83 Best Fitness, Health & Training Blogs

Fitness and lifestyle blogs are essentially in our life if we want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Here are blogs that are top-notch when it comes to motivating us to be fit and healthy!

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Check out these blogs for a better body and training experience. Enjoy the ride!

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#1 Running off the Reese’s

This blog is run by Cely who posts personal accounts of her interests and experiences in running ever since she was young. This blog takes pride in how you can balance your personal lifestyle while pursuing a healthier one because it’s really not that difficult. Cely runs because she enjoys it but she still eats a lot of Reese’s!

#2 Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness is a blog that makes fitness much easier to achieve. This blog has tips and tricks to make us feel at ease when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. This blog also features posts on how we can also improve our personal style because we’re trying to be physically fit!

#3 Breaking Muscle

This fitness blog is designed to teach and guide individuals on how to make the physically fit lifestyle much easier. The posts that are featured on this blog aim to let individuals explore fitness training programs more on their own and as well as a sense of encouragement when it comes to following a proper diet!

#4 CrossFit

This blog is obviously focused on CrossFit training programs and routines. This blog offers demos and training on how to follow through with CrossFit, especially if you’re just getting started and we all know how this specific workout system really takes a lot before we can get used to it.

#5 101 Cookbooks

101 Cookbooks is a natural foods recipe journal that provides us with recipes of healthy all-natural meals that will truly step up our pursuit for a much healthier lifestyle. All the recipes here include natural power ingredients that will always keep us satisfied with its nutritional value and its taste value.

#6 Alwyn Cosgrove

This blog showcases the fitness programs of Alwyn Cosgrove. Alwyn Cosgrove and the team can help you in having a physically fit lifestyle and maintaining it in the long run. It has posted on encouraging individuals to prioritize fitness for it is important in whatever we attempt to do in our life.

#7 Ask Lauren Fleshman

Ask Lauren Fleshman is a fitness and lifestyle blog wherein she provides personal accounts of her plans and accomplishments when it comes to athletic events and activities. She provides uplifting stories and messages for people about how living an experience-seeking life is the key to feel fulfilled in whatever you want to do!

#8 Barbell Shrugged Daily

This blog is a fitness blog dedicated to video posts on the proper way of fitness training to improve our physical health. Barbell Shrugged offers fitness training programs as well as coaching to help us in achieving a much healthier lifestyle. With this blog, you’ll definitely appreciate the gym life a lot more!

#9 Beauty Lies in Strength

Beauty Lies in Strength is a lifestyle and fitness blog that is run by Jen Comas. This blog has very useful blog posts when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle by following the proper diet and exercise routines. This blog is for individuals who want to be encouraged in living healthily.

#10 Black Girls Run!

This is a blog run by the Black Girls Run! the movement which aims to change the lives of millions of women throughout the country. This blog provides women with the encouragement and support they need when it comes to your running needs. You can also purchase Black Girls Run! merchandise on this blog

#11 Blogilates

Blogilates is a fitness and nutrition blog that aims to encourage individuals to follow healthy diets and proper fitness routines to achieve the healthy lifestyle we all need! This blog features meal plans and recipes that you can expect to be all-natural and healthy. It also has workout calendars you can follow!

#12 Born Fitness

Born Fitness is your go-to blog when it comes to getting the right guide in your pursuit to be physically fit. Born Fitness is run by a team of experts when it comes to fitness, health, and nutrition and that’s why if you need a skilled guide when it comes to being healthy, Born Fitness is for you!

#13 Brandon Richey Fitness

Brandon Richey Fitness is a blog that provides actual coaching and even online coaching when it comes to fitness training. This blog is designed to help you get the results you want when it comes to working out and with Brandon Richey Fitness; it’s guaranteed that you will be getting the help you need.

#14 Catalyst Athletics

This specific fitness blog is focused on weightlifting. Catalyst Athletics is a blog that provides you with a lot of choices for weightlifting workouts and programs. This blog is your go-to blog when you need a fix of some weightlifting news, videos, photos and more. Anything about weightlifting is here!

#15 Timothy Bell Fitness

This blog is run by Timothy Bell who is a personal trainer. Timothy Bell offers online personal training so that you could get the help you need even in the comfort of your home. With this blog, you’ll definitely have an easier time when it comes to pursuing a healthy and physically fit lifestyle!

#16 Workout Mommy

Workout mommy is truly the fitness blog for moms. It offers tips and tricks on how the keep the whole family healthy and physically fit. It provides guides on how to let the whole family be in touch with the idea of living a healthy lifestyle for this will make the family a lot happier!

#17 Cathe

Cathe is a lifestyle and fitness blog which features many articles about all topics related to a healthy lifestyle and fitness. This blog is mostly family oriented when it comes to the articles it features so it’s also appealing for parents who want to have a fitness plan for the whole of the family.

#18 Chic Runner

Chic Runner is a blog that helps you appreciate running much more because of the personal accounts of the author who runs the blog. She integrates her skills in writing in narrating her accomplishments in running and her accounts would definitely encourage you to take part in athletic events too!

#19 Cranky Fitness

Cranky Fitness is a health and fitness blog that tackles the hard parts of leading a healthy lifestyle because, for those who are used to being quite unhealthy, we all know it’s quite hard. This blog provides you with articles about general health, fitness, nutrition, personal development and much more!

#20 Dai Manuel

This blog is the blog of Dai Manuel, personal fitness and lifestyle trainer and mentor. If you’re looking for someone who will guide you and encourage you in leading a much healthier lifestyle, Dai Manuel is the mentor you’re looking for. With this blog, you’ll get more in touch with being healthy.

#21 Daily Cup of Yoga

Doing yoga is a big part if you want to be fit and healthy. This blog, Daily Cup of Yoga provides us with many articles on the different methods in yoga. In this blog is also where we can get gear, books and even apps on yoga. This blog is our one-stop yoga guide!

#22 The Fitnessista

The Fitnessista is a blog run by Gina and she posts quick and effective workout routines as well as very healthy recipes. Her blog features workout routines that are very easy to do and you can do it at the comfort of your home and she also encourages everyone to try out healthy and tasty meals!

#23 The Skinny Confidential

This blog is not all about fitness and health and nutrition, it’s about life in general. The Skinny Confidential delves deep on how to balance life with all its complexities. It features personal stories and accounts about the struggle of the author to be all that she wants to be, but hey, it’s worth it!

#24 The Great Fitness Experiment

This blog focuses on the great fitness experiment, which is a book authored by the owner of this blog. This blog is dedicated to letting people know the importance of the physically fit and healthy lifestyle and all the struggles that we may go through while it is all worth it!

#25 Double Trouble Running

This blog is run by two runners who are friends, hence the name of the blog. They are dedicated to imparting their personal accounts and stories about their running marathons to the rest of the world in order to inspire other people to take part in such athletic activities too!

#26 NegharFonooni

NegharFonooni is a personal coach who runs this blog who is dedicated to empowering women to live healthy and fit lives. She longs to motivate and coach people into following a lifestyle that will the best for them. This blog features articles on how to empower ourselves by living healthy!

#27 BadAssFitness

The BadAss Fitness blog is a blog by BadAss Fitness. Here is where they encourage you to be a part of their team and to help you in being the physically fit individual you want to be. This blog is where you should go to when you want to know more about the fitness training programs that BadAss Fitness offers.

#28 Eating Bird Food

Eating Bird Food is a health fitness and food blog that is run by Brittany, a health coach, and personal trainer. This blog is passionate about encouraging readers to lead a balanced lifestyle by following fitness training routines and other workout programs and at the same time maintaining a healthy diet as always!

#29 End of Three Fitness

This blog is dedicated to assisting people in finding their full potential when it comes to being physically fit. End of Three Fitness provides us with articles, podcasts and more to help us in our pursuit of living healthy no matter how hectic our schedule may be, we should always have time to be healthy!

#30 Eric Cressey

Eric Cressey is known for his dedication to coaching people when it comes to sports and athletics. This blog provides people with tutorials, guides, and handbooks with the information they need to know in different fitness training programs. With Eric Cressey, being sporty won’t be a challenge for anyone anymore.

#31 Fit and Feminist

Fit and feminist is a fitness blog that is also designed to empower women in whatever they do. It’s a blog for women around the world who wants to be inspired by other women in order for them to realize their full potential and at the same time, this blog encourages women to stay fit and healthy!

#32 Fit Bits

Fit Bits is a health and fitness blog that aims to inspire other individuals to take on the journey that Tess has taken when it comes to being passionate about being fit and healthy. This blog features personal accounts on how she faces the challenge of living a healthy life every day!

#33 Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls is a blog run by a couple of health buffs who longs to let people of the world know that being healthy and fit doesn’t always have to be boring and difficult. Fit Bottomed Girls features blog posts on how to embrace our inner confidence in order for us to start living healthy!

#34 Fitness Black Book

Fitness Black Book is a black book on fitness! This blog features advanced tips and tricks that your personal trainer may not give you. This blog gives you a guide in getting that great shape you always wanted without having to opt for bodybuilding routines that is definitely not for everyone.

#35 Tabata Times

Tabata Times is a fitness blog for athletes and gym buffs. This blog features posts on different fitness training programs and how to maximize them in order to get the best results. This blog is your go-to blog if you’re a gym buff and you really enjoy even those very tiring workout routines.

#36 Fitness In The City

Fitness In The City is run by Lee Sutherland who is a Sydney based health and fitness coach and a motivator whose aim is to inspire and encourage other people to be healthy and fit! This blog features articles on health, nutrition and fitness programs that would help you in many ways!

#37 Fit Sugar

This blog is your one-stop lifestyle, fitness and health blog that’s really enjoyable to read because of its quirkiness! The posts featured on this blog will truly keep you interested in leading a healthy lifestyle and also, it would definitely encourage you in staying fit even with a hectic daily schedule!

#38 Flavilicious Fitness

This blog is a fitness and health blog dedicated to women which are run by Flavia Del Monte. It features exercise routines designed for women who want to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. Flavia encourages women to keep being healthy so that they’ll feel in touch with everything around them.

#39 Girls Gone Strong

This blog is made by women for women to promote strength training and to expose the importance of fitness training programs in the gym. Girls Gone Strong is tagged as the modern women’s guide to strength training. This blog features posts encouraging women to work out and be physically fit!

#40 Go Kaleo

This specific fitness and health blog is dedicated to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle without getting bored of it. Featured in this blog are ways to keep a healthy diet while still enjoying it and also how to encourage individuals to start with themselves when it comes to being healthy.

#41 Fitness on Toast

Fitness on Toast is a fitness blog run by a personal trainer, Faya. This blog started as a healthy recipe and nutrition tips blog but then it developed into a full-fledged fitness blog with informative posts on workout techniques and even fitness fashion! This blog is really helpful in leading a fit but stylish lifestyle!

#42 Jess Runs

This blog is run by Jess who is into many things but mostly fitness and keeping it healthy. In her blog, she recaps the races she’s been in and encourages her readers to take part in such athletic activities in order to be more in touch with being healthy and fit.

#43 Julia Buckley

Julia Buckley is the one who runs this fitness and health blog and her aim is to coach her readers, who are mostly women, into getting into the training programs that would keep them physically fit. This blog also features guides for everyday habits that women should follow in order to be healthy.

#44 Keep It SimpElle

This blog is run by personal trainers with the goal of helping individuals in their pursuit of a happy and healthy lifestyle. This blog features posts on how to keep it simple when it comes to being fit and it’s also a blog for women to empower them in whatever they want to do!

#45 Tone It Up

Tone it Up is a fitness and nutrition blog that is dedicated to making you choose a healthy lifestyle above anything else. This blog features recipes and nutrition plans that you everyone should follow! It also provides people with accounts of transformation that is the result of their blog’s existence!

#46 Mile Posts

Mile Posts is a blog run by the I RUN THIS BODY movement which is a movement towards a physically fit lifestyle. This blog features posts to encourage individuals to get a step ahead on being physically fit by taking part in training and workout programs and to also maintain an overall healthy lifestyle

#47 Live Life Active

This blog encourages you to build your own gym in the comfort of your own choices. Live Life Active has an aim to let people choose for themselves the workout routines and diets they want for themselves as long as these work so that everyone can get the results they want at the end of the day!

#48 Loving Fit

Loving Fit is a fitness blog that will get you healthy and fit in a creative way. This fitness blog is interesting for many because, for this blog, fitness means a fit mind, a fit body, and a fit soul. With this, it ensures that we will be fit in all aspects of the word.

#49 Preppy Runner

Preppy Runner is a lifestyle, fitness and motivational blog that has the goal to keep people from being unhealthy by changing their ways in their diet and also to let people be engaged with working out. This blog encourages people to be healthy because that’s how we can become the best version of ourselves!

#50 Mark’s Daily Apple

Mark’s Daily Apple is a fitness blog that gives us daily apples on how to become physically fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle no matter how hard it may be for many of us. Mark assures us that all we need is the right focus and proper dedication and we’ll definitely succeed.

#51 Mobility WOD

Mobility WOD is a blog that offers mobility gear when it comes to fitness training programs and workout routines. This blog aims to let more people know about the advantages and benefits that mobility gears give us. This blog is your go-to blog to find the perfect mobility gear for you in whatever you do.

#52 Molly Galbraith

Molly Galbraith is a personal trainer who helps women be interested in powerlifting through her blog. This blog features tips and tricks on how women can be more interested in doing powerlifting as a way to be healthy and physically fit and how it also empowers women because of it being a strength training workout!

#53 Lift Like a Girl

Lift Like a Girl is a blog that features tutorials and podcasts on how to be healthy and fit in order to be the best person of ourselves. It features posts on how to maximize training programs in order to get the best results so that you’ll be satisfied with what you’ll get!

#54 Carly Rowena

This blog is a fitness and health blog run by personal trainer and health buff, Carly Rowena. This blog provides online coaching for fitness routines and proper workout programs. This blog is for people who want to follow through with workout programs at home with an online personal trainer!

#55 Jill Will Run

This fitness and health blog features blog posts that encourage individuals to be fit even without pouring a lot of effort into it because you really need more dedication when it comes to staying physically fit. This blog also has workout routine guides that won’t take much of your time!

#56 Nate Green

Nate Green is an idea guy. When it comes to health, fitness and improving your life, Nate is your go-to guy. This blog features many tips on how to make life easier and breezier and how not to get bored when it comes to being physically fit and healthy. Trust Nate, he really has the answers we need!

#57 One Twenty Five

This is a lifestyle blog that is run by Liz who takes pride in her interests in athletic activities, traveling and writing. With this, she inspires her readers to do what they enjoy best just as long as they keep a healthy lifestyle while doing it so that they can make the most out of it

#58 Paleo for Women

This blog is dedicated to women who are trying out and starting to try out the paleo diet. This blog shows women how to do paleo properly with the right and intensive guides because apparently, the paleo diet which women normally do is not really the right way to do it.

#59 Roman Fitness Systems

From the tagline of the blog itself, Roman Fitness Systems is more than a blog site. It’s a community of people who follow through with a fitness system that’s meant to improve the physical built of an individual beyond the normal. It’s a site where you can know more about how the Romans get shredded.

#60 Precision Nutrition

Precision Nutrition is an all in one nutrition, fitness and lifestyle blog that guides people on how to be healthy in all aspects of the word. The blog features guides, tips, and tricks when it comes to proper diets, workout routines and how to properly get in touch with a healthy lifestyle.

#61 Purely Twins

Purely Twins is a blog run by twins who are dedicated to offering short home workouts and gluten-free diets for people who need it. Also, their blog features encouraging and motivational posts that let people appreciate the healthy lifestyle a lot more without any hassles and worries to face ahead.

#62 Race Pace Jess

Race Pace Jess is a blog that focuses on letting people appreciate running a lot more. Running can do a lot of things for our bodies and for our lifestyle. This blog features race recaps and this really helps us appreciate running more from a person who really enjoys doing it!

#63 Remodel Fitness

This blog offers fitness coaching as well as blog posts on how to get fit and healthy through the most effective fitness training programs and workout routines. This blog is made to empower individuals by providing guides on how to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle in the long run of life.

#64 Nina Cherie Franklin

Nina Cherie Franklin is a health and wellness expert you can trust. Years of training in the field of health and wellness makes her and her blog credible in giving tips and advice you can follow on how to easily lead a healthy lifestyle without any hassles or roadblocks that you need to face.

#65 Ross Enamait

This fitness blog has the goal to let people know how to be physically fit and healthy while being creative. It offers creative methods on how to keep a healthy lifestyle with the proper workout routines and fitness training programs with a focus on strength training and high-performance conditioning.

#66 My Name Is Jessamyn

This blog is a blog run by Jessamyn. Her goal is to let people know more about yoga and appreciate it because it truly helps a lot in maintaining a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. This blog is for people who want to know more yoga methods and also for people who are just starting with yoga!

#67 Running Diva Mom

This blog is run by a certified running coach. If you need to step up your game when it comes to running, this is the blog you should go to. This blog features many tips when it comes to running and it definitely lets people appreciate the wonders of running a lot more.

#68 Running, Loving, Living

Running isn’t just about running. It’s so much more. This blog is dedicated to letting people know about the wonder of races and running and how it is really refreshing to be able to run once in a while. So if you’re having thoughts about running, start reading this blog and be enlightened!

#69 Pfit Blog

This blog is dedicated to posts regarding full-body conditioning workouts. If you’re someone who is a fitness buff and you’re really into high-performance conditioning workout routines, this is the blog for you. This blog features articles on how to get motivated into getting the results you’re really looking forward to seeing.

#70 Straight To The Bar

Straight To The Bar is a blog that will definitely help you get stronger. This blog provides you coaches that will help you build more muscle and will help you get through intensive workouts in the gym. Through this blog, you could also communicate with other gym rats like yourself!

#71 Stronglifts

Stronglifts is the blog for you if you’re really into strength training and you’re looking forward to building some muscle. With Stronglifts, you can get a coach that will help you achieve what you want to especially in doing high-performance conditioning routines in the gym with just a simple application!

#72 Run to the Finish

This fitness blog can provide you with weekly guides and updates when it comes to your pursuits of a physically fit lifestyle. You can go to this blog to work with Amanda Brooks who runs this blog so that you can achieve your goals when it comes to being sporty, fit and athletic.

#73 Summer Tomato

Summer Tomato is the blog for all you healthy foodies out there who like to eat a lot but also like to watch their weight at all times. Summer Tomato is a blog that provides you with healthy but very tasty recipes that will help you in keeping in shape.

#74 Dani Stevens

Dani Stevens is a blog run by Dani Stevens who is a health fitness and food motivator and coach. She wants to help inspire people in living a healthy life because she, herself, is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle with her family. She provides encouragement in her blog posts for everyone to read!

#75 The Diesel Crew

The Diesel Crew is a blog that focuses on expanding you’re physically built and in making your muscles as lean as possible through extensive high-performance workout routines. You can buy products on this blog which will definitely level up your muscular game if you’re one for strength training workouts.

#76 Comeback Momma

From the name itself, this blog has something to do about moms. It’s a fitness blog that is run by Jenn Mitchell who writes inspiring accounts on how she lost her baby pounds and became the best version of her by pursuing a healthy lifestyle and for her, it’s really never too late!

#77 The IF Life

The IF Life is a nutrition blog that focuses on getting you the right diet in order to keep you fit and healthy. The right kind of diet may be difficult to follow at times but this blog ensures you that it will all be worth it because of the results it will bring you!

#78 Prevention RD

Keeping a healthy all-natural diet isn’t really easy but Prevention RD is the blog that makes you believe that it’s worth it. This blog is run by Nicole, a registered dietician and the goal of her blog is to let people know more about the benefits of keeping a healthy diet!

#79 The Lean Green Bean

The Lean Green Bean is a fitness and nutrition blog that is passionate about providing everyone with the proper diet plans and all-natural recipes that would definitely help if we want to get into a healthy lifestyle. This blog makes dieting much easier than we think it to be!

#80 Thrive with Jen Sinkler

This blog is your go-to blog when it comes to looking for the guide who will get you to where you want to be when it comes to achieving that great shape you always wanted to have. This blog provides everyone with tips and tricks to follow when it comes to getting in shape.

#81 Tony Gentilcore

Tony Gentilcore is a blog that offers services in personal training when it comes to strength training and other high-performance fitness training systems and programs. It also sells products that will definitely help you in stepping up your game when working out in the gym or even just at home!

#82 Workout Nirvana

Workout Nirvana is a blog that focuses on highlighting the importance and benefits of strength training. This blog offers personal training and it features blog posts on strength training so that people can appreciate strength training more as a very effective physical fitness training program for a physically fit lifestyle.

#83 YogaDork

YogaDork is a blog that makes people understand and appreciate yoga more as a fitness method and system. This blog features posts about yoga and new yoga methods for people to try out. This is for people who are really interested in yoga and also for people who are just starting yoga.


Being fit and healthy isn’t at all easy. Good news we have fitness blogs to aid us in these kinds of things so that our pursuit of being much healthier will be so much breezier. Do we miss any of your favorite blog? Email us suggestions or comment below. We welcome any suggestions to improve this list.

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