Best Cruiser Bike Wheels – Guide & Reviews


In this article, we shall look at best cruiser bike wheels, factors to consider before buying best cruiser bicycle wheelset, and our top 10 best wheel-sets.

After countless research, we have narrowed down our list to the 10 wheels mentioned below. These models have been tested and tried.

They are affordable (well some not as much as others), durable, stiff, and strong. Let us get right to it.

Best Cruiser Bike Wheels

There are several reasons why you might be considering purchasing new wheels for your cruising bike. If you use your bike for commuting, exercise, or fun riding around the neighborhood, you might want to consider a set of wheels that will provide you with great performance for an exceptional riding experience. If you opt to keep the wheels your bicycle came with, this is still fine. But just consider how much more you would get if you replace them with high performance wheelset. For example, if you enjoy cycling for exercise or commuting purposes, lightweight wheel-set will provide you with incredible speeds and balance as opposed to heavier wheels.

Before making a purchase, it is best to first understand what you need to look out for in your wheels to receive maximum value for your money. Let us look at some factors to consider before buying your best cruiser wheel-set.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Cruiser Bike Wheels

Construction and Materials Used

Granted that wheelset construction has not changed much over the years, there are still a few things you should take into consideration. One major thing to look out for is tension in the spokes. When you load a wheel, its tension goes down in the spokes between hub and the ground. You need to ensure that in no circumstance does its tension ever hit zero. This means that that specific wheel will be able to support you and your bike. Another key thing to consider is materials use. The best materials are carbon fiber for rims. However, wheel-sets made from these materials are generally more expensive than those made from aluminum. If you can be able to afford carbon wheels, then go for it. They are very lightweight and incredibly durable.

Tubulars, Clinchers, and Tubeless

There are three types of wheel rims as mentioned above. Tubular: This is when inner tube is sewn into the carcass. They have a shallow dip where the tyre is glued on. Tubular wheels are incredibly light and provide a rider with a straight riding experience. However, they deem a bit difficult when it comes to assembly. Clinchers: This is the standard bike rim. Most bikes come with this type of rim. Fixing a flat tire is incredibly easy and all you need is a pump. Tubeless: They are a different type of Clincher tires. However, they are designed with a main goal of providing an airtight seal. These rims have no holes and entire tire is coated with rubber – meaning there is no need for an inner tube. They rarely get punctures and can last for a very long time without needing replacement. So Best Cruiser Bike Wheels will inform you .

Rim Width

To sum it up, wider rims means that your wheel is strong and stiffer. Higher rim width results in fatter tires, meaning more balance.


If speed is your ultimate goal, then overall weight of your wheels matters a lot. Heavier wheel-set will add on to your bike’s overall weight. This in turn will have an impact on your speed and performance. However, this is not to say that all heavier wheels perform poorly. If you want to evaluate wheel performance, you need to take a closer look at your wheels’ aerodynamics. But if you must heave your bicycle up a flight of stairs every day, you might want to consider lightweight set of wheels.

Other Considerations

  • What is your budget?
  • Are you looking for a model with a simple design or do you prefer one that comprises of high-tech features?
  • What are more interested in – price or quality?
  • What key features matter more to you – speed? Durability? Stability?

Recommended Product Reviews

1.Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 C35 Clincher Wheelset

This model is superbly built and offers a rider a smooth ride regardless of terrain. It is made from quality materials. If you are looking for wheels that will offer comfort and performance, you cannot go wrong with Shimano. The brand is well known for producing quality products and this is no different. These wheels are build for straight line speed and transfer impeccable power from pedals to rear wheel for maximum acceleration. They are also affordable and will provide you with great value for your money.

2.FASTEAM 700C 50mm 3k Matt

Yes, they are a bit pricy but Fasteam wheels are stable, fast, and offer incredible braking performance. If you want a model to use for high speed, this item holds its own. They accelerate well regardless of the well mm rim depth. They have a modern and very sleek look to them. When considering new wheels, we would advise you to give them a chance. The thickness might be unusual at first but once you hit the roads, you will be highly impressed by their overall performance.

3.Spada Stiletto Pro Wheels

Spada concentrated on the overall weight of their wheels here. Spada is well known for producing wheels that are very lightweight and there is no disappointment here. Some past users have voiced concern over the strength and stiffness of this model but rest assured they are incredibly strong and surprisingly good. You can use them on a variety of rough terrains and they will not disappoint. They also hold up well when ridden over wet surfaces. However, it is best to purchase them if you are planning to use them for fast riding over smooth, dry roads. They comprise of aluminum spoke nipples that require careful treatment, thus a user should ensure that they are clean and store in a cool dry place after use. Thanks to their low weight, they give a rider the feeling of flying over roads under acceleration.

4.Easton EA70 Road Wheelset 2016

A fantastic upgrade from their past heavier models, this product is a good choice for a smooth everyday wheel set. When hunting for a set of wheels to replace your old faulty one, Easton EA70 is a good option. For commuters who require an item that is lightweight yet strong and sturdy, this option will not let you down. Since they are light, they will reduce the overall weight of your bike, ensuring that you can easily carry your bicycle up a flight of stairs without breaking a sweat. Also, they have good braking and you will be able to come to a complete stop at a moment’s notice. Great option for those individuals looking for best cruiser bicycle wheels available on current market.

5.Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

They scream ancient comfort! Just as their name suggests, there is no lighter set available that is equally stiff. Their lightness and sturdiness result in unwatchable performance out on the road. You might expect that since they are so light – weighing in at only a total of 1565g±30g – they might flex or become unstable once you jack up speed. On the contrary, they perform even better when you are cruising on high speeds. They are very stiff and you will be astonish by how fast they gain speed giving you superb acceleration.

6.Wheel Master 700c Rear Wheel

This product is designed to accept both Shimano/SRAM and Campagnolo cassettes meaning that you do not need new wheels if you decide to change your bicycles gearing system. They ride incredibly well and come with a fantastic finish that offers both luxury and sleekness. Those are a true definition of a modern set of wheels. They accelerate very fast and a great option for cruising bikes. If you are not yet convince, they come with warranty also available from manufacturers!

7.Shimano Mountain Bike ATB Wheels

Shimano Mountain Bike ATB Wheels set is a hard-wearing tubeless-ready product that is affordable and lightweight. This model is a good option for general road use and even for riding over those rough terrains such as gravel. They are highly durable and offer plenty of stiffness to a rider regardless of weight. Overall weight is a total of 9 pounds (not the lightest but still light enough). When looking for wheels that you can use for general road riding and rough gravel roads and byways, Shimano Mountain Bike ATB Wheels will perform wonderfully. A perfect option for anyone looking for a cheap model that will still provide great performance.

8.Azonic Outlaw Wheels

Azonic Outlaw 32 Spoke 135mm Wheelset Clinchers are known for their adamant stiffness and performance. This item is not one of the lightest on the market (Front wheel weight: 997g, Rear wheel weight: 135mm: 1247g, 150mm: 1273) but you will realize why we have placed them as in our top 10 list once you hit the road. Once you hit high speeds, we guarantee that will be highly impress – you will fly through roads at incredibly high speeds and still have a feeling for stability always. They have an eye-catching design, making them a good choice for anyone who prefers unique products.

9.Mavic Cosmic CXR 60 Tubular Wheelset

Mavic Cosmic CXR 60 Tubular Wheelset comprises of an integrated wheel-tyre system that takes their performance to another level. Speed is their ultimate goal. You will be able to accelerate from zero to incredible speeds within no time. Once you are on high speeds, you will be wonderfully surprised by the way they do not waver or slide. This product is stiff enabling a user to maintain balance at even the highest of speeds. In case of any obstacles along the way, you will be able to come to a complete stand still in a matter of milliseconds. Plus, they have a very modern, polished finish.

10. Shimano Ultegra WH-6800 Road Wheelset – Clincher

For entry level individuals looking for wheel-sets, Shimano is just what you need. This product is affordable, not too heavy, and durable. They also have good stiffness to them enabling you to ride at high speeds without having to worry about losing balance and topping over. However, they are not suite for steep areas. They come in a black finish that gives them a superior look. Weighing in at 1,820g, they are not as light but they will perform great. If you have never bought wheel-set’s before, this is a good option to test the waters with.

Final Words

Why upgrade your wheels you might be asking. A new wheel-set will not only replace old faulty ones but they allow a user to have better performance when on a cruising bike. If you have never shopped for wheel-sets before, it is best to look out for lightweight, stiff, and strong models as they reduce rotational weight thus offering you incredible speeds for less effort on your part. You will undoubtedly notice your bikes improvement as you ride over rough surfaces, accelerate speeds, and maneuver your way through crowded pathways. We would love to hear from you – do let us know which wheel-set you choose and why. For more information about any our top 10 Best Cruiser Bike Wheels, follow the links provided or leave a comment below and we will get back to you ASAP.

Best Cruiser Bike Wheels – Guide & Reviews
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