Audio-Technica ATH-A700x Audiophile Closed-back Dynamic Headphone Review


Being an apartment dweller, I do not have the luxury of being able to own a large, high-quality speaker system. It would invite far too many complaints to my door and I would be unable to enjoy music at the volume and quality I desire. As a result, I am left to use personal listening devices. After getting tired with poor quality, uncomfortable ear buds and cheap headphones, I decided enough was enough.

After some research, I settled for a pair of Audio Technica ATH-A700X headphones. It is safe to say that I made the right choice. After listening to an extensive playlist and wide variety of genres, I can say with confidence that these are the best headphones for music I have ever owned.


The first thing you notice when you take these out of the box is the physical quality. While the plastic construct leaves a lot to be desired, they still manage to look real sleek with their metallic finish, the leather ear cushions are soft and the 3m long cloth-wrapped cable looks classy. You may also be pleased to know they are light weight without feeling flimsy (1.1 pounds to be exact).

When worn, they are remarkably comfortable, their fit is aided by the self adjusting 3D wing-support housing that allows for comfort even if you possess a large head like me. If you plan on wearing them for an hour maybe two, you will barely notice you are wearing them, if you plan to go longer, however, expect some discomfort in the ear pressure department. They can also get a little warm and ear sweating is a thing. Though results may vary, especially with a smaller head.

I briefly mentioned that the plastic of these headphones leaves a lot to be desired. You will need to look after your headphones, as it is the type of plastic that if poorly treated could crack and break apart. They should be treated with care, as all things should, to ensure longevity. Do not throw them down, or cram them into a backpack and be weary of your cords getting tangled. Fortunately, the box comes with a set of special care and cleaning instructions to ensure that you get the most out of your ATH-A700X’s for years to come.


These are closed-dynamic type headphones, so they are designed to drown out ambiance allowing for an immersive, undisturbed experience and they do that job perfectly. You will not hear any sounds outside of your headphones whatsoever; lawnmowers, leaf blowers, noisy GPU’s, children, spouses, whatever sound you may be subject to will no longer matter because you will not hear them. An additional perk of this design is that they do not leak their audio. No one will hear you enjoy your music but you, which I found surprising considering how wonderful every thing sounds coming out of these headphones.


Now let’s talk sound quality, because this is where these headphones shine. As I stated before; these are the best headphones for music I have owned. Largely responsible for this is are the large-aperture 53 mm drivers with neodymium magnet systems and high quality CCAW voice coils which ensure optimum sound output and reproduction; audio output is intricate.

I have listened to my entire library of music with these headphones and was immediately impressed. Then after some EQ adjustment for balance, I reached musical nirvana and I started noticing instrumental elements in songs I was not aware of on lower quality headphones. The bass is excellent, without swallowing the rest of the music, thanks in part to the Closed-back Double Air Damping System. While there are many a bass head out there, those who enjoy high quality treble will not be disappointed either. With these headphones, the treble comes out super crisp and acute; making for an excellent listening experience. Best headphones for music for this price bar none. I cannot stress this enough.

If you do audio-production, these headphones are highly recommend due to how crisp and clear the sound is. You will be able to get a clear cut assessment of your audio at the optimum level of quality. You will be able to notice any faults in the audio, if there’s a subtle mistake you made with mixing, if there’s too much distortion, whatever it is, these headphones will allow you to hear all you need to hear so that you can produce music exactly as you intended it to sound.


I often stay up late watching movies or TV, and out of respect for others I stick to using headphones. I was excited to try out the ATH-A700X’s for this purpose and despite them being optimized for music, they were excellent. I watched Jack Reacher on Netflix and it was an intense cinematic experience. There’s a car-chase scene part-way through the movie that had me at the edge of my seat and I owe it entirely to the sound quality from these headphones. Sound quality cannot be underestimated for movie enjoyment and the ATH-A700X’s perform well for this task. They might be the best headphones for music, but they are great for movies, too.

They also perform well for video games, providing an extremely engrossing experience, you will hear everything and that means a lot. The quality of sound will suck you into the gaming world and enable you to pin-point sounds with precision, which is perfect if you play first person shooters and other competitive games where environmental awareness is key. It is a shame they don’t come as a headset, but as stated, these are optimized for music.


The Audio Technica ATH-A700X headphones are some of the best headphones for music on the market today. They’re versatile, sleek-looking, and high quality where it matters. If you are looking for decent quality, affordable headphones that are comfortable and affordable then look no further; Audio Technica have got you covered.


  • Complex sound detail on all frequencies
  • Versatile: perfect for music, great for movies and games, too
  • Ambient sound isolation is excellent
  • Zero audio leakage
  • Excellent quality materials used where it counts
  • Gold plated braided jack, pretty much indestructible
  • Price is good for the level of sound quality


  • Plastic could break easily if mistreated
  • Ears may get warm and sweaty after prolonged use
  • Ear pressure can get uncomfortable about three hours in of continued use
  • 3m long cable can tangle


Audio-Technica ATH-A700x Audiophile Closed-back Dynamic Headphone Review
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