. It is meant for a versatile ride because of the seven speed gears. Firmstrong Bella has an effective handbrake and this ensures that you do not compromise your safety while riding the bike.

It offers many things that can help you to take your riding experience to the greatest level. If you want to engage in long distance and hill rides, this bike is the best for such an adventure.

You can see that this bike is the best and ideal for different types of riding and that has to do with the seven-speed feature.


Many other features in this bike place it ahead of several of its competitors in the market today.

It has 15 inches steel frame. The length is extended enough and that is to ensure that you enjoy it. Furthermore, it makes it more attractive, it features a 26 inches painted aluminum wheels, as well as rear and front fenders.

From the height, you would understand that it is meant for the recreational benefits of taller women. Furthermore, for a comfortable ride, it has two extended frame and that creates enough space between handlebars and rider.

It features an easy to operate the rear and front handbrakes. This offers a great stopping power and you can stop at will even in downhill.

For added comfort, it has dual spring oversized seat.

3. Anti-Rust and Light Weight Aluminum frame, Fito Modena GT-2 Alloy Shimano 7-speed Matte Black

This is a durable machine and it is composed of big frame size of eighteen inches. This is meant for tall men ranging from five to six feet. The bike is at least two inches longer than most other bikes on the road. For easy ride, it featured a crank forward design.

This bike is not only durable it is speedy as well. You can simply cruise through your neighborhood and engage in long distance travel with ease. This is because of the seven-speed derailleur. It is comfortable to ride and easy to control.

You can hardly get any other bike that can compare with it in terms of control. It features Shimano revoshift grip shifter. It has other fantastic features that make the bikes the most suitable on the market today.


This is a feature packed bike. Despite the fact that the frame is extra large, the bike is lightweight. This is because it was produced using anti-trust aluminum alloy.

The frame is extended by at least two inches, this again sets it apart from other bikes, and this makes it most suitable for huge persons especially male riders.

Moreover, the bike is fitted with an alloy handlebar steam and rims, this again contributes to its lightness, and this means that it would be easy to move it around from one place to another.

The bike features a rear and front disc brakes. This makes for more control and safety when it is in use. You can apply the brake and it would stop even if you were descending from the hill.

4. Viva Juliett Classic 7 City Cruiser Bicycle, 700c wheels, 47 cm frames, Women’s Bike, Red

This is another smooth bike you can ride in town. It has seven-speed capacity and you need the higher speed to cruise round the neighborhood with relative ease.

One thing you are going to like about this product is the fact that it lightweight and it is easy and simple to handle. This is because of the fact that it has an aluminum handlebar as well as a seat post.

This equally contributes to the comfort of its riders. For comfort riding, the bike features a viva leather saddle. You can just sit comfortably on the bike and cruise around your neighborhood.

This bike contains all those features you want to get from a product like this such as dress guard, a bell, rear rack and so on. Perhaps the greatest attribute of this female bike is the perfect finishing. It is a great bike to behold.


This bike has many features that set it apart from the rest on the market.

The fork and frame are composed of Cr.Mo TIG welded material. Moreover, it has a lug fork and it is the same size.

Its wheels and tires are great. It is composed of kenda kwest reflective tires, as well as viva classic alloy. The bike has double wall rims and a stainless spoke.

Another great feature is the Shimano internal seven-speed hub. It equally contains anti rust chain. This is to ensure that the bike would last you for a long time.

The braking system is equally effective as it is composed of cockpit and brakes. It can stop when you want it.

5. Raleigh Bikes Women’s Retroglide 7 Step thru Cruiser Bike, 24″/One Size, Green

Raleigh is known for its high quality bike products. One of the best bikes from the company includes the Retroglide 7 Step Thru Cruise bike. You can see that it is a seven-speed gear and this suggests that it is speedy.

Though it is a cruiser bike, it has some uphill benefits when compared with various other bikes on the market today. Whether you are ascending a hill or descending, it is design to ensure that you are not interrupted on the process.

Hills do not stop it. Most women like the bike because of its ease of use and greater control. If you are climbing a hill, you can be adjusting the gears until you reach your destination.

Every rider is going to like the product because apart from the fact that is fashionable, it is equally functional. It is durable because of the superior aluminum materials used in producing the bike.


This is perhaps the best women bike on the market and that is because of the features. It features seven speed gearing system. This means that it is going to be very efficient when it comes to speed.

The bike is lightweight, and that is because it is produced with light aluminum materials.

Apart from the fact that the bike is lightweight, it is equally durable. This is an advantage; it can last longer than most other bikes on the market today.

Final Words

These are the best cruiser bikes with gears you can buy. We have taken our time to bring out the best for you. Some of the bikes are good for men while others are specifically meant for women. This means that irrespective of age, sex, and size, we have a bike here that suits your purpose and your need.

These bikes are valuable. You can make your choice based on your budget, size, and other personal preferences. You are going to derive maximum benefit from any of them.

They are designed for your convenient, comfort, and satisfaction. Most importantly, these bikes are durable. You are going to derive real value for your money. They are all recommended.

Best Cruiser Bikes with Gears – Guide & Reviews
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