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Best Aviation Headset

It does not matter whether you fly a small aircraft say personal aircraft, helicopters or commercial aircrafts loaded with passengers. If you are flying the air, you must know the importance of having an aviation headset.

You can’t ignore that if you’re in the air flying an airplane, communicating with a cheap headset can cost huge life crisis. Having a good headset can make all the difference.

Since you are a pilot, hundreds of lives depends only upon you. So, going for a cheap headphone should not be the choice.

Today, we have compiled the list of some of best aviation headphones which costs between $90 to $1000.

If you have little time, then go through the described points here and try to understand how to choose a best aviation headset in 2017.

So, let’s take a quick look at table first:-

The Best Aviation Headsets Overview

S. No.NameTypeRating (1-5)Price 
#1Bose® A20 HeadsetBluetooth, ANR4.7$$$$ Check Price
#2Faro G2 HeadsetANR4.6$$$ Check Price
#3Lightspeed ZULU.2 HeadsetBluetooth, ANR4.4$$$ Check Price
#4ASA HS-1 HeadsetANR4.4$$ Check Price
#5David Clark DC PRO-X
Bluetooth, ANR4.3$$$ Check Price
#6Lightspeed SIERRA
Headset ANR
Bluetooth, ANR4.2$$$ Check Price

Top 3 Headsets for Aviation Reviews

#1 Bose A20 Aviation Headset – (Battery-powered w/Bluetooth, Electret mic, Straight cord, Twin plug)

Bose A20 Aviation Headset

If you’re gunning for the best of the best, the Bose A20 is the highest rated aviation headset by users and experts. Bose was the first to introduce active noise reduction (ANR) to aviation over 20 years ago, and has been a favorite brand among pilots ever since. Now, the Bose A20 sets a new standard when it comes to ANR, it’s simply unmatched by other brands. It can completely eliminate unwanted noise.

The Bose A20 provides outstanding audio clarity both in the speakers and through the microphone. Communication, music or audiobooks – they all sound excellent with clear, balanced sound quality and accurate bass.

The Bose A20 ear cushions and the well-distributed weight throughout the headset provide a very high level of comfort. You can wear the headset for hours – and even forget you have it on. It comes in several configurations, choose from a 6-pin aircraft-powered plug (LEMO), standard twin plugs and a helicopter plug. You can also connect the headset to your phone wirelessly with Bluetooth to receive calls.

The Bose A20 combines unmatched ANR, maximized user comfort and outstanding sound quality into one stunning package. It’s overall the best aviation headset and an investment for those who are truly serious about their aviation career.

#2 Faro G2-PNR – Premium Pilot Aviation Headset with Mp3 Input

Faro G2 - Premium Pilot Aviation Headset

In a sea of very expensive entry-level headsets, the Faro G2 stands out as a full featured low cost option. It’s an excellent choice as a first headset for students or for passengers. You get a lot of value for the money.

The active noise reduction (ANR) does a great job of cancelling out engine noise while still allowing you enough outside noise to be alert. The overall sounds quality is good; you’ll have no problem hearing incoming traffic loud and clearly. You can also plug it into any radio, phone, MP3 or other device to listen to music. Although the music quality is good, it’s no way it can match the Bose A20.

The clamping force of the Faro G2 is just enough to feel secure, and the headset can be worn for multiple hours without any issues. The ear cushions are soft and comfortable. The headset also includes a very handy adjustable boom microphone, so you can get it in the spot that works best for you.

The Faro G2 is an excellent choice as a first headset. Although it can’t match the overall performance of the Bose A20 or the Lightspeed ZULU.2, it scores really high due to value for the money. It’s the best choice if you’re looking for the best and most affordable aviation headset.

#3 Lightspeed Zulu.2 – (Straight Cord, Dual GA Plugs, Battery Power)

Lightspeed SIERRA ANR Aviation Headset

The Lightspeed Zulu.2 is a high quality and lightweight aviation headset. With a weight of only 13 ounces and magnesium ear cups, the headset is very comfortable to wear for long hours. Magnesium is good for absorbing noise without increasing the weight. The active noise reduction (ANR) works excellent for canceling out ambient noise.

The sound quality of the Lightspeed Zulu.2 is superb. The headset also includes an audio priority feature that can lower the music volume when for example ATC calls. With Bluetooth, you can listen to music or take calls. The headset also features voice commands, so you can answer or terminate calls, dial or change music with your voice – good if your hands are busy with other tasks.

The most unique and perhaps coolest feature of the Lightspeed Zulu.2 is the compatibility with FlightLink – a free app developed by Lightspeed. With FlightLink, you can record all communication going through the intercom. This is incredibly useful for flight training.

It’s hard to find negative feedback with this headset, the only thing that could be complained about is that the construction is less robust compared to for example Bose A20. But on the other hand the Lightspeed Zulu.2 is also lighter.

All in all, the Lightspeed Zulu.2 is lightweight, has excellent sound quality and ANR. It also includes some cool features like voice commands and FlightLink. It’s overall a superb choice for an aviation headset.

Best Aviation Headset Buying Guide 2017

Advantages of Bluetooth Headsets

Pilot should choose a Bluetooth headphone instead of wired one. So, in case of emergency, the headphone should continue to work. A wired one will stop working as soon as you removed it from the device or any power failure. So, it is a best choice to go for Bluetooth Headphone always.

Bluetooth headphones makes it easier to make phone calls, receive phones calls, listening to music keeping smartphone far away, get critical audio alerts from mobile aviation apps and lot more. One thing a Bluetooth Headset require is its battery power. We will keep this mind while we review best aviation headphones.

Active Noise Reduction (ANR)

High-quality aviation headsets are also known as active noise cancellation headphones. The ability for active noise reduction (ANR) is considered as one of the most important quality of the aviation headset. Hence, a high quality headset is considered as one of the best if it can eliminate outside noise completely.

A good-quality ANR headset will cancel out unwanted low-frequency noises, but still allowing you to hear from your co-pilot, aircraft staff, propeller engine etc. The headset is useful to cancel out noises which makes you fatigued. So, a Aviation headset will cancel out all outside noise very well and creates a good environment for you.

Importance of Sound Quality

A good-quality headset will not only cancel out any irrelevant noise; it’ll also allow important sources of sounds to come through the headset clearly. Since headsets are the main source of communication between a pilot and any tower control with whom the pilot is communicating, any information exchange between the two should be clear, crisp, and up to date.

Great sound quality is good for both communication and other things such as listening to your favorite music track or audio book. It includes outstanding sound clarity and balance, as well as deep and accurate bass.

Level of Comfort

Whether a pilot only uses a headset for a few hours or an entire day, it’s important that it’s comfortable to wear for long periods of time. After all, one can never know when an important piece of communication will come through on the headset.

Padding materials will determine how comfortable the headset is when pressed against the ears. The adjustability of the headset will determine how easy it is to maneuver on and around the head.


When choosing one of the Aviation Headsets that is best for you can be quite a daunting prospect. When trying to choose between the many Aviation Headsets on the market – where do you start?

As a general guide line, you should consider several factors, that will ensure that the Aviation Headset that you choose is the best one for you.

Aviation Headsets General Factors:

Noise Reduction – This is probably the main factor to consider. Does the Aviation Headset use Passive or Active Noise Reduction? Either way it should provide noise reduction of high quality.

The Microphone and Speakers of the Aviation Headsets are another major consideration. Both of these items should be of the highest quality and conform to quality standards.

They should both provide crystal clear communications so the pilot can clearly speak and hear ground control and others in the air.

Comfort, another vitally important factor. However, this is more of a personal preference of what you consider to be comfortable. It is of the utmost importance for the pilot to have aviation headsets that are comfortable to wear even on long haul flights of many hours, so that their concentration is unaffected during periods of difficulty or when landing.

There are several Companies who have made a name for the superior quality of their aviation headsets. Among these are:

David Clark Headsets – Very popular headset amongst pilots, some of the models include:

  • David Clark H10-13.4
  • David Clark H10-60
  • David Clark X11

Bose – Produces some very high quality Aviation Headsets, with prices to match. But with the investment you will have a headset that will deliver, one of the best being:

  • Bose Aviation Headset X

Lightspeed – A Company that provides innovative designs and enjoys critcal acclaim from many pilots, who use their aviation headsets regularly. One headset in particular leads the way:

  • Lightspeed ZULU Premium ANR Aviation Headset. It has a distinctive look and blends unparalleled comfort with high end technology and high performance. The extreme lightness, just 13 ounces, belies its durability and comfort. It has innovative Bluetooth connectivity and an industry leading Active Noise Reduction to produce an aviation headset that will easily surpass your expectations.

When considering which of the many Aviation Headsets to buy, bear the above factors in mind and if you get the chance, try out a few headsets in advance. This will not only give you a chance to know the difference in feel and quality, but will give you the chance to see which one feels the most comfortable to you.

In Conclusion To Best Aviation Headsets 2017

Getting an excellent aviation headset is something that should be top priority to any pilot. A good aviation headset is going to offer protection as well as comfort and a strong performance. Finding the best aviation headsets is something that a pilot needs to do so they can focus on flying not an annoying or cumbersome headset.

Headsets come in a variety of styles. To find the best one, a pilot should do some research online and compare the different styles. Checking with other pilots as to the features they like and dislike is also helpful.

In general there are certain factors a pilot must consider when choosing aviation headsets. These factors deal with the operation and the comfort of the headset.

Noise reduction is the main factor that should be considered since it is the most important detail about aviation headsets. The aviation headset should provide a high quality of noise reduction.

The microphones and speakers of the aviation headset are another prime consideration. These should be of highest audio quality since they will be used to maintain contact with ground control and/or others in the air. It is important that both operate clearly so a pilot can both hear and be heard without having to ask for a repeat.

Comfort is another main factor. This is not one that can be generalized, though. Each pilot will have their own preferences as to what feels comfortable and what does not. It is important for a pilot to get an aviation headset that is comfortable to wear for long periods of time and one that will be comfortable to use when flying.

Besides the main factors a pilot may also want to consider other extras that some aviation headsets come with. Some brands feature carrying cases, and different control features, like volume control. Also a pilot may want to consider the warranty period that comes with an aviation headset.

It is not enough for a pilot to simply seek out the best known name brands. Aviation headsets are an important piece of equipment for the pilot and it should be chosen with care. A pilot needs to do some of their own research, ask some fellow pilots, and look around online for what is available and any reviews that have been written.

Going for the best in aviation headsets is a wise choice for safety, and comfort. Many online pilot supply businesses have a large variety of aviation headsets to choose from and often the personnel running the store are pilots themselves and will have knowledgeable recommendations.

Best Aviation Headset 2017 | Buyer’s Guide
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